3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck- 3

I quickly began pouring myself another drink snidely replying, "Not until after we have some crab legs."

They both began whooping, "Oh, no, you are in trrrr-oooub-llll... Oh, damn, dude; you're so in for it... Hey, we didn't say a thing about it, it was all Scott. We are being perfect gentlemen."

At this point Gina gave a straight-faced grin and said, "Let's just go for crying out loud."

We all began taking our last gulps when, as Gina passed by me for the door, I grabbed her and slowly spun her towards me holding her ass, and began kissing her. She returned the kiss for a few seconds and then broke it off saying, "Ok, let's go already."

3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck- 2

My fantasy then decided that I needed to see it. As I moved up alongside Gina, I didn't glance any longer; I fully looked at his cock. Without trying to bolster the events even in the slightest, he was as thick as Gina's forearm and perhaps eight inches. I immediately waved for him to wait as I began kissing Gina, again having an internal struggle that was absolutely wearing me out. I knew full well she hadn't seen his cock other than when he was half limp at the card table during the game and she had no idea what was about to happen.

I repeatedly asked myself if I really wanted her to feel the size of him, knowing that she would truly experience the feeling of a cock larger than mine.

3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck- 1

They all began repeating things like, "Not as fine as yours, Mrs. Arnett, not as fine as yours... Mr. Arnett, your wife is so fucking hot. Oh, my God you're hot. Mrs. Arnett, you're so fucking hot." I must have always taken it for granted, but she really did look amazing sitting there with only her bikini top on.

She couldn't stop giggling, telling them "Do you realize I'm thirty-seven years old, and you guys are what, barely twenty-one? You should be chasing those girls gone wild types I see running around here."

I could tell after the initial embarrassment, she was thoroughly enjoying all the attention and compliments. They never did finish the game, but continued sitting there nude and semi-nude well past their amended five minute rule chitchatting and harassing one another.

3 Days of Watching my Wife Fuck

Watching several twenty-one year old men alternate fucking your beautiful thirty-seven year old wife over the course of three days and nights, might be enough to send most men to a mental institution. Up until last year, I would have been one of them. But I have learned that no one really knows how they might feel or how they would react until they are there, especially when a cosmically perfect set of circumstances falls into place.

Ever since our honeymoon, my wife and I have taken the very same vacation year after year. And I do mean the very same, the same motel, the same dates, the same suite in many cases, seventeen years running now, all the same. I'm sure that sounds painfully monotonous to some and under ordinary circumstances probably would be. But, having a very narrow window of time in the spring while trying to maintain a very strict budget, we just couldn't top it.

Mom Fulfills Son's Desires - 2

Tim was surprised by the thin, filmy, nylon gown his mother was wearing. It was pale orange and her bikini style sleeping panties were plainly visible underneath. He couldn't see a bra. He was instantly hard. He stood admiring her beautiful back, her rounded hips, her curvy ass, and shapely legs. Finally he moved forward to a position behind her. The crevice between her cheeks was a shadow under the gown and panties. He had deliberately worn an old pair of shorts worn thin from age and no underwear. His cock had grown to massive proportions. He positioned himself directly behind his mother and only inches away. Forgetting all consequences, he laid his hands on her hips and thrust forward. His solid rod easily separated the cheeks of her ass and he suddenly found himself lodged between the shapely flesh.

Mom Fulfills Son's Desires

Tim rolled out of bed, took his shower, and dressed for school still half-asleep. It had been a brutal week and week-end what with final exams and non-stop partying. This week should be a breeze, he thought, just show up and prepare for graduation. He stumbled blindly to the kitchen where his dad sat reading the paper and his mother stood at the sink rinsing off a few of the dishes prior to putting them in the dishwasher. Tim stopped behind her and leaning forward, reached for the cereal box in the cabinet above her. With one hand opening the door and the other reaching for the box he was unable to maintain his already poor balance and fell against his mother.

Sara's Car Trip - 4

"You want a little more of that pussy down there huh?"

She felt my cock slide right inside, but then she rolled onto her back causing me slip out and turned around so that she was facing me and continued to push me back solidly onto the bed.

"My turn," and she climbed up over my chest, and sat across my stomach, legs held wide. God she felt so good. It was strange being in the dark, with these wonderful smells of sex all around, and my body being pressed against the bed by Sara saying words like fuck and cunt and pussy.

Sara's Car Trip - 3

She turned to me then, leaned in close. Still holding my hand, rubbing my hand with hers.

"You wanted to know my favorite place. Safe place I mean. You still want to know?"

I nodded my head.

"Ok. Just above my ass. You know, the small of my back. Just below the small of my back." And she put her other hand back twisting in front of me. Pointing at it. "Right there," looking over her shoulder then at me.

Her breasts were arched directly in front of my eyes, and her top fell away from her body a little as she did this. I was looking down her blouse, she noticing but letting me.

Sara's Car Trip - 2

Then I pressed further, "When have you last . . . held hands with a boy?"

She laughed, "Last night -- you!"

"I'm your brother."

She shrugged, "You asked."

"When's. . . the last time you been kissed."

Sara's Car Trip

This was the first summer both my sister and I were going to be home from college. I was just over my sophomore year and sis was one year younger finishing her freshman year. The annual tradition was a summer vacation and because we were both home dad was going to resume the tradition.

"What's in the bag?"

"Nothin." She was hiding something.

"For the trip?"

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