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She complied and I was face down on top of her. I reached under her to hold her by her breasts as I thrusted. We continued our conversation, but our voices were more strained because of the position.

"So you're really OK with Lisa and me, you know?"

"Yeah, I'm really OK with you and Lisa, you know." I was grinning as I said that.

"Good, 'cause I am, too. I want to do it again with her."

"How about all three of us at the same time?" I was hopeful, but I'd take what I could get. I was already living every man's fantasy.

"Yeah," she panted. "Three at once. I like that."

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I grinned. "That was so incredible," I said quietly.

Megan looked down at the wet stains in front of me, the remains of my orgasm. "You liked that, did you?" she asked with a big smile.

I nodded vigorously. She leaned over to me and kissed me. Usually when we kiss, I notice her smell. It's the smell of her perfume, or her shampoo, or just that warm scent of her skin. Not this time. This time, she smelled like Lisa. There was no doubt that she smelled like her friend's pussy. If there had been, the taste in her mouth would have settled the issue. We were both tasting Lisa's juices now. I held her body to mine, feeling her soft boobs pressed to my chest, and shared the taste. I had just seen her act out a secret fantasy I had held for many years and I loved her so much at that moment. We had now both shared Lisa in the most intimate way.

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Megan kissed me good morning. The stirring woke Lisa as well. Megan spoke first.

"Is everyone ready for breakfast, or...?"

"Or what?" I asked.

Megan smiled in response, a sly smile. Her left hand snaked under the covers. I felt her grab my morning hard on. She held it up straight (for Lisa's benefit) and stroked it under the covers.

"That sounds good," I ventured.

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Lisa swallowed hard. Her face was flushed. "Do you really mean this?" she asked Megan, maybe asked both of us. I became concerned that she might not want to be with me. I felt disappointment. Well, most of me did. Part was still hopeful. "If you do, I want to do it. I really want to do it."

Megan looked back to me, then down to my waist. "Good, because Gary obviously wants you." I was at full erection again. That's kind of difficult to hide when you're naked.

We all laughed at that, but I couldn't deny her statement. I wanted Lisa at that moment. I still loved my wife totally and completely, but I wanted to see what it would be like with Lisa. I just couldn't believe my wife was asking me to cheat on her – and that she wanted to watch me do it.

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"Shouldn't you get undressed first to do that?" asked Lisa, trying to sound innocent.

Megan and I opened our eyes. I was going to laugh but Megan looked serious. I felt her taking a deep breath. "If we're going to do this, let's just do it," she whispered to me. Now butterflies invaded my stomach. It was really going to happen. I got up in answer and held out a hand to her. She stood and moved in front of me. As I unzipped her dress, she looked at Lisa and began the speech she had probably been rehearsing throughout dinner.

"Lisa, we know things didn't turn out as you expected this weekend. I'm sorry, we're both sorry. We know you probably came here like us, without much in the way of pajamas because you were planning to be having sex all week. Now," she took another deep breath before continuing. "It's time for bed. Gary and I are going to sleep naked, and we are going to make love. Feel free to sleep however you want. You can watch us if you want, or turn away. We're still going to have sex, either way. It won't bother us if you watch. It won't bother us if you masturbate in front of us. If watching bothers you, you can take a walk or wait in the bathroom."

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It probably sounded even less coherent than that.

Megan seemed to be better than me at taking it all in stride when she spoke up. "We thought you were going to be busy in the bathroom a while longer. Sorry."

Lisa blushed then. "Well, ... I was busy. If I had known you guys were doing something, I would have taken longer."

I was slow, or the women were using some kind of female code, because I didn't catch on right away. Then, I GOT IT.


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Chapter 1

My wife's best friend, Lisa, was very close to the two of us. She spent so much time with us because her boyfriend, Tim, worked out of town a lot. His job often sent him away with short notice and an uncertain return date. Frankly, I don't know how Lisa coped with it. Their relationship had to be difficult, with many lonely nights for both of them.

When Tim was away, Lisa was often over at our place. Lisa and my wife, Megan, had known each other since they started college. I had gotten comfortable enough with Lisa that our conversations covered everything – even sex. Many times when the three of us were together, the topic of conversation strayed to how often we did it, favorite positions, what we really liked from oral sex, and masturbation. For our part, Megan and I learned from these conversations. Lisa said she was learning from us as well.

After School Special - 3

As Ben stared into her eyes, a smooth tanned pussy suddenly blocked his view. He looked up and there was Mrs. Darien looking down upon him. And yes, once again, she was biting her lower lip seductively causing Ben's world to spin out of control.

"Ben? You're not finished are you?" She asked teasingly. "You wanna stop now?"

"God…Mrs. Darien…you…I…" He didn't know what he was trying to say. Just the sight of her naked body clad only in stockings and those glasses gave Ben the fantasy of the brainy girl that turned out to be a hottie in disguise.

"I tell you what Ben. This is your last day of high school. You're 18 now. And I feel horrible for making you stay after school. So now I'm going to make it up to you. You know how, Ben?"

After School Special - 2

"I…I…" Ben stuttered.

"Have you ever wanted to see us in the buff?" Mrs. Darien asked again. Her wrist was getting sore from his waistband digging into her skin. However she did not relent. She continued to squeeze and shake his cock between her fingers maliciously. And she did not plan on stopping until she got her answer.

"I…can't…this is…ooohhh fuck…I…" Ben was standing on his tiptoes. He had to grab hold of the women's shoulders for support; otherwise he was going to fall over.

After School Special - 1

Ben, on the other hand, stood rigid as ever just watching the exchange. He was getting fidgety and wanted to leave.

The two grown women stood there like prissy teenagers playing a staring contest. Neither one of them wanted to break the silence. Mrs. Darien had her professional pride to uphold, and Ashley had her motherly pride. Both femmes were the same in that regard and they'd been this way since their teenage days. It was a routine that they were both used to and their lives have always been a competition.

Finally, Ben's Mom spoke, "Is this your idea of proving me wrong? By seducing my son? By seducing Ben?"

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