A Life Changing Trip with Mother Ch. 06 - 2

"I love you too, Mom," he responded.

Melissa began to climax. Over and over her body convulsed as pleasure washed through her. Her hips continued to move up and down as she grunted in pleasure.

Her climaxing pussy had an impact on Eric. "Mom," he whispered, "I'm going to cum soon. Do you want ... want ... to lift up so I don't climax in you?"

A Life Changing Trip with Mother Ch. 06

Chapter 14

Later that morning Eric and Melissa put on their snowsuits again and went outside. The snow had let up a bit, but the forecast was for a foot more. They found some snowshoes in a shed out back and took a long walk across the hill toward the crest of the mountain. The view was breathtaking, but so was the relationship that had developed between the two of them. As they stood on the crest of the mountain, overlooking the valley, Eric reached for his mother's gloved hand.

Katie's Massage - 5

Sorry," said Katie, "I must have dosed of."

"That's fine. That's what's meant to happen at this point. I've started the bath running and added some bath salts, so once I've sponged you down I suggest you soak for a while. Normally I'd offer to get in with you to see the whole session through to the finish but unfortunately I have an appointment with a regular."

"If you have to go that's fine, I'll be right from here."

Katie's Massage - 4

Joel moved one hand behind his back, taking the string running up between his buttocks, and drew the G-string from under his scrotum out behind him, throwing it to the floor at the foot of the bed. Katie would now be feeling his bare scrotum on her shaved pubic mound. Rather than bring his hand back to Katie's breast, Joel lightly ran his fingers up and down her leg, while the other hand continued to play with her breast. He adjusted his position on Katie, moving slightly forward. This allowed him more access to Katie's mound, and sensing this Katie brazenly opened he legs. It also meant that Katie's hands were now reaching Joel's waist and couldn't rest there comfortably without the need to hold on. Rather than let her arms slide down his thighs onto the bed she flexed her elbows and placed her hands on her belly.

Katie's Massage - 3

If there was any lingering doubt that Katie was finding this highly erotic, then one glance at her sopping cunt would settle the matter immediately. Even in the limited light it was clearly a gooey mess. This was no misplaced massage oil. There is no mistaking the consistency of fresh fanny juice. It had streamed out between her lips and had formed a small mound where her lips met the bed sheet. It looked as if she stood up she'd have a string of mucus reaching to the floor. Just how far was this going to go. I began to worry that maybe I had let Katie have too much champagne at lunch. Was she going to regret her actions? Even though I had a raging hard on in my free hand, with it's own thin stream of pre-cum stretching to the seat of my chair, I was a little concerned as to how I'd feel if things went much further. I resolved however that this was probably a once in a lifetime event and I'd see it all the way through, whatever the result. As I'd arranged things, I could hardly blame Katie if she was seduced further than I thought she would be.

Katie's Massage - 2

Joel had placed Katie on the middle of the bed and positioned he so that her toes hung just over the end of the bed. This left plenty of room between Katie's head and the head end of the bed. He then knelt beside her left side and pulled the towel down to expose her back as far as the upper third of her buttocks. Katie had turned her head to the right, away from Joel so that she was looking directly towards camera 1. I was a little worried she may see the camera but as it was slightly above her line of sight and well hidden in the shadows of the bookshelf it was pretty unlikely.

Katie's Massage

Katie and I had met as childhood sweethearts when we were both only 14 years of age. We have been a couple ever since, married at 20, and about to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Our marriage was as perfect as you could get. If you were to believe in soul mates then that's certainly what we were. We were, most importantly, best friends.

Our sex life was great, Katie was always a bit conservative, but there wasn't much we hadn't done over the years. Katie had never been with another man, and despite some minor role-playing games, had never expressed a clear desire to do so. We are both into sensual massage, and the only thing she had even hinted at was the possibility of having a nude massage by a well-proportioned male. When I had pushed the idea however, her conservatism came through. It seemed she was happier, or perhaps more comfortable, keeping the idea in role-play.

A Hot Little Sister for Christmas

My younger sister Kristy and I have always been very close. Since we are only a year apart, my parents treated us like we were a twin set of boys. By that I mean we took baths together until we were about 10 and we were forced to sleep in the same hotel bed on family vacations until I was 16. We finally needed our own beds because even though we were close we still always fought about everything, just like any other brother and sister.

When we were younger my sister was quite the tomboy. She always chose to follow my friends and I to get in whatever mischief we were in. She would even participate in our wrestling matches, she was tough pinning my friends and myself frequently. She went through puberty before I did and was bigger then me for over a year. It was embarrassing to have my 5-5 younger sister towering over me.

A Brother & Sister Ch. 01-06 - page 23

He wondered just how many of them there was likely to be and how many times that he'd have to cum for them. Surely there'd only be two or three anyway. He looked up from the computer as Julie entered his room. She was wearing a white crop top and a short denim skirt that made him want to peek to see what underwear she was wearing.

"Up to anything fun?" she asked him, eying off the tent in his shorts that clearly gave away his state of semi-arousal.

"Actually, I'm about to do something completely outrageous and dirty," he said to her.

"Cool, can I watch? Or help?" she asked.

"Well, I'm not about to do it right now, but I've just been planning to do it soon with hornylady."

A Brother & Sister Ch. 01-06 - page 22

"See how much of it you can take," he heard his mother say and now knew that it was the new woman that was sucking on his cock. He felt her pushing her mouth down over his erection, his mother encouraging her friend in her efforts. When she released him, he felt the weight of the bed move as his mother told the friend she's see if she could take morein her mouth. Again his cock was sucked deep within a woman's mouth. When she had finished trying to suck lots of him, she settled down to just pleasing him.

It was hard to keep track of who was doing what to his cock with the sheet on this side, but that just seemed to make it even more exciting as he was swapped from mouth to mouth and hand to hand.

"I need to see some pussy over here I think," he said after he'd been sucked for several minutes.

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