Sybian Training - 2

"Struggling just sets it off," Mr. Henderson said with a smirk. "Saying different combinations of words with Mr. Sybian or Mr. Henderson also makes it do interesting things. Maybe you should try them out. You'll have plenty of time over the next thirty days of training.

I looked at him in horror. He was a monster! All men were monsters! I prayed to God, pleading with him to grant women their rights back again. But, I realized I couldn't count on God, because he was a man. He had to be. Why else could this have happened to me? Oh God, yes! Fuck it felt so good. I began to say a different prayer. Oh God, fuck me! Oh God, please let me cum. I heard myself squeal.

What was it that Mark had said. Saying different combinations of words along with Mr. Sybian would make the trainer do different things.

"Oh God, Mr. Sybian," I groaned. The saddle slid open in the middle and then closed back around my clit. "Oh yeah, that's it baby. Do my clit! Oh Please, Mr. Henderson."

My clit was vibrated between the panels that it was secured between and I was instantly cumming. My hips bucked. I rode Mr. Sybian like a horse. "Fuck-fuck- fuck-I'm cumming Mr. Sybian. Oh fuck . . ."

I was vaguely aware that Mr. Henderson was pushing me back into the office. He said something or other about serving as an example to the other girls. I could have cared less, I was in heaven, but looking around, I saw the horrified expressions of some of the other secretaries and female staff members. A few looked at me smugly, with a superior look in their eyes. While most looked scared, frightened, with a hot flush to their cheeks . . . wondering what they would look like when they were being trained by Mr. Sybian.

But it was so hard to think about anything when your pussy is on fire with pleasure. "Oh dear God, I'm yours Mr. Henderson. My ass, my pussy, my mouth. Oh fuck baby, fuck me any way you want Mr. Sybian. Oh-oh - aiiee!" I cried. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me harder." By now the dildo was a piston driving through my cunt. And I, I was nothing but my cunt. A quivering wet hole. "Harder Mr.-Sybian-Harder. Oh God, gonna cum. No, oh no, what are you doing?"

The cock in my pussy was withdrawing. I tried to squeeze tighter so that it wouldn't go, but it was withdrawing despite my best efforts. And then, and then I felt something totally unexpected. A probing . . . a pushing against my other hole.

"No . . . oh God, no not there. No please, I've never done it like that before," I protested. But still it pushed. How do you argue with a machine? It hurt as it entered me and it filled me completely. Stretched as I was I couldn't help but to think of Mr. Henderson's monstrous phallus. How would it feel? How would it feel in my pussy? How would it feel in my ass? I lifted off the seat as far I could to escape this new humiliation. "Please Mr. Sybian, I'm a - I'm a virgin there."

Somehow it must have heard and thankfully it stopped. I looked around and every eye was plastered on me as if they were drinking me in. I had never been so humiliated in all my life, but at least it was partially over. At least they weren't going to watch while I was anally sodomized.

I heard a buzzing below and looked down to see as the little vibrating horn began to move. I was curious. What was it doing? I watched as it began to rise, bringing itself level with my clit. It touched me, sending vibrations to every molecule of my clit. Oh God, it was going to make me cum. My ass clenched at the dildo buried just inside the ring of my grommet.

The sensations grew. Fuck, it was going to make me cum. But then to my disappointment, it withdrew from my sex and began to lower until it was just out of reach. However, it was still down there, still buzzing . . . beckoning me. And then . . . oh God, how I hate to admit it, but the bonds released. I was free!

And yet . . . and yet . . . I was still horny-so horny. No, oh God no - please don't. Don't make me do it. Oh God, you bastard, you're going to make me do it to myself, aren't you? I realized that people were listening, and I burned with humiliation. I prayed for the strength to resist, but my body was already betraying me. I pushed down, grunting as I impaled myself on the cock in my ass.

Up and down it led me. Faster and faster. I was doing it. I was fucking myself. Fucking myself in the ass while everyone in the office looked on. No one made the effort to appear not to stare. The secretaries' eyes were filled with fear, the male executives with hungry desire.

But, I could no longer concentrate on them. My mind - my soul - my cunt only had room for on person and that was Mr. Sybian. Just as I was getting into a good rhythm, the cock in my ass withdrew and larger one that had thick ridges rose up about five inches away.

I tried to lower my sex on it, but it withdrew. When I rose up, it did as well. It only stayed up when I shifted my hips and lined the head up with my ass. This one almost too my breath away as I fucked myself on it. My ass alternately stretched and clenched on every large ridge. I was grunting and sweating like a pig, but I didn't care. I was getting into a rhythm again. Up and down I bounced. Bucking - fucking - harder - faster. I was so close. So close to coming. "Come on baby. . . please Mr. Sybian. I'm doing it. I'm doing what you wanted. I'm fucking myself. Fucking myself in the ass. Oh please. Please - I'm desperate . . .just hold still - just for a second. Oh I'm so close. Oh please oh please - I- I-I need it. . . Oh oh - oh here it comes. Oh Fuck ohfuck." And then I was doing it. I was coming again. The rings closed around my thighs and ankles and I realized I was trapped again.

As my orgasm faded, my feeling of humiliation and debasement swelled. Oh God, what had I done? That wasn't me. It couldn't be. I was naked and alone in an office full of penetrating stares. I only had one way to escape my shame, even though I knew my respite would be temporary.

"Please Mr. Sybian," I whispered, stroking the musky wet leather saddle, and bringing the trainer back to life. "I need it. I need it again. I'll be a - I'll be a good girl. I'll be a good secretary. I'll be the best secretary ever."

The End