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Threads: The Island - part 37

"Fuck my crazy-ass life," Kyle told his reflection.

He turned to the bedroom, seeing Patricia still lying on top of the sheet, this time with Kyle's phone opened in front of her.

"What you doing?" He asked, smiling at her.

"Checking your emails. They're fairly stacking up."

"What's the count now?"

"Six thousand or so." She gave him a grin. "Me and Shmi will start blasting through them tomorrow if you want?"

Threads: The Island - part 36

"Patricia?" You in here?" He called.

"Back here," She replied. Kyle found her in his dressing room, packing most of his clothes up into cases and trunks. "How was the race?"

"Hopeless. Ed sucks at driving speedboats, but he blamed it on the ballast."

"The ballast?"

"Me and Casey."

Patricia smiled as she snapped a suitcase closed and then stood up straight. "So..."

Threads: The Island - part 35

"Sure. What about?" Kyle asked.

"Nothing major. We can do it after your workout."

"In the bath?" Kyle suggested.

"If you want," She nodded.

"Cool. Right, let's get this over with, shall we?"

Kyle opted for the balcony, so he could have a smoke while they chatted.

"Alright, Kyle," Lakshmi began. "This won't take too long. We've got a few new files for you to look over as possible additions to the list."

Threads: The Island - part 34

"Tonight she was all affectionate. Like a kitten," Kara smiled. "She seemed a lot more... human."

"Kara!" Kyle protested. "She's a nice girl."

"I can see that," His sister replied. "All I'm saying is that most of the time she's a bit intimidating and tonight she was really nice. I'm trying to say something nice," She added.

"I guess I don't see her how you guys do," Kyle said. "Although she did say when I first met her that women generally don't get on with her at first."

Katie and Kara exchanged glances.

Threads: The Island - part 33

"Okay," Kyle said, frowning. "Take off, I kiss you, you get on your knees and blow me. Then I take off your dress, throw it down there, mish on the floor right there, then doggie with you looking out the back. Then you turn and I stand up, cumshot, swallow. End of part one."

Sarah giggled, but nodded. "And then?"

"We lie down, I go down on you, admire your tattoo and then you suck me, ride me like a trampoline and then I cum in your mouth again."

"Excellent. I like the trampoline bit."


Threads: The Island - part 32

Sarahs hand slipped to his cock at the same time as her lips hit his neck.

Kyle scrambled a couple of feet down the fold-out bench seat, leaving a startled and confused Sarah looking at him. He squared his shoulders and his face turned serious.

"Right, Sarah. I apologise for the deception, but I needed you up here, away from the Island so I could speak to you," He began, frowning as her mouth dropped open in astonishment.

"I want to know why you came to my room the other night," He said bluntly.

She blinked a couple of times then replied. "To... to seduce you."

Threads: The Island - part 31

"So I wanted to ask about Casey," Kyle said. "Is there a job we can give him?"

Lakshmi frowned and Patricia leaned forward. "Kyle, that's not a good idea."

"What? Why?"

"Because he's one of your best friends," Patricia explained. "Everyone will know he got given the job because he's your buddy, and he'll have no credibility."

"But it would be a fantastic learning opportunity for him," Kyle protested. "Plus, it would be good having him around."

"Then ask Garius to hire him for Kara's team," Patricia said. "But he can't work for you. It just won't work. Plus, if he starts acting like a dick then I'll have to fire him and I can't see you letting me do that."

Threads: The Island - part 30

"You wish to.. hook up with her, Master Kyle," Edwin said, a broad smile on his face now.

"Well, yeah. But somewhere that Patricia or my sisters aren't going to know about," He added. "They're kinda.. control freaks. It feels like I can't take a shit without one of them walking in on me, or micro-managing my every move, and I'm pretty sick of it."

Edwin nodded. "I understand entirely, Master Kyle."

"I mean, take Patricia, right," He continued, warming to his role. "She's there when I wake up, she's there all day, and she's there when I go to bed. And don't get me wrong, she's really fucking hot, and if she's giving it away, I'm not gonna say no, but... "

Threads: The Island - part 29

Katie and Kara were already waiting for him, chatting with Connor when he got there, and he'd already been briefed on the plans for the next couple of weeks and the tentative months ahead.

The Scotsman was all business as he gave them each a profile, his recommendation for who should run their detail. To Kyle's disappointment, the name on his page wasn't Connor Grant.

"How come you're not doing it?" He asked.

"My team's set up for a different role," He explained. "We only take on clients who are under a specific threat. High-risk work, but we're bloody good at it. None of you fit my criteria."

Threads: The Island - part 28

Kyle grinned. "And later?"

"Hard as you like," She replied, and Kyle felt his cock twitch in anticipation.

He felt her hand reach behind him, holding him inside her and then he felt her move, pulling at him to go with her. It was clumsy, a little awkward, but then he was on top of her, Patricia face down on the bed, Kyle face down on top of her, his cock still inside her tight ass.

"Slowly," She whispered. "Please."

Kyle nodded in the darkness, then grinned as he realised she wouldn't have seen it. He lay down on top of her, brushed the hair from her face and neck and then began to slide his hips up, drawing his cock back an inch or two inside her.

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