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The Indian girl shrugged. "The shopping's good for me in either city."

"LA? If I go to New York I can visit my family," Peter suggested.

Lakshmi nodded. "Sure."

"Can I just ask," Kyle said, holding up his hand. "How many of you guys think this is the best approach to take?"

His eyes looked at each of them, getting nods from Heidi and Lakshmi, a smirk from Patricia and a shrug from Garius.

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Kyle placed one elbow on the side of the bath, his other hand sliding beneath her, pulling her into him, seeing her eyes narrow as she anticipated him.

"Go on," She moaned, inches from his face and then she smiled hungrily as she felt that first inch probe inside her.

"Give me it."

Kyle pulled with his hand as he pushed with his hips, thrusting into her.

"Fuck!" She moaned, then could say no more as his lips pressed onto hers once more. His hips began to move back and forth, lost in the exquisiteness of her pussy, moving slowly at first, as she rocked her hips to match his movements, then faster as their passion lifted them to new heights.

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"Listen, I know we haven't had much of a chance to talk over the last few days, so I wanted to see how you're doing."

Her expression changed, becoming a little flat, unimpressed. "You're coming to check up on me now, Kyle?"

"Not at all. Just wanted to see how you're doing."

"I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Why are you asking?" She said, a hint of anger in her tone as she faced him. "You've barely spoken to me since you were in here a few nights ago. You held me in your arms until I drifted off to sleep, and then you've barely spoken to me since."

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Kyle was feeling pretty pleased with himself for not giving in to temptation last night. At one point he'd woken up, spooned in behind her and as he moved he felt her pushing her ass back into him. It would have been all too easy for instinct to take over, and it had tempted him at the time, but he'd remembered the state she was in, and he didn't want that. If he was going to fuck Patricia, and he really wanted to, he wanted her awake and alert, not drunk and half unconscious.

He frowned and shifted his mind to his coming workout. Kyle was surprised to discover he was really looking forward to it, and had actually missed it last night. He broke into a gentle jog on his way down the path, chuckling as he realised what he was doing.

"You're turning yourself into a gym-junkie, Kyle? Really?"

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Edwin then got up to close the ceremony. Several members of staff moved forward and lifted the covered table that Danny Tripps body lay on, revealing a grave, wide and deep and lined with stones and flowers behind it. A ramp had been dug out leading down to it from the north side.

Moving carefully, they wrapped his body in the white cloth that draped the table, and then lifted his body on their shoulders to the head of the ramp, and as everyone gathered around, they laid him to rest on the flowers, then began to gently place stones and more flowers over the corpse until he was completely covered.

Edwin thanked them for coming and bade them return to the main house for refreshments, then added that he would invite them to do as Kyle suggested and share their memories, good and bad, of the man Danny Tripps had been.

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Three nods greeted that, with differing degrees of nerves on each face at the thought of meeting all these A-list celebrities and business associates of Danny Tripps.

"Now, Garius will keep you right as to who you should escort to their suite and who can be taken by one of us, or Edwin. Keep your phones handy though, so we can keep letting you know where you need to be and when."

"Sounds like a lot of running around," Kara replied.

"It is," Patricia nodded. "It's going to be like that from ten right through until about three. There'll be spells where nothings happening and spells where you need to be in three places at once. We'll manage it as we go."

"Okay," Kyle said. "What's after that?"

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"What's going on?"

"Must be for the funeral," Kyle replied. "Come on."

All the way to the gym they saw staff scrubbing paths or hustling by with boxes or trolleys laden with food. The place was a hive of activity.

Julian was pleased to see Kyle had brought Kara, but she begged off being included, explaining she had her own workout routine and she'd just sort herself out, so the trainer turned his apparently limitless energy on Kyle and spent the next forty minutes coming up with new and inventive ways to make his muscles discover new ways to feel pain.

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A couple of minutes of frantic fumbling produced the remote and he selected the screen and turned the sound up.

".... So that's what you tell your friends," Kara was saying firmly. "You sneaked in, fucked him and won your bet, and if anyone asks I'll confirm you were in there for ten minutes and left clutching your kimono in your hand. Either that or I'll get Edwin to fire you first thing in the morning." He saw Kara shrug her shoulders. "Your call."

Sarah looked scared, pressured and Edwin snarled, realising his plan wasn't going to happen.

"You're going to pay for fucking this one up, Sarah," He told her as he watched her leaving on the monitor. "Tomorrow you're going to have to be my Patricia-slut, blonde wig, in the shower, fingering your holes like the whore you are while I empty my balls on you."

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"They were all personal friends of Mister Tripps," Garius assured her. "They'll be nice and friendly to you, don't worry."

Kyle read the list again. Anna Friel, Ashley Judd, Charlize Theron, Christy Turlington, Elizabeth Shue, Helena Bonham-Carter. Lena Headey, Salma Hayek.

"Are all these women ex-girlfriends of Danny Tripps?" He asked.

"All except Salma Hayek and Elizabeth Shue. They were just friends, but he dated the rest of them at one point or another," Patricia explained. "And not the guys. They were just friends too."

Kyle finished the list. Johnny Depp, Kevin Smith, Mike Myers and Nicolas Cage.

"Holy shit."

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"Just asking how the business trips going, some suggestions on how you can fellate the directors you're travelling with, and instructions to bring him back a gift."

Kyle could tell she found reciting Ed's messages to be quite amusing, which wasn't really surprising because Ed could be outrageously funny, if amazingly crude. What did surprise him was her saying the word 'fellate' without a trace of embarassment.

"I'll have to think up a response and email him back. I take it I can do that with this new phone I'm getting?"

"And then some," She nodded.

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