Jenny - 5

"I'm sure I know some girls who would just love to have your brother's tongue stuck up their pussies," Shauna laughed.

"Let's see what we can do," Jenny laughed. "Now we better get dressed before my mom gets home."

That night as Jenny rode John's cock after she had come to his room, she explained to him her idea. John laughed as his sister's pussy slid up and down on his cock, enveloping him in a velvet glove. Again Jenny jumped off his cock as he began to cum, sucking it into her mouth and letting him cum in her throat.

The next day after school Jenny told John that she had four girls who were willing to pay $20 each to have their pussies sucked. They agreed on the next afternoon and John had a hard time sleeping that night thinking about it.

The next afternoon John was in his room waiting when he heard the noise of Jenny arriving with her friends. Looking into the hole, John saw Jenny and Shauna, plus two other black girls and two white girls that he recognized as friends of Jenny's. As he watched they slowly began to undress, then they all sat on the edge of the bed. He watched Jenny talking to them for a minute, then she left the room and he heard her open his door.

Following her down to her room, John let Jenny lead him into her room, over to the bed where the four girls were sitting naked. Stopping in front of the first girl, a slightly overweight black girl, John dropped to his knees and pushed her back onto the bed. Pushing her knees apart and up, John lowered his face into her pussy without any preparation, driving his tongue right into her hole. She screamed a short scream as she felt his tongue invade her pussy, then just wriggled on the bed as John sucked her pussy. It didn't take long before John had her shaking with an orgasm, her juices flowing as he continued to suck her pussy.

When she had finished cumming, John moved to the next girl and pushed her back on the bed, diving into her pussy while the other girls just watched with their mouths hanging open. One after another John sucked their pussies, tasting the different pussies and satisfying himself as much as he was satisfying them.

When he had finished with the last of them, John got to his feet, his face smeared with pussy juices. Jenny stood next to him, looking down at the four girls sprawled on her bed, their pussies fresh eaten.

"And if you want, you can try this," Jenny said, fishing his cock out of his shorts, holding it in her hand. "Show them, Shauna," Jenny said, smiling at Shauna.

With a soft laugh Shauna sank to her knees and sucked John's cock into her mouth, feeling how he was ready to explode from the excitement of sucking the other pussies. One by one the girls sat up and leaned close, watching as Shauna sucked John's cock. When she felt him begin to cum, she held his cock on the end of her tongue, letting him shoot his cum into her mouth, but at the same time giving a real good look to the other girls. Each of them sat there with their mouth open, shocked as they watched John's cock spurting cum into Shauna's open mouth. When he had finished cumming, Shauna gulped his cum down, then sucked his cock back into her mouth, sucking the last of the cum from it before relinquishing it and standing up, licking her lips.

"So, if any of you want to suck John's cock, just let me know," Jenny said with a smile. "But we better get dressed real quick. Our mom's going to be home any minute now."

As they hurried to dress, John went back to his room, totally satisfied. He had gotten to suck four new pussies and Shauna had sucked his cock again. Plus they had made another $80. It was really adding up, he thought.

The next several weeks until the end of school were like this. John would bring home boys to suck her pussy and Jenny would bring home girls for John to suck their pussies and then they would suck his cock. It was getting so that they had no energy left for each other. They found themselves looking forward to going away with their parents for the summer just so that they could rest and take a break. They had several thousand dollars already, so the money wasn't quite as important anymore.

Finally the morning arrived to leave for summer vacation with their parents. John and Jenny were really excited as they all piled into the car for the six-hour drive up into the mountains to the camp. It was mid-afternoon when they finally arrived and were ensconced in the cabin which they would be staying in during their stay. Explaining that their friends Fred and Sheila always shared a cabin with them, John and Jenny were told that they would have to share one of the three rooms. Barely concealing their joy, John and Jenny said they didn't mind and hauled thier bags into the room and unpacked while Jean and Jack unpacked their bags in the far room, leaving the middle room for Fred and Sheila.

A couple of hours later Fred and Sheila arrived and there were many hugs and kisses between them and Jean and Jack as they unloaded their bags and hauled them into the cabin where they met John and Jenny.

"They sure are turning into beautiful children," Sheila said after she met them. "You're real lucky, Jean."

"I agree," Jean said. "We don't have any of the problems you hear a lot of parents have."

They all went together to the central mess hall where they met all of the other campers who had arrived for their one month stay in the mountains. John and Jenny were glad to see that there were some other kids their age that they would be able to socialize with. When the meeting finally ended after explaining the schedule to everyone, the evening meal was brought out, buffet style, and everyone sat down to eat. After dinner John and Jenny went to explore the camp while Jean and Jack went with Fred and Sheila to visit some of their other friends.

When they got back to the cabin an hour or so later, Jean and Jack were sitting with Fred and Sheila having drinks and talking. Finally it was late and everyone went to their rooms to get some sleep for the next day. When they got into their room and the door was closed, John turned to Jenny with a big grin.

"I can't believe they put us in the same room," he said. "It couldn't be any better."

"I agree," Jenny said, stripping her clothes off. "We'll have to be quiet though, or they might hear us."

"I can't wait to suck your pussy," John said with a laugh, pulling his shirt off and throwing it across the room where it struck a small mirror on the wall, knocking it off.

With a laugh he went over and picked it up to replace it on the wall. As he put it on the wall, he saw that the mirror covered a hole in the wall almost the size of the mirror, and that there was another mirror on the other side of the hole. Puzzled, John looked into the other mirror and was startled to see that he was looking into the room where Fred and Sheila were. Turning to Jenny, he motioned her to come over, his finger on his lips to indicate that she should be quiet.

Jenny came over and stood next to John and looked into the mirror on the other side of the hole. She gasped as she realized that she could see Fred and Sheila and that they were undressing in their room, oblivious to the fact that they were being watched. Turning to look at John, Jenny burst out giggling.

"This is just too much," she said. "Do you think Mom and Dad know about this?"

"Not a chance," John said. "They'd never have brought us if they did. Hey, look, Sheila's not bad looking, is she?'

Looking back into the other room, Jenny saw that Sheila was completely naked now and that she had big tits that covered her chest. She could see a dark thatch of hair between her legs as she sat on the bed facing the wall with the mirror. Then she saw that Fred had stripped naked and that his cock was hanging in front of him, half way to his knees. Jenny gasped as she saw the size of it. Then she sucked in her breath as Sheila reached out and grabbed Fred by his cock, pulling him closer to her as she sat on the edge of the bed.

As they watched, she caressed and massaged his cock, kissing it and licking it with her tongue. As it began to grow, she opened her mouth and sucked it in, almost the entire length disappearing into her mouth as she began to suck his cock. Jenny was rubbing herself between her legs as she watched Sheila sucking Fred's cock. John had stepped out of his shorts and was gently stroking his cock as he watched the show in the other room.

Suddenly the door to the other room opened and John and Jenny were surprised to see their mother open the door and let herself in, closing the door behind her. She was wearing only a nightgown and seemed unsurprised to find Sheila sucking Fred's cock. In fact, Sheila only looked up from Fred's cock for a moment to smile at Jean as she came into the room before she went back to sucking on it some more.

Jenny turned and looked at John in surprise and saw that he too was dumbstruck by this turn of events. Then returning her attention to the other room, Jenny saw that her mother had gone and sat on the bed right next to Sheila while she continued to suck Fred's cock. She sucked on his cock for a few more minutes before stopping, then lay back on the bed with her feet drawn up and apart.

Jenny was puzzled that her mother just sat there talking to them while they carried on. Fred had dropped to his knees and had lowered his face into Sheila's pussy, tonguing and sucking on her. While Jenny watched her mother lean closer to watch, she saw Fred slide one hand up her mother's thigh under the nightgown. She was shocked when her mother did nothing more than open her legs a bit to make it easier for Fred to get his hand into her pussy.

Then Jenny saw Jean lay back on the bed, her knees up and apart like Sheila's as Fred continued to play in her pussy with his hand while he sucked Sheila's pussy. They watched as Jean pulled her nightgown up and over her body, throwing it aside and laying there naked next to Sheila while Fred sucked her pussy and played with hers at the same time.

Then Fred lifted his face from Sheila's pussy and lowered it into Jean's. They could see his tongue snaking into her pussy and they both watched in astonishment as their mother had her pussy sucked by a strange man. Just at this time the door to the room opened again and they saw their father come into the room, naked, his cock standing out in front of him. Jenny and John just stared at each other in amazement and then turned to see their father walk up to the bed and just slide his cock into Sheila's pussy, not stopping until it had totally disappeared. Slowly he began to slide his cock in and out of her pussy, fucking her while her legs wrapped around his waist. Next to them Fred continued to suck Jean's pussy while Jack fucked Sheila. Then Fred got to his feet and plunged his cock into Jean's pussy, impaling her with his cock. Then the two of them were fucking in rhythm, sliding their cocks in and out of the two pussies.

John and Jenny watched in amazement as this orgy played itself out in front of them, their parents in a four-way with these two strangers. Then both Jack and Fred began to cum, shooting thier cum up into the pussies, emptying their balls until there was no more. They watched as their gooey cocks slipped from the pussies, dripping combined cum. Fred slid up onto the bed, hanging his cock in front of Jean's face. They watched as their mother opened her mouth and sucked Fred's gooey cock into her mouth, slurping all the juices from it before stopping. Then they saw their father do the same to Sheila, his cock disappearing into her mouth as she sucked the combined goo from it.

They were further amazed when Sheila rolled over and planted her face in Jean's pussy, at the same time planting her pussy on Jean's face. The watched as their mother and Sheila sucked each other's pussies, slurping the cum from each other until there was no more. Then Sheila rolled off of Jean and they could see a big, cum-smeared smile on her face.

Jenny grabbed John by the cock and pulled him down on the floor on top of her, guiding his cock directly into her throbbing pussy. Quickly John began to stroke his cock in and out of his sister's pussy, plunging it deep into her as he fucked her. Jenny kept her feet planted firmly on the floor, thrusting up at him with each plunge. When Jenny felt John tensing to cum, she wrapped her legs around his back and held him inside of her, feeling his cock swell and then explode, cum shooting deep into her pussy for the first time. She loved the feeling of his cock pulsating inside of her pussy and could feel the spurts of cum splashing against her deep inside. When John finished cumming, Jenny slid down beneath him until she had captured his cock in her mouth, sucking it and drinking all the combined goo from it before she stopped.

"God, John," Jenny said, still licking his cock, "this is just incredible."

"Yeah, I can't believe it either," he said, watching as his sister continued to lick his cock.

"Mom and Dad are amazing," she said. "And Dad's cock is just beautiful."

"They sure are amazing," John agreed. "But I just loved Mom's bald pussy. It looks so sexy."

"Fred and Sheila are pretty neat too, aren't they?" Sheila asked, squirming out from under John and sitting up.

"I'd just love to try her out," John agreed.

"Fred has the biggest cock I've ever seen," Jenny said. "I wonder if it would fit in me?"

"You could fit an army of cocks in your pussy if you wanted to," John said with a laugh.

"One day I will, too, you'll see," Jenny said, laughing with him.

The rest of the night was magic for John and Jenny. Four or five times during the night they fucked each other, delighting in the freedom they had to indulge. In the morning they heard some noise from the room next to theirs, so jumping quickly out of bed, they took the mirror down and looked into the other room. They were pleased to see that Fred and Sheila were locked in a sixty-nine, sucking each other like crazy. Jenny was amazed at Sheila's ability to take all of Fred's huge cock into her mouth, letting it completely fuck her mouth and throat.

Jenny got so hot watching them that she pulled John down on the floor into a sixty-nine with her. Jenny got so hot sucking John's cock that she began to cum almost immediately when John fastened onto her clit and began to chew on it. As she bucked against his face, she was rewarded by his cock spewing cum into her mouth. When they heard more stirring about in the cabin, they jumped up and quickly got dressed, pulling on bathrobes and going out into the main room of the cabin where they joined their parents and Fred in line to wait for the shower.

"Did you two sleep okay?" Jack asked, smiling at them.

"Like a rock, Dad," John said. "The best sleep I've had in a long time."

"Well, we always thought being in the mountains made sleeping better," he replied, smiling at Jean and Fred.

"I feel just great," Jenny said, stretching her arms above her head. "I can't tell you how glad I am that you brought us with you."

The next hour or so was spent taking showers. John and Jenny watched everyone very carefully to see if they gave away anything about last night. Finally they were all ready and they went to the mess hall for breakfast. Jack and Jean encouraged John and Jenny to explore on their own and to meet the other young people that were there. The rest of the day seemed to go so quickly to John and Jenny as they walked all around the area, smelling the trees and fresh air. They met many of the other young people, several of whom they liked. They had lunch with some of the other young people, seeing their parents eating with a group of people their own age.

In talking to the other young people that they met, John and Jenny learned that none of them had ever been to the camp before, that their parents had always gone alone. They also learned that the camp had never allowed children and that this was the first year they were allowed.

John was curious to know if only their cabin had the one-way mirrors in the bedroom. He had already checked his parents' room when they were away and found an exact duplicate of their room, mirror and all. In checking Fred and Sheila's room, John found that the mirrors in their room were also removable, allowing for anyone to view into the other rooms.

Getting friendly with two sisters named Emily and Sarah, John and Jenny found themselves back at their cabin at one point. Taking advantage of the opportunity, John found that indeed this cabin was an exact duplicate of theirs, mirrors and all. It seemed that all the cabins were three bedrooms. Apparently in the past there were couples in each of the bedrooms, but this year the people who brought their children with them used a bedroom for the children.

That evening there was supposed to be a special program for all the children that had accompanied their parents. John and Jenny had already noticed and found out that the minimum age for children was 18, so everyone was of approximately the same age. When the program started, John excused himself, ostensibly to go to the bathroom, and went instead to the nearest cabin to theirs in which he saw lights on. Listening carefully at the door to the cabin, John turned the handle and let himself in when he decided that there were no voices in the common room of the cabin.

Seeing lights on under the door to one of the bedrooms, John quickly and silently let himself into the adjoining bedroom to the lighted one, breathing a sigh of relief when he found nobody there. Quickly moving to the mirror on the wall, John removed it and looked into the adjoining room. He was delighted to see four adults in the room, all naked, one of the women on her hands and knees, a cock pounding her from behind and another fucking her face, the other woman laying on her back on the bed, her knees up and apart, her hands busy in her pussy.

John pulled his cock out and began to masturbate as he watched the show through the mirror. The woman getting fucked by the two men was really enjoying herself, thrusting herself back and forth as she took both cocks at once. John's cock began to spurt cum all over the wall as he watched the man fucking her mouth begin to cum, pressing himself right up against her face, his cock completely buried in her throat. John could see his cock pulsating in her throat as he shot his wad. She was still sucking and slurping on his cock when he pulled it from her mouth. She immediately fell between the other woman's legs, driving her face into her pussy while the other man continued to pound her pussy from behind. Finally he too began to cum, filling her pussy as his balls emptied. When he had finished cumming, his cock sliding from her pussy, she crossed her knee over the other woman's head, lowering her cum-filled pussy onto her mouth, feeling her tongue slide immediately up into her pussy, sucking and slurping at the cum which filled her.

John watched for a couple more minutes before silently letting himself out of the cabin, elated at his luck and a plan hatching in his head. When he rejoined Jenny he told her that he had an idea that would made their month at the camp even more unbelievable than she could have possibly imagined. Unable to sit still, John dragged Jenny from the program, which she really hadn't been too interested in anyway, and explained to her what he had just done.

Jenny was completely shocked that John had just gone into someone else's cabin, but she too was elated when he told her what he had seen there. John explained to her that only some of the people had brought children with them, that when there was a program for the children, like there seemed to be scheduled every evening, that they could sneak away and go into the different cabins and watch the show. Jenny almost choked when he explained his idea, then her eyes widened when he further suggested that they get the other kids involved too. Just think of the fun we could have, John said.