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The Journey Pt. 01 - part 9

Tim could taste her flesh as his tongue move between her damp cheeks. He pulled the little string away and looked at her pulsing anus then dropped his head and began to lick. He could hear Janice moaning into the pillow but it was muffled, coming from a place far off. There was a roaring in his ears at his own nastiness.

"Oh my God, oh my God," Janice whispered. When she felt Tim force his tongue into her tiny back hole, she lifted her head and screamed. It's so nasty, so perverted, she thought. Yet, her hips pushed back into the probing tongue wanting it to go deeper. Janice never knew that her anal area was so sensitive. She could feel every touch, every lick.

Tim was going mad with lust. Never in his wildest imagination did he think his innocent wife would let him do this to her. He was going to make the most of it. His tongue and mouth worked her little hole until it was pulsing with need. He sucked and licked like a starved man. When he pulled away, he watched it open and close like it wanted something to fill it again. He knew just what that something was.

The Journey Pt. 01 - part 8

Chapter 11

Janice was staring at her husband in the morning light coming through the hotel window. She studied his handsome face. Who was this man laying next to her? A few short weeks ago she thought that she knew him. Now she realized that she really knew very little about him. She realized that they had never shared their inner secrets, all those intimate thoughts that only come out when a couple is truly honest. Had they been living a lie? She wasn't sure. However, she did know that she truly loved this man, maybe more now than before.

"What are you staring at?" Tim whispered as he opened his eyes and saw her eyes studying his face.

The Journey Pt. 01 - part 7

"Go on, please," Tim said and caressed Janice's face with his hand.

"We... didn't actually have sex. He used his finger to get me off and I jerked on him until he came in my hand. Then I felt so guilty that I jumped out of his car and almost ran back to the hotel." Janice paused for a long moment. "God, Tim, when I walked into the lobby of the hotel, I still had his cum dripping off my hand." Janice began to sob again. "Do you hate me?" she asked, looking into his eyes. Again, she saw only excitement and love.

"No, I don't hate you. I'm a little surprised but I'm glad you told me the truth." Tim was more than a little surprised. He found it hard to imagine his demure and prudish wife jerking off some guy in a car. There has been a "screamer" inside her all along, he thought.

She had to tell him the whole truth. "Tim, the man is Dan Forsman. He's the professor that is lecturing my class on Thursday. I am supposed to go to dinner with him Thursday night. It's part of the job."

The Journey Pt. 01 - part 6

"Okay, Mrs. Harwick, you can take the robe off, then get on the table and cover up with this sheet. I have to get some supplies from the car."

"Where's my husband?"

"He said he had to run out to do some errands."

Janice felt even more nervous now.

"Excuse me. I'll be back in a minute," Steve said.

After Steve walked out of the room, Janice stood nervously, fidgeting with the belt around her waist. She knew that she couldn't wait long or he would be back. Quickly she stripped off her robe and got onto the table naked. She lay on her back and pulled the sheet up to her neck.

The Journey Pt. 01 - part 5

Tim turned the device off quickly. "I didn't hear anything," Tim said, suppressing a laugh.

"I thought for sure I heard a noise. Oh well, my hearing isn't what it used to be. Are you ready to order?"

"Just a moment more," Tim said.

"When the waitress had left Janice looked at Tim and said, "Tim, this thing is driving me crazy."

"You know the safe word," he said, confident that she wouldn't use it for this.

Janice grew quiet, squirming in her chair again.

The Journey Pt. 01 - part 4

"Everything is wonderful," she whispered, her voice heavy with emotion.

Tim was relieved when he saw a smile come through the tears. The hardness of his penis had diminished some when he thought he had gone too far. However, as soon as their lips met, he was rock hard again.

"Thank you, thank you. That was... That was... incredible. I never knew what I was missing," Janice said sincerely. "Where did you learn that stuff?"

"I read a lot," Tim said, his face turning red at the admission.

The Journey Pt. 01 - part 3

"Ma'am, may I help you?" the young man asked again.

"Uh... I'm sorry, uh... I would like to see these shoes in various colors," Janice said nervously, pointing to a pair of stiletto heels. "Size 8 medium, I think."

"Have a seat right over there. Let's get a measurement first," the young man said with a bright smile. The clerk led Janice over to a chair and had her sit down. He knelt at her feet, fiddling with the measuring device.

Janice could feel her face turning red as she saw the young man's eyes on her very exposed thighs. He was so young, maybe just out of high school or - God forbid! - still in high school. She looked away, unable to watch as the clerk sat on a low stool and reached for her foot. Then he lifted her leg in order to get her foot situated in the measuring device. She could feel her thighs separating and knew that he could see far up her thighs.

The Journey Pt. 01 - part 2

Janice knew that Tim loved her with all his heart. She felt the same way. But was that enough? Was love without true sexual satisfaction enough, especially for a couple in their thirties?

Suddenly, Janice knew what she had to do.

Tim had also been agonizing all week over their conversation. He had thought a hundred times that he should call her and tell her that it was all a joke,; that he could never do those things that he had read about. Yet, every time he thought about it, he felt an erection coming on.

He reached for the telephone to call Janice and tell her to forget what he had said when the telephone rang. "Hello."

The Journey Pt. 01 - part 1

Chapter 1

Tim and Janice Harwick met while in college. He was a business major and she was working on her undergraduate degree in law. They dated throughout college and fell madly in love. They decided to get married after Tim graduated, and Janice would continue her study for a law degree.

The wedding was held in Tim's hometown. It was a large traditional wedding with over five hundred guests crammed into the small church. The newlyweds ran from the church to a chorus of cheers and rice; they were off to make a home and live the American dream.

A 'Not So Normal' Family

It all began when I started going trough puberty; I was about 14 years old when I started noticing my mother. She was about 39 or 40 years old, and most boys my age would not have thought of her in the way I did, because when she left the house she always wore clothes that did not show off her hugely curvaceous body. She was only about 5' 2” tall, and she didn’t have the longest legs in the world. But she had great thighs that led to and even better ass. She had quite a big waist but her round and juicy breasts would stick out further than the belly. When she was young she had a great body to go along with her pretty face, so every guy in college wanted to get his dick in her mouth, fortunately my father was the first and only person she ever fucked or even kissed.

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