Jenny - 6

Going back to their cabin, they quietly let themselves in, noticing a light under the door to Fred and Sheila's room. Slipping into their room removing the mirror, they saw that they were all four there again. This time Sheila was on her hands and knees, Jack's cock in her pussy from underneath, while Fred's cock was buried in her ass. Jean was laying on her back and Sheila was sucking her pussy while the two guys fucked her in the pussy and the ass at the same time.

Jenny was shocked when she saw Fred's cock sticking out of Sheila's ass. She had never entertained the idea of having a cock there. She could feel John's hands on her pussy and tits as they watched. She was getting really horny when Fred and Jack both began to cum, filling Sheila's ass and pussy with cum while she continued to suck Jean's pussy. When they finished cumming and their cocks had fallen out of Sheila, she rolled over onto her back, pulling her knees up until they rested on the bed next to her head, her cum-filled pussy and ass sticking up in the air.

As they watched in astonishment, their mother got to her knees and began to feast on Sheila's upturned ass and pussy, sucking them both and running her tongue in and out as she sucked the cum from her. Meanwhile, Sheila was sucking both Fred's cock and Jack's at the same time as they dangled them in her face. Jenny was so inflamed by this that she pulled John down on the floor, extricated his cock from his shorts and impaled herself on him. John loved the feel of his sister's pussy clasping his cock as she began to ride up and down in a fury, fucking him as hard as she could.

This time when John was about to cum Jenny did not get off his cock. Instead, she ground her hips into him, using the muscles of her pussy to milk his cock as his balls emptied into her pussy. When he had finished cumming, Jenny scooted up his body until she had planted her cum-filled pussy on his mouth. At first John did nothing, then Jenny felt his tongue begin its familiar journey through her pussy as he began to suck her. Jenny writhed on his face as he sucked her pussy, chewing on her clit and causing her to spasm uncontrollably. Then Jenny began to cum, flooding his mouth with her juices and his own as they ran unconstrained from her pussy. John eagerly slurped at her juices, drinking her up as she came.

"Jesus, Jenny," John exclaimed when he had finished sucking her pussy. "Now I see where you get your urges from. You and Mom are a lot alike."

"Well, I think that's just fine," Jenny said. "At least we both understand pleasure."

"I've got to go to the bathroom," John said, getting to his feet.

Quickly slipping out of the room naked, John went to the bathroom. He had just finished peeing when the door suddenly opened and Sheila walked in, completely naked, shutting the door behind her before she realized that John was standing there with his cock in his hand.

"Oh!" Sheila started, shocked at seeing John.

"Don't you believe in knocking?" John asked, staring at her, his cock still in his hand.

"I'm sorry," Sheila blushed. "The light wasn't on and I didn't think anyone was in here."

"So I see," John said, staring at her closely. "Well?"

"Well, I need to pee," Sheila said.

"Go ahead," John said, stepping back from the toilet.

"Aren't you going to leave?" Sheila asked, flustered.

"No, I think I'll watch you like you got to see me," John said matter-of-factly, leaning back against the wall and continuing to hold his cock in his hand, gently massaging it.

Quickly moving by him, Sheila sat on the toilet. John could see her nipples getting harder and harder as the sound of her peeing filled the bathroom. When she finished, she took a piece of toilet paper and reached between her legs, drying herself.

"Are you happy now?" she asked, standing up and staring at him, his cock now semi- hard.

"Sure," John said. "But there's something I'd like to show you."

"Maybe I should get some clothes on, don't you think?" Sheila asked. "And you too."

"It'll only take a minute," John said. "It's in our room."

"Well, be quick, then," Sheila decided.

Turning and opening the bathroom door, John stepped out and into the room he shared with Jenny, Sheila right behind him. He loved the look on Jenny's face when she saw Sheila naked come into the room behind him. She had been lying on the bed, her fingers busy in her pussy when they came in and she quickly sat up, staring at them.

"We met in the bathroom," John explained. "I wanted to show her something real quick."

"Sure," Jenny said, staring at Sheila as she looked at her in surprise.

Moving over to the wall where the mirror was, John turned and beckoned to Sheila.

"It's over here," he said. "Come look."

Hesitatingly, Sheila stepped over to where John stood by the wall. Suddenly he reached up and took down the mirror, then turned to Sheila and told her to look through the hole in the wall. Blushing, knowing what she was about to see, Sheila stepped up to the wall and looked in. What she saw was Jean sucking Jack's cock while Fred banged into her from behind. She watched for a minute before turning to look at John, who was smiling at her, his cock now hard in front of him.

"So you've been watching us," Sheila said. "What about it?"

"Oh, nothing," John said. "I just thought you'd be a little more excited knowing that you had an audience."

"We'll just use your parents' room from now on," Sheila said.

"Then I'd have to tell them about how you came on to me in the bathroom and then showed me this mirror to look through," John said.

Sheila's mouth just dropped open when she heard John's threat. Looking over at Jenny, she could see that she was equally shocked by what John had just said.

"What's your point, John?" Sheila asked.

"I'd like to play, too," John replied, reaching out and caressing Sheila's tits, pinching her nipples.

"Would you now?" Sheila said. "And what makes you think you're ready to play at 18 years of age?"

"This," John said, reaching out and grasping her by the hand and wrapping it around his cock.

"You are big for your age," Sheila said, not relinquishing her grip on his cock even though he had let her hand go.

"Suck it for me," John said.

"But your sister," Sheila said, looking at Jenny.

"She can watch and then you can suck her too," John said. "I'd think you'd like that."

Gently pushing Sheila backwards until she came up against the bed, John gave her one more shove and she was sitting on the bed, his cock pointed at her face. While Jenny moved close to watch, Sheila leaned forward, opening her mouth, and engulfed his cock, sucking it right down into her throat. John groaned as Sheila's experienced mouth began to work his cock. It was just too much for him and all too soon he began to cum, pumping his cum into her mouth as she gulped, swallowing him.

"Is that what you had in mind?" Sheila asked, licking the head of his cock one more time before letting it go.

"Just perfect," John said, looking down at her. "Now lay back," he said, pushing her shoulders.

Jenny helped pull Sheila backwards and then quickly straddled her face, rubbing her pussy on her mouth as Sheila began to suck her. Meanwhile, John had dropped to his knees and pushed Sheila's legs apart. He pushed her knees up, spreading open her pussy, and slid his tongue into her hole. He could feel her pushing up into his face as he began to suck her pussy. This was a lot different than sucking Jenny's pussy or the pussies of her friends. This was a full grown woman with kids. John buried his face in Sheila's pussy, sucking and slurping as he ate her. Then he fastened his teeth on her clit, gently chewing on it and sucking on it. He was rewarded with an explosion of juices gushing from Sheila's pussy as she came, and John slurped and drank like a crazed person, gluing his mouth to her hole and running his tongue up into her. Out of the edge of his awareness he could hear Jenny groaning as she came. Then there was just quiet as they rested, each of them spent.

Sheila struggled to her feet, her face flushed.

"I've got to get back over there," she said.

"Please visit us again," John said, smiling at her.

"Bring Fred with you," Jenny said, "but don't tell Mom and Dad."

"No, I don't think I will," Sheila laughed. "Not yet at least."

John and Jenny watched at the mirror as Sheila entered the other room, immediately diving into Jean's pussy and slurping at the cum which was dribbling onto the bed. It was only a couple of minutes, but Sheila had Jack's cock shoved into her from behind while she was sucking Jean's pussy. John and Jenny watched until everyone came again, then put the mirror back up and jumped into bed in a sixty-nine, slowly sucking on each other.

In the other room Jean and Jack were getting to their feet to return to their own room. After they had gone and Sheila had heard the door to their room close, she moved to the mirror on the wall to the kids' room and removed it, looking in. When she saw that John and Jenny were locked in a sixty-nine on the bed, Jenny on top of John sucking his cock while John had his face buried in her pussy, she beckoned to Fred to come look.

Looking into the hole Fred was startled to see John and Jenny sucking each other. He didn't really know them that well, but he knew that they were the children of Jean and Jack and that they definitely had no idea that they were up to things like this. He smiled as he watched Jenny sucking John's cock, her pretty little mouth stretching wide as she slid down his cock, sucking it deep into her throat.

Then Sheila began to tell him what had happened to her when she went to the bathroom. Fred listened in shocked silence, not taking his eyes from the scene in the other room, his cock getting hard, as Sheila described her experience with them. When she told him that Jenny had suggested that she bring Fred with her to visit, then he turned and looked at her.

"Well, what are we waiting for then?" he asked.

"You mean we should go now?" Sheila asked.

"Why not?" Fred questioned. "I'd love some of that."

"Well, okay then," Sheila said, smiling. "John's cock was very tasty. I'd like to see if he can use it as well."

Quietly they left their room, moving silently to the door to John and Jenny's room. Sheila gently turned the handle and opened the door, slipping in with Fred right behind her. Shutting the door, she could see that they were so engrossed in sucking one another that they hadn't noticed them. She felt Fred move past her to stand at the end of the bed where Jenny was sucking John's cock, his own cock dangling down near her head. When Jenny noticed him she looked up, startled, then surprised as she saw his cock dangling in front of her face. Reaching out with one hand to grab it, Jenny opened her mouth to let it slide in as Fred stepped forward.

John just had time to start to sit up to see what was going on before Sheila's leg swung over his head and her pussy came down on his face as she engulfed his cock in her mouth. John sucked on Sheila's pussy for only a couple of minutes before she climbed off his face and turned around, sitting on his cock and beginning to ride him. Reaching up and squeezing Sheila's tits and pulling and twisting on her nipples while she fucked him, John could see Fred sliding his cock in and out of Jenny's mouth, fucking her face. Then Fred pulled his cock from Jenny's mouth and spun her around so that her ass and pussy were pointing at him. Jenny was leaning on her elbows right next to John, their faces almost touching.

As John watched, Fred approached Jenny's pussy with his cock, slowly pushing it into her. John could see Jenny's eyes widen as she felt Fred's cock filling her pussy, pushing all the way in. He watched her eyes glaze and her mouth drop open as Fred began to fuck her, plunging his cock in and out of her pussy. While Sheila continued to ride his cock, John saw her reach over and slide her hand around Fred's cock while it continued to slide in and out of Jenny's pussy. He could see Sheila's hand rubbing in Jenny's pussy while Fred fucked her.

Then Jenny's eyes rolled up into her head and she began to cum, gasping as Fred's cock continued to plunge in and out of her pussy. The look on Jenny's face and Sheila's gymnastics on his cock triggered John's orgasm and he began to cum, spurting up into Sheila's pussy as she continued to ride him. Then he heard Fred groan and saw him slam his cock into Jenny's pussy as far as it would go as he began to cum, filling her pussy.

When he had finished cumming, Fred again spun Jenny around and stuck his gooey cock in her face. Jenny eagerly opened her mouth and sucked it in, slurping all of their combined cum from it. At the same time Sheila crawled up John's body and planted her cum-filled pussy on his face, rubbing it against him. John responded by gluing his mouth to her pussy and sucking, slurping all of the cum from her, including his that he had just left there.

When Fred and Sheila were through getting sucked clean, they both got to their feet, smiling at John and Jenny.

"That was very nice," Fred said. "Thank you for inviting me."

"Oh, I liked it too," Jenny said, staring at him. "You won't tell our parents, will you?"

"No, I don't think we'll tell your parents, not yet anyway," Sheila laughed. "But maybe later it wouldn't hurt if they found out. You have a very nice cock, John. You're a lot like your father that way. But we better go now. We'll see you tomorrow."

And they left, leaving John and Jenny on the bed, her pussy filled with Fred's cum and John's cock covered with Sheila's pussy juices and his own cum.

"I'll suck your cock if you'll suck my pussy for me," Jenny said, rolling over and grabbing him.

"Why not," John said, lifting her leg over his head and diving into her swampy pussy.

This is the sight that Fred and Sheila saw when they went back to their room and looked through the hole in the wall. They smiled as they saw John and Jenny sucking each other, thoroughly enjoying themselves. Then they fell in bed and fucked each other before falling asleep.

The next day John and Jenny spent the day with the other young people, enjoying a nice long hike in the mountains. When they returned to the camp for the evening meal, John suggested an idea to Jenny. When she agreed, he approached Emily and Sarah.

"Would you two like to learn something about your parents that you would never have imagined in your whole lives?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked. She was a very pretty brunette with a nice smile and a ripening body.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," John insisted. "I have to show you."

"How would you do that?" Emily asked. Emily looked much like Sarah, except she was a couple of years older and her body was filled out more.

"We'd come over your cabin during the program tonight and show you," John said.

"I don't know," Emily said. "It sounds sort of strange to me."

"It's stranger than you could even imagine," John said with a smile. "I'll bet you."

"What would we bet?" Sarah asked. "And why?"

"Are you interested?" John asked.

"You have to tell us first if you want us to think about it," Emily insisted. "Otherwise we won't even bother."

"You won't like it," John said. "If I tell you and it makes you mad or you absolutely don't believe me, will you give me just five minutes to prove what I tell you tonight?"

"Okay," Emily agreed slowly. "But you have to tell us first."

"Okay," John said. "Here goes. Your parents are having group sex with other adults here at the camp every night."

"How could you even say something like that?" Emily said, aghast. "Where do you even get ideas like that?"

"I'm telling you the truth," John said. "And I'll prove it tonight during the program. You agreed. I can see you're mad and I know you don't believe me, but I'm telling you the truth. I'm only telling you because I think you're both really nice and it's something you should know about. Don't you think so? If you knew that about my parents, wouldn't you tell me?"

"Maybe I would," Sarah said. "But that sounds so weird. People don't do things like that, especially not our parents."

"Well, when you see for yourself tonight, I'll let you in on another secret too," John said. "Okay?"

"Okay," Emily said defiantly. "But if you're lying, I'll tell my parents what you said."

"And if I'm telling the truth?" John asked.

"I can't even imagine that," Emily said.

"Okay, then," John said. "We'll find you in about an hour at the program, okay?"

"We'll be there," Emily said, shaking her head and walking away with Sarah.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Jenny asked John.

"What the heck," John said. "You never know what might come of it."

About an hour later John and Jenny found Emily and Sarah at the program and they got up and left with them, walking towards the cabin they were in. John explained that it was very important to be very quiet until they were in their bedroom, then he would show them what he was talking about.

When they got to the cabin, they all quietly entered and went into the bedroom the two girls were sharing. John had noticed a light on in the adjoining room so he knew he was right. When the door was shut behind them, Emily stood right in front of John, her chest heaving and challenged him to back up his words.

"Okay," John said, moving over to the mirror on the wall and removing it. "Come look here," he said, looking into the next room.

He was delighted to see two women locked in a sixty-nine on the bed while two men sat nearby and watched, their cocks in their hands. Emily and Sarah slowly moved over to where John was looking through the wall, unsure now of what to expect. Looking into the hole, Emily gasped, her hand flying to her face as she took in the scene in the next room. She tried to stop Sarah from looking, but Sarah was too quick, peering into the other room.

"Wow," she said as she watched, her mouth hanging open. "You were telling the truth."

"Sarah, you shouldn't be seeing this," Emily said, trying to dissuade her from watching.

"Look, Emily," Sarah said. "Mommy and Mrs. Hill are licking each other between the legs. Look at Daddy's thing and Mr. Hill's too. They're so big."

"How would you know what big is?" Emily retorted, dismayed that Sarah was completely unshocked by what she saw. She herself was mortified, unable to believe that her parents would do such a thing.

"Oh, look," Sarah said, "Daddy's putting his thing in Mrs. Hill's mouth. How does she swallow it like that? And Mommy's doing the same thing to Mr. Hill. Wow, this is so neat. Is it fun to do that?" she asked to nobody in particular.

"It must be," John said, "because all the parents here are doing it."

"You're kidding," Emily said, not taking her eyes from the other room.

"I'm not," John insisted. "If you come with us, we'll show you."

"Really?" Sarah asked, her eyes lighting up. "I'd like to see."

"Let's go then," John said. "You can watch them every night if you want to."

Leaving the cabin as quietly as they had entered, John led them through the camp until he got to a cabin with only one light on. Again reminding them to be quiet, then snuck into the cabin and into a room adjoining the one with the light on under the door. Quickly going to the mirror, John took it down and looked in. He smiled as he saw another repeat of the same scene through the wall. Stepping aside, he let Sarah and Emily step up to the wall and look through. Emily gasped as she saw a woman on her knees straddling a cock in her pussy, another plunging in and out of her ass, all the while stretched forward with her face in another woman's pussy, sucking like crazy.

"She has two things stuck in her," Sarah said in wonder. "How does she do that?"