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Kyle nodded and looked around for something to wash the pill down with. He found a bottle of water in the galley and took the pill, then joined Patricia on the sofa.

"This boat's something," She said, a warning note in her voice. "You want to be seated when it opens up."

"Should we go upstairs?" Kyle suggested. The boat had really got his attention and he wanted to see what it was like.

"Sure," Patricia nodded and they headed out the back and up the stairs.

Threads: The Island - part 8

"There was an article in Forbes earlier this year and they cited that there are over twelve hundred billionaires in the world now. When Mister Tripps died the number went down by one, but now it's gone up by three. As such you'll be a public figure and you'll be photographed by the paparazzi every time you go out in public." She shrugged. "At least for a while."

"Mister Crowler mentioned something about that," Kyle said, his tone distinctily unenthusiastic.

"So as a result we have to manage your image, make sure you look like what people would expect from the son of Danny Tripps. Someone confident, cool, smart. Stylists like Margaret will take care of what you wear, how your hair is styled, etc, but what kind of shape you're in will require some work."

Threads: The Island - part 7

Kyle chuckled. "Good one."

"No, seriously." Caroline nodded, her face earnest.

Kyle took a swig of his beer and casually glanced over to the booth where two girls were watching him. They jerked their eyes away quickly and began to giggle.

"Want me to get them in the back of the limo for you?"

Kyle burst out laughing. "You sound like my pimp."

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As his finger tip brushed it lightly, Julietta moaned in his mouth and pushed back a little further with her pelvis, tilting it and pushing, arching her back and pressing her buttocks into his lower stomach, seeking him, wanting him inside.

They broke their kiss, each breathing hard inches away from the other. Kyle knew he was fully inside her and he was almost delirious with pleasure, but his only desire was to make sure she felt the same.

His finger slid a little lower, feeling the natural moisture on his cock as Julietta slowly moved her hips back and forth on him. Kyle coated the tip of his finger with it, then dragged it back up to her little pleasure-nub.

Threads: The Island - part 5

"Sometimes he's a total asshole," He muttered.

"Now that's a bad case of stating-the-obvious you've got there, Kyle," Julietta said. He could see she wanted to ask a question of him.

"Did he tell you about the girl who looked like you?" Kyle asked, figuring he might as well cut to the chase.

She nodded. "He said you thought she was me?"

"Yeah, I thought that at first, so I asked another dancer but she said Sahara couldn't swim, so it couldn't be her at the waterpark," Kyle explained as he saw Julietta snigger. "Excellent stripper name, huh?"

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With the lightest of touches, her hands spread his knees apart, and her head darted between his legs, down low, almost under his balls, and he felt her nose touching the material of his trousers.

"Holy fuck," he growled, his breathing deep, his cock straining tight against the inner leg of his trousers as she moved her head around his groin.

Sahara's tongue darted out a moment later, right at the bottom of his button-fly, pressing through the denim on the base of his shaft, then slowly probing along the length of his cock, it's bulge easily visible. It continued, sometimes above, sometimes below, but always in contact until her tongue met the tip of his trapped erection.

Threads: The Island - part 3

"What a fucking douchebag," the brunette called Julietta muttered. Kyle did the only thing he could think of to remedy the situation. He tipped over Ed's inflatable, dumping him sideways into the river.

Thankfully the girls all laughed as he came up spluttering and the tension was eased. Over the next couple of hours they hung out with the girls, Kyle mostly chatting to Julietta, Casey to Margarita, while Ed tried unsuccessfully to get chatting with Shanice and Jessica, much to everyone's amusement.

With it being late in the afternoon though, the girls announced they had to head off.

"You guys want to meet up tonight at a party we're going to? It'll be around midnight, if that's not too late," Julietta said, placing her hand on Kyle's arm.

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Kyle looked at the certificate again, seeing the surname. Tripps.

He re-read the name of the person listed as the father. Danny Tripps.

Kyle looked back at the lawyer. "Seriously?"

Mister Crowler nodded. "Finding out that you're adopted must be a big shock, Kyle. Finding out your father was Danny Tripps must be just as big."

Kyle shook his head. It didn't make sense to him, this lawyer claiming he was adopted, let alone this absurd claim that Danny fucking Tripps, one of the wealthiest men in America, was his supposed father. A thought struck him.

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Edwin looked at the pile of paperwork on his desk and rubbed at his eyes. It had been a really long day, and only midway through what was bound to be a long week. It had begun with his friend Danny's death two days ago, and since then the Island had been a hive of activity getting things prepared.

In a couple of days time Danny's children would arrive on the Island, having just found out that they were triplets given up for adoption, and they'd be meeting here for the very first time. On top of that he had a burial to organise for Danny on the Island. Add in organising supplies and planning for every contingency, and it was no wonder he felt exhausted. It was two in the morning and high time he had some stress relief.

3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck- 5

He violently slammed inside her as his scrotum smacked against her ass. She instantly let out a scream unlike anything I had ever heard. Brian rolled off the other side of the bed and jumped up, practically falling to the other bed. Gina was in a state I had never seen before.

She had her hands on Stan's ass, and was spread eagle with her knees bent up almost to his arm pits. His pelvis was slapping so forcefully against her beautiful ass. Every third or forth thrust they would grind with him fully inside her. It was breathtaking watching his thick cock stretch her pussy as they squished their genitals together, between the greased mess between her thighs and crotch.

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