Not So Innocent Anymore - 1

It's odd how things change as you get older. Take my sister for example. We were never close when we were younger. She was the spoiled only sister, and I was the "evil" older brother. In revenge, whenever she used to get me into trouble, I used to call her the accident, as she was six years younger than me and four younger than our brother. It wasn't until she turned eighteen that things began to change. Any time I was in the shower, she would, "accidentally" walk in, get a quick look at me and then run out blushing. I still think that the blushes were also fake, but she won't admit that!

"Shower's free Paul." Lisa shouted down the hall to the bedroom I shared with my brother when I was home.

"Thanks." I shouted back.

Sybian Training - 2

"Struggling just sets it off," Mr. Henderson said with a smirk. "Saying different combinations of words with Mr. Sybian or Mr. Henderson also makes it do interesting things. Maybe you should try them out. You'll have plenty of time over the next thirty days of training.

I looked at him in horror. He was a monster! All men were monsters! I prayed to God, pleading with him to grant women their rights back again. But, I realized I couldn't count on God, because he was a man. He had to be. Why else could this have happened to me? Oh God, yes! Fuck it felt so good. I began to say a different prayer. Oh God, fuck me! Oh God, please let me cum. I heard myself squeal.

Sybian Training

Dear Diary,

Today was the most horrible day of my life. It all started going wrong when my old boss (and I do mean 'old'), Mr. Schmidt, took a leave of absence due to health reasons. He was old, but he was also a secretary's dream boss. Okay, he was a little wrinkly and a little smelly, which made it no fun going down on him, but on the bright side, I only had to go down on him once . . . maybe twice a week. He would even ask my opinion on things and pretty much let me take care of most of his assignments without a lot of interference. And a woman being able to work without a lot of interference has been a rare thing ever since President Ashcroft repealed all the women's suffrage laws and replaced them with women's suffering laws.

The Red Miniskirt - 2

When she woke she was embarrassed, worried that she had let herself go too far and that I would think she was a slut. But when I reassured her that I had been as up for it as her she admitted that she had quite enjoyed the experience although her rear and bowels felt that she had had major surgery. She said she was a little embarrassed about going down to breakfast but I told her to get showered, made up and put on something sexy. When I came out of the shower, feeling more dead than alive, she had recovered well and looked cool and very sexy in a crisp white tee shirt with no bra and a pair of tight pink knee length trousers. She looked so good I nearly took her back to bed but thought to myself as I followed the big rear down the corridor, if I wasn’t so shattered, I would take advantage of that after breakfast.

The Red Miniskirt

My wife and I have been married for 25 years – she is 45 and I am 48. It took a little red skirt to bring us the sexual adventure of our lives.

For our anniversary just over last autumn , I bought her a gold bracelet and booked a short country house break but as a fun present for me she ordered a short tight red mini skirt from a mail order company. I wasn’t to know how much of a “fun” present it would turn out to be although the first time she modelled it with a pair of lacey topped stockings I could see the real potential.

Babs is blonde with an almost perfect hour glass figure 39c 29 40 , with shapely legs and a very ripe rear and this skirt showed legs, thighs and rear off to perfection. It was the shortest skirt she had worn for over 20 years and in certain lights one could see the suspender belt and creamy thighs and buttocks through the taut material. I enjoyed seeing her in it privately and was rather vicariously thrilled at the idea of seeing her wear this in public.

A 'Cute' Mom - 2

It went beyond the lustful pleasure I was undeniably experiencing. She was offering her heart; an offer I wanted to accept forever. I couldn't remember being that close to coming for that long. She squeezed on and off at the base of my shaft as she sucked on all the meat she could get in her mouth. Finally the first exquisite release began filling my mother's mouth. She responded by re-doubling her efforts. My whole body stiffened causing me to involuntarily buck my cock deeper down her throat. I kept coming until I was sure I was done. Then my mother gave a last squeezing draw with her lips down the length of my cock. I yelled something like "Eeeyeowww" as the last spurt coated her lips. She licked them as the smile she gave me was drawn from the well of her bottomless love.

A 'Cute' Mom - 1

I was thinking about one of the things I often think about. Why do we do things? I was also thinking about my mother…pornographic thoughts. The strange thing about it is that I really didn't want to do pornographic things to her. I wanted to do loving things to her. I wanted to have her warm lips pressing on mine as I gently massaged her bare breasts.

Where did it all come from? Perhaps from other actions or desires or maybe just a little shot of electro-chemical stuff hits the brain at exactly at the right or wrong time. I had pinned it down to the time I was fifteen and saw my older brother Bobby kiss my mother. I thought she had kissed him for a second too long. Maybe I just imagined that it went on for too long; after all, she kissed me on the lips often and it was no big deal. Maybe I had wanted her for a long time before and never let it come into my consciousness. Maybe she was sleeping with him. Maybe, maybe, maybe…but from then on my life took a different turn.

Owning My Friend's Mom - 7

"Please, Ma'am, may I cum?" Mrs. C. begged of her tormentor.

"Yesss....cum for me, you Whore," Sara hissed between thrusts as she grew near to her own orgasm.

With that, Mrs. C. let out a mighty shriek, as her body began to convulse and shake beneath the weight of Sara. Her eyes had rolled into the back of her head, and her mouth hung open, as she bucked and thrashed, while the waves of pain/pleasure rolled over her.

All of the thrashing around was enough to also push Sara over the edge, as she came in an explosive climax. As Sara shuddered and shook, all the while buried to the hilt in Mrs. C.'s ass, Greg stopped beating her ass to marvel at the two women caught in the throes of their own passion. Finally, Sara, almost reluctantly, began to pull her cock out of Mrs. C.'s ass.

Owning My Friend's Mom - 6

"I want you to tighten them both at the same time," Greg explained. "I'll tell you when to stop. You see, Mrs. C. here is often a very bad girl, and she requires frequent punishment. One thing she always begs me to do is to punish her nipples, so this was why I thought the clamps might be a good idea," Greg improvised. By this time, Sara had reached up and was starting to slowly turn the screws on the clamps. Greg watched in fascination, as the clamps slowly closed on the nipples, causing the tips to become engorged with blood. The tighter they got, the more agonized the look on Mrs. C's face became. By this time, Sara was transfixed on Mrs. C's face, watching the discomfort, and eventually pain, she was causing her. But to my amazement, she never stopped turning the screws.

Owning My Friend's Mom - 5

As they finished their meals, Greg leaned across the table and said conspiratorially, "You know, Mrs., C.? I think that man over there is in to you. He's been watching you the entire time we've been here. He seems to be all alone, so why don't we invite him over to join us?"

Greg could tell his question caught her by surprise. She began to mumble a response, "But Sir....what...." But before she could say anything else, Greg was already waving at him to come over and join them.

Looking a little surprised at his gesture, the man finally picked up his drink and ambled over to join them. As soon as he arrived, Greg said, "Scoot over, Mrs. C., and give this man some room to join us."

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