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Fucking a Reluctant Sitter

My babysitter, Melissa was downstairs watching my son while I was working in my office upstairs. My wife was at work so we needed Melissa to watch Mark so I could get my work done. Melissa was very plain looking and was about 5'4" tall and around 120 lbs and had dark brown hair. She just put Mark in for a nap and was watching TV when I called her up to my office. It was her 18th birthday.

"Happy Birthday Melissa!" I handed her 3 presents. "Open this one first."

She said "THANKS MR C!"

She opened the first present, "Wow! It's a digital camera! Thanks! I know this costs a lot Mr. C, are you sure this is ok with Mrs. C?"

"Melissa, Mrs. C doesn't need to know about this and don't tell anybody else that I gave this to you."

Babysitting - part 2

"Oh yes," Brandy moaned. She settled down on me. Her pussy lips pressed against my lips. I wrapped my arms around her legs. I started licking her pussy more firmly. Brandy started grinding her hips to match my tongue. "Oh yeah, like that."

I slipped my tongue deep into her wet pussy. She stiffened as I penetrated her. I flickered my tongue in her pussy. She swiveled her hips, making her pussy swivel around my tongue. I pulled her legs down towards me. Forcing her pussy tighter against my face.

"Oh yes, just like that," Brandy squealed. She ground herself on my tongue. I thought I was going to sprain my tongue. But her pussy was wet and tasty. I licked her vigorously. I could feel her swollen clitoris pressed against my lips. I moved my licking pattern towards it. Brandy adjusted herself slightly, allowing to lick her clitoris with ease.

Babysitting - part 1

The houses were all quiet, bathed in the moonlight. I shut the curtain and paced back across the living room. It was already past two o'clock. I was bored, there was nothing on televisions, all the stations had signed off over an hour ago. My eyes were to tired to continue reading. This was going to be a longer night than I had bargained for. I laid back down on the sofa, just to rest for a little bit.

I knew I would be out late when I agreed to baby-sit for Brandy. She had recently divorced her husband, and now was back into the singles scene. I knew she was a wild woman. The way she ran around in the tightest cut-off jeans and bikini top. A complete and total tease. I could never imagine her as being married. I often wondered if she married him just to have the double moniker; Brandy Brande. At least tomorrow I could sleep in, a little. My Dad was fanatical about cutting the grass first thing Saturday morning.

Wife is Taken and Fucked at Party

I should share Rachelle's first experience getting it outside of our marriage.

We were at a Luau party when she had so much fun that Rachelle finally lost enough inhibitions to go a little further. It was actually a Yacht Club party. It was a different club than the one we belong to now.

Being that it was a Luau theme party, she was only wearing a small flowery wrap type mini skirt and a tube type top that left the bottom of her tummy bare. Her shoes were low heeled beach sandals with a strap between her toes. They were kind of a casual to dressy flip flop if you will with small straps. I will never forget how sexy she was. Rachelle is a cute little petite thing. She likes her toes brightly painted and loves sexy feet. Her hair was up at the beginning of the night with flowers in her hair. I admit that she had an, "I'm fuckable" look to her. Or an attitude look that said "I'm sexy and I know it." Her skirt was short enough that her panties could be seen when she bent over good.

Watching a Movie

It was Sunday and I had just gotten off the phone with my administrative assistant Jenny who was going to watch the gift shop for me that day as I wanted to rest. The night before was exhausting in a very exciting way. Thinking back, I initially felt regret at what I had done with John but when he woke up naked beside me, both of us did not have much time to consider our regrets as he woke me up with the delicious feeling of his cock moving in and out of my pussy once more and his eyes staring at me in a needful way. It is not easy to describe how a pair of eyes would look in a needful way but that’s how I felt John's eyes were saying while looking at me.

I took out the tray containing the bacon from the microwave and started fixing breakfast when I heard him get up and take a pee in the bathroom. I felt his warm kiss on my neck and his hands touch my breasts as he said,

Erin - part 15

"Oh, god, Erin, that was beyond belief," Brad finally said.

"I liked it too," Erin told him with a smile. "Your cock tastes so good."

"I-I-I have to go," Brad said reluctantly, obviously not wanting to.

"That's okay," Erin told him. "I understand. Thanks for the lotion and the snack," she said as he got to his feet.

"Yeah, see you," Brad said to them as he returned to his duties.

"Feel better?" Tasha asked.

Erin - part 14

"I'm going to cum soon," Bill warned. "I can't help it, your pussy is just so tight."

Erin dismounted her father. Her pussy actually made a sucking sound as it released his cock. She quickly bent over, taking his glistening cock into her mouth, tasting herself on a cock for the very first time. She sucked him with gusto, slurping and making noise as she tried to milk him. Very quickly Bill groaned and Erin's cheeks billowed as her mouth filled with cum. Swallowing quickly, she continued sucking, not stopping until Bill pushed her away, unable to take any more.

"God, stop, stop," he moaned, covering himself with his hands. "Too much," he gasped as Erin knelt next to him, a big smile on her face.

Erin - part 13

"It's called escargot," her father whispered to her. "Snails in French."

"Snails!" Erin said, looking at him in horror.

"They're very good," he said, a smile on his face. "Just try it. If you don't like it, don't eat any more. But you really should give it a chance," he told her.

Erin looked over at the couple on the stage, for stage is what it certainly was. They were now kissing much more deeply. She could see their tongues as they became more passionate. Picking up her cocktail fork, she stabbed one of the escargot, watching as the hot butter dripped off of it. She touched it to her tongue, found it okay, and put it in her mouth. It had a slightly chewy texture, but the flavor of the garlic and the butter dominated and she found it tasty. She smiled at her father as she stabbed another one.

Erin - part 12

"Well, what do you think?" Bill asked Jane, his arm around her shoulders as they watched the three of them drive away.

"I think everything is just fine," Jane said, turning to kiss him.

"Erin and Brian seem to be adjusting to each other," he mused.

"Oh, yes, that they are," Jane said, a big smile on her face.

Bill gave her a funny look, then shrugged.

"Guess I'll get started," he said. "I want to get caught up."

Erin - part 11

"Well, if you weren't standing next to Erin, it'd be impossible to know," Tasha observed. "But Erin is definitely a bit bigger. But you don't have any sag at all and we all know how sensitive your nipples are," she said with a laugh. "In fact, if you had the same haircuts, in the dark it would be almost impossible to tell the difference."

"Well, I'm definitely the luckiest guy in the world," Bill said, putting an arm around both Jane and Erin.

"Yes, you are," Jane said, turning and hugging him. "And don't you forget it," she said, kissing him.

"I'm getting cold," Erin observed, hugging herself and shivering a bit.

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