Owning My Friend's Mom - 6

"I want you to tighten them both at the same time," Greg explained. "I'll tell you when to stop. You see, Mrs. C. here is often a very bad girl, and she requires frequent punishment. One thing she always begs me to do is to punish her nipples, so this was why I thought the clamps might be a good idea," Greg improvised. By this time, Sara had reached up and was starting to slowly turn the screws on the clamps. Greg watched in fascination, as the clamps slowly closed on the nipples, causing the tips to become engorged with blood. The tighter they got, the more agonized the look on Mrs. C's face became. By this time, Sara was transfixed on Mrs. C's face, watching the discomfort, and eventually pain, she was causing her. But to my amazement, she never stopped turning the screws.

Once Mrs. C. began to mewl in pain, Greg told Sara she could stop tightening the clamps. He almost chuckled out loud when he saw the look of disappointment pass over Sara's face. At this point, it was quite obvious to him that Sara was in to women, and that she was enjoying dominating Mrs. C. "Alright, I want you to lead Mrs. C. around the store, like the little whore that she is." Greg's words again startled Sara, but without any further encouragement from him, she grabbed the dangling chain and began walking about the store, giving them a tug, every now and then, to keep Mrs. C. on her toes. "Go ahead and call her 'whore', Sara. She likes being called that."

This had Sara practically skipping through the aisles, as she now began to coax Mrs. C. around the store like she was a dog. "Come on whore, follow me. Stay close, whore."

Finally she reluctantly led Mrs. C. back to where Greg had been standing and stood there holding the chain, waiting for his next cue.

"Is there anything else you'd like for your whore?" she asked expectantly.

It was quite obvious Sara was in to this whole scene, and would be a willing participant to whatever Greg had planned. "Now that you mention it Sara, there is," he calmly replied. "I find myself needing to spank my whore often, and I really don't have the proper tools for the job. Do you have anything here for that?"

"Definitely," she replied in a breathless voice. Still holding the chain, she led them over to a display case against the far wall. In it were numerous implements, ranging from whips to paddles.

"Wow! That is quite the selection. Again, I have to beg ignorance here Sara. I've never used any of this stuff. Would you mind indulging me a bit more?" Greg asked as innocently as possible.

With no hesitation, she quickly replied in the affirmative.

Pretending ignorance, Greg pointed to a small wooden paddle, resembling a ping pong paddle, and said, "How about that one?"

Finally dropping the chain, she reached into the case, pulled out the paddle, and held it out for Greg.

Shaking his head, he said, "Oh no, not me. I'm not sure how to use it. Would you mind showing me how it's used?"

At this, Sara practically licked her lips in anticipation. "Sure," was her only response.

"Whore, take your skirt off. Sara has very generously agreed to teach us how to use these things," Greg ordered.

"Yes sir," she replied shakily and, with one fluid movement, stepped out of her skirt and was once again holding it out to him.

Taking the skirt and hanging it with her blouse, Greg instructed, "Bend over and grab your ankles whore. Spread your feet apart. Wider." When she was suitably presented with her legs spread wide, opening up her newly shaven pussy and ass to both Greg and Sara, he added, "Now, do not release those ankles under any circumstances. Is that clear whore?"

Mrs. C. nodded her head, as she hung upside down and mumbled a meek, "yes Sir."

"I'm sure you realize what the consequences will be should you move," Greg added for good measure. Turning to Sara, he instructed, "Go ahead and show me how to use that. I want you to hit her ass as hard as you can. I'll tell you when to stop. Would that be alright?" Greg asked.

Nodding her head yes, she stepped up to Mrs. C.'s ass, and taking aim, brought the paddle down hard on her left cheek.


The sound reverberated around the store. Greg needn't have worried about Sara holding back either, since it was quite evident she put everything into it. The force of the blow was almost enough to topple Mrs. C. Mrs. C. realized that, in order to not lose her balance, she would actually have to push back against the blow. This went against every fiber of her being, which just wanted to get away from the blow, not move towards it.



Sara continued her assault on Mrs. C's ass, alternating the blows to each cheek. In no time at all, both cheeks were completely red.

"Ok, that's enough," Greg finally said, after Sara had landed approximately 5 blows to each cheek. "What about that one, now?" Greg asked pointing to a leather cat-o-nine-tails.

Sara, now out of breath, simply put the paddle down, and quickly picked up the next device. No encouragement was needed from Greg, as she began laying in to Mrs. C.'s already reddened ass.

After another 10 blows from the cat-o-nine-tails, which left multiple red streaks across her ass, Greg again stopped Sara and pointed to the next implement. This one was a thin white cane.

Sara swished the cane through the air several times, before taking careful aim. As the cane made contact across both cheeks simultaneously, it sounded vaguely like the sound a bow makes when an arrow was fired.


A god-awful shriek erupted from Mrs. C., as an angry red welt appeared where the cane had made contact. Tears were flowing freely now as Mrs. C. practically danced on the spot in pain. To her credit, she didn't let go of her ankles, but Greg could see she wouldn't be able to take much more from the cane.

"Just one more with the cane will do, Sara," he instructed.

Without even thinking about it, Sara replied, "yes Sir," and then brought the cane down across Mrs. C's ass once more.

Another THWACK followed by a blood-curdling scream.

"Ok, just one more device I want you to demonstrate for me Sara." Greg pointed to a medium sized leather crop, which appeared to have a good amount of flex in its shaft.

Sara was completely flushed with excitement, and was breathing heavily, as she returned the cane and grabbed the crop. Once again, she swished it through the air several times to get a feel for it before landing a beautiful hit to Mrs. C's left ass cheek. She quickly followed that with another hit to the other ass cheek. As she continued her assault on the ass, Mrs. C. was by now a blubbering mess as she cried and mewled in pain. There also was a very strong smell of sex in the air, and Greg noted, with a grin, that Mrs. C's inner thighs were soaked with her juices.

Here she was, bent over naked in front of a strange girl, not much older than her own daughter, with clamps killing her nipples, and her ass a blistered mass of welts, and yet, she was getting turned on by the abuse and humiliation.

"Sara?" Greg asked, causing her to pause in her strokes, "Hold up for a second please."

"Whore, I want you to reach back with both hands and pull your ass cheeks apart for Sara." When she had done as requested, further humiliating herself in front of this stranger, Greg continued. "Sara, I want you to hit her asshole with that crop, as hard as you can. Are you Ok with that?" he asked.

"Oh, yes Sir," she quickly replied, licking her lips in anticipation. Taking aim, she brought the crop down hard right on the exposed bud.


"Ahhh" Mrs. C. bellowed, knees beginning to buckle from the torment. Again, to her credit, she kept her hands in place holding her cheeks apart. Greg could tell she was close, and just needed a little nudge to push her over the edge.

"Ok Sara, just one more stroke. This time, I want you to do an under-hand swing and hit her right on her clit and pussy lips."

"Yes Sir," she replied. No coercion was needed here.

When Mrs. C. had settled down and stopped moving, Sara took careful aim, and after several practice swings, brought the crop up hard right on Mrs. C's wet pussy lips.


Mrs. C's head snapped up, as her knees quickly buckled under her. All thoughts to keeping her hands on her asscheeks were long forgotten, as she crumpled to the ground, a low keening sound coming from her, with her hands buried deep in her tortured pussy. She began to convulse and shake on the floor, as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

After a minute or two had passed, Mrs. C. had finally settled down, and was now laying motionless on the floor, curled up in the fetal position. Her brow was covered in perspiration, and her cheeks were a mottled color from the exertion of her torment and orgasm. Looking at Sara, I could see she was perspiring, and her cheeks were also flushed with excitement and exertion. Her nipples were hard as rock under her t-shirt as she stared fixedly at Mrs. C.'s naked body at her feet.

Snapping Sara out of her trance, Greg informed her that, "I think I like the crop the best. It's precise but also was easy to cover a large area very quickly. I think we'll take that one."

Nodding her head, she placed the crop down on the counter top beside her. Greg had no doubt now that Sara would likely be game for anything that he had in mind. "There was one other thing I am looking for Sara," he explained. "Mrs. C. likes being fucked in the ass, so I am looking for some butt plugs of varying sizes, which she can wear for periods of time, to help stretch her asshole out for me. Do you have anything like that?" Greg asked, already knowing the answer to the question.

"Yes Sir, we do. Right over here," she points to another display case against the other wall. Walking over she reached in and pulled out several different sizes and held them up for my inspection.

"Her ass is very tight right now, so I think we'll start her out on that one there," pointing to a black one that was about 1 ½" wide at its widest point. "Then we'll probably progress to that black one there," he added pointing to one that was roughly 2" wide. "And then, when she's nicely stretched out or she needs to be punished, we'll go with the big one there," pointing to a big black monster that had to be close to 3" wide.

"Sara, I wonder if you would mind humoring me one more time." Greg asked, knowing full well what the answer was going to be.

"Of course," she replied excitedly, knowing what he was going to ask of her.

"Mrs. C., crawl over here and offer your ass up to Sara," Greg ordered.

Mrs. C. raised herself off the ground, where she'd been laying, and slowly crawled over to Sara. The chain attached to her nipples was just long enough that it dragged slightly on the ground as she moved. Once she was at Sara's feet, she put her head to the floor and, reaching back with both hands, pried her abused ass cheeks apart once more. Her ass was now turning a wonderful mixture of colors, as the welts and bruises darkened in color.

"Sara, why don't you go ahead and take some lubricant from her pussy, and then see if you can get the smallest one in her ass?"

"Yes Sir." Sara quickly knelt behind Mrs. C., and, with her left hand, jammed 2 fingers, knuckle deep, into Mrs. C's soaking wet pussy. A soft moan escaped Mrs. C.'s lips, as Sara worked a 3rd finger in the pussy. After fucking Mrs. C's pussy with her fingers for several seconds, she withdrew her now glistening fingers and began to lather the butt plug with the juices. Sara repeated this process several more times, until the plug was covered in pussy juices.

She then placed the tip of the plug at Mrs. C.'s asshole, and began to gently push it in. When Sara began to encounter resistance, she slowly pulled the plug out a little bit, and then pushed it back in again, with a little more force. She continued this slow fucking motion, entranced with the sight of Mrs. C's anal bud stretching and contracting around the butt plug, as she forced more and more of it into her. When the fattest part finally slipped into her, Sara reluctantly released her hold on the plug and stood up.

"Sit up, Whore," Greg ordered. At that, Mrs. C. raised her head off the ground and knelt at the feet of her new tormentor, nipple clamps still on her engorged nipples and, now, a plug filling her ass as well. "Do you have anything to say to the nice young lady?" he asked.

"Uh, thank you Ma'am..." She replied hesitatingly.


Bringing his right hand down hard across Mrs. C's her left cheek, the slap surprised both her and Sara. With some menace in his voice he growled, "You can do better than that, Whore. Thank you for what?" Greg asked again.

Cringing with fear at being struck again, Mrs. C. replied once more, with a tremor in her voice, "Thank you Ma'am for showing my master how to properly put nipple clamps on his whore."

Greg was stunned. This was the first time she had referred to him as her master. He hadn't expected that early an acknowledgment from her. In fact he had thought that it would be something that he would have to force on her, as he has had to do with this whole situation.

Not noticing Greg's look of surprise, since her head and eyes were now down, Mrs. C. continued. "And thank you for showing my master how to properly use the different tools to punish his whore, and for stretching this whore's ass, with the butt plug," she finished breathlessly, not daring to look up at Greg, for fear that she would disappoint him once more.

Raising her chin up to look at him, Greg gently praised her, "That was much better Mrs. C. Now tell me, do you like having your ass filled with that plug?"

Nodding her head slightly, she replied, "Yes Sir."

"Very good. Now tell me, Mrs. C, do you think Sara should be rewarded for being such a big helper?"

A very quiet "Yes Sir."

Turning to Sara, Greg informed her, "You've been such a wonderful help to both myself and my Whore. I'd like to pay you back for your kindness."

She began to reply, "oh no, that's not necessary. I..."

"No really, I do insist. You can do whatever you want to her as your reward."

"Anything?" she asks.

"Anything," Greg replied.

"Well, I've always wanted to try...but I've never had the opportunity to...you know," Sara mumbled in an embarrassed voice, "to...fuck a girl with a strap-on," she finally finished.

Beaming a big smile at her, Greg replied, "I think that's a wonderful idea." Stroking Mrs. C's hair, he asked, "Would you like to fuck her in the pussy or her nice tight ass?"

"Oh, I'd like to fuck her ass, if I could," she quickly replied.

"You most certainly can, Sara. Mrs. C. here would love it, wouldn't you, Whore?"

"Yes Sir."

Walking to another wall display, Sara took down a black leather harness and, reaching into a display case to her left, pulled out a pink dildo that was about 7 inches long and about an 1 ½" wide. Holding it up, she asked me, "Is this ok, Sir?"

"That'll do just fine, Sara," Greg replied as she walked back over to stand in front of the kneeling Mrs. C. "Now before you begin, Sara, I want you to take your clothes off please."

After placing the harness and dildo on the counter beside her, and blushing a deep shade of red, Sara pulled off her t-shirt and unclasped her bra, revealing a very pretty little set of titties, with very hard nipples and dark areolas. When she appeared to be hesitant to go any further, as she stood there half-naked attempting to cover her breasts with one arm, Greg gently coaxed her on. "Now the pants and panties, Sara."

With a nervous smile, she hooked her thumbs in the elastic band of her stretch pants and pulled them down her legs, revealing a pretty pink thong, covering a small tuft of light colored hair above her slit. Once she had stepped out of her pants, she repeated the process for her panties.

When she finally stood naked in front of them, Greg couldn't help but admire her body. Though she wasn't as shapely as Mrs. C, her body had just enough curves to be sexy, and was tight in all the right places. It was evident she kept herself in good shape. "Wow, you are stunningly sexy Sara," Greg complimented her.

Blushing an even deeper red, she replied "thank you Sir."

"Now go ahead and get in that harness there." As she busied herself with the harness and dildo, Greg asked "what position would you like to fuck the Whore in?"

"I'd really like to have her on her back with her knees up beside her head, so that I can look into her eyes as I fuck her ass," she replied without any hesitation. Obviously this wasn't the first time she had thought about this.

"You heard her, Whore. On your back. Grab your legs. That's it, now raise that ass up." Once she was in position, she had an arm wrapped behind each knee, holding them as close to the sides of her head as she could. This raised her ass off the ground, and spread her pussy and ass quite nicely for them.

Sara then knelt before Mrs. C.'s offered ass and began working several fingers into her still moist pussy. When they were covered in juices, she applied them to her rubber cock. It was sort of surreal watching this pretty girl stroking her own cock. She repeated this procedure several more times, until her cock glistened. She then reached down and slowly pulled out the butt plug, marveling at how the sphincter stretched to accommodate the fattest part of the plug, and then watched the muscle immediately tighten up as the plug was removed. Once the plug was out of the way, Sara scooted forward again until her cock was poised at Mrs. C.'s asshole. Then, nudging the head in, she began to slowly work its length into Mrs. C.

Mrs. C. began to grunt and bite her lower lip in concentration, as more and more of the rubber cock made its way into her ass. This was the second time today that she had had a cock in her ass. When Sara had the full length of her cock buried in Mrs. C., she began to slowly fuck it in and out of her. Soon the strokes began to pick up in speed, and were now making a distinct slapping sound each time she bottomed out in her ass. Sara was staring intently at Mrs. C.'s face as she continued her assault on her ass. Sara was enjoying the sensations as well as each time she bottomed out in Mrs. C's asshole, the rubber cock would rub against her exposed clit sending waves of pleasurable sensations throughout her body.

Surprising everyone, Sara suddenly asked, "Please Sir, will you spank my ass with the crop, while I fuck your Whore? I've been a bad girl and need to be punished as well," she added meekly.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity, Greg quickly replied, "Of course."

With that, he took up the crop Sara had discarded earlier, and began laying into Sara's ass. He started off with light strokes, but as her ass reddened, Greg began to increase the strength of the blows. Soon Sara was grunting with each blow and was hammering her cock in and out of Mrs. C.'s ass as hard as she could.

"Yes, beat my ass Sir. I've been a very bad girl. Spank my ass as I fuck your Whore." She began to rant these phrases over and over, as she picked up the pace of her thrusts. Soon Mrs. C. was grunting right along with Sara and it was obvious she was close to cumming again.

"You have been a bad little girl, Sara," Greg admonished her, as he continued beating her ass, "and now you're going to make the Whore cum again," he pointed out.

"Yeah? Are you going to cum for me, you dirty little Whore?" And with that Sara grabbed hold of the chain connecting the two nipple clamps and began tugging hard on them while she continued to hammer away at Mrs. C's abused ass.

What a sight this was. Greg had never imagined, even in his wildest dreams, that something like this could have happened today. Yet here was this pretty little blonde thing, kneeling naked before him, wearing a large rubber cock, fucking the shit out of Mrs. C's asshole and torturing her nipples, all the while begging him to beat her ass with a crop. Greg was in heaven and didn't want it to end.