Jenny - 7

As they stood and watched the people in the other room, John could see that Emily was getting more and more bothered by all of it. Her cheeks were flushed and she was unconsciously rubbing herself as she watched. Sarah was totally into it. John didn't think it would take much to get her clothes off of her.

"Let's watch until they cum, then we'll go see some more," John suggested.

"What's cum?" Sarah asked.

Smiling, John explained to her what cumming was. Soon they could see that indeed the people in the other room were cumming. When the woman being fucked rolled off the man under her and dislodged the cocks from her body, they could see cum dripping from her pussy and ass at the same time. They watched mesmerized as the other woman dove into her pussy, sucking and slurping at the cum that dribbled from her, chasing it up into her pussy as she sucked her.

"Come on, let's go see one more," John said, putting the mirror back.

Quietly they left the cabin and John led them to their own cabin, quietly sneaking in and removing the mirror from their bedroom wall. Stepping back, he let Sarah and Emily stand close and look in. What they saw was Sheila and Jean on their knees, Fred and Jack fucking them from behind.

"This is so neat," Sarah said, rubbing her hands with glee.

"That's our parents," Jenny said, moving closer.

"You're kidding?" Emily said, looking closer. "Which ones?"

"The lady closest to us and the other man," Jenny explained.

"Do they know you're watching them?" Emily asked.

"Not our parents," John answered, "but Fred and Sheila know."

"How could they?" Sarah asked.

Then Jenny explained how they had found out, not going into the details of what occurred afterwards.

"And they weren't mad?" Sarah asked.

"No, they weren't," Jenny said. "In fact, they came and visited us after they got done with our parents."

"No!" Emily said. "Are you kidding?"

"No, they came in here naked," Jenny told them.

"And then what did you do?" Sarah asked, holding her breath.

"Well, we talked at first," Jenny explained. "Then we tried it with them."

"Tried what with them?" Emily asked, looking at her.

"That," Jenny said, indicating the next room.

"You mean. . ." Sarah started.

"Yes," Jenny said. "It really was fun, too. They promised not to tell our parents or anything."

"I can't believe it," Emily said. "They're adults."

"I'll bet your parents would do it with us," John said.

"Of course they wouldn't" Emily replied.

"Like they wouldn't have sex with other people, right?" John asked. "I'll bet they'll do it with us tonight."

"You must be crazy," Emily said.

"I'll bet you," John said.


"If your parents do it with us tonight, you two do it with us tomorrow night," John said.

"No way," Emily said.

"Okay," Sarah said at the same time. "Why not, Em? If you don't think Mommy and Daddy will do it with them, why not bet? But if they do, well, why shouldn't we try it too?"

"Okay then," Emily said grudgingly.

"Come on, then," John said, leading them from the room.

They quickly went back to Emily and Sarah's cabin, going into their room and removing the mirror. They saw that they were still there, going at it.

"Which ones are your parents?" Jenny asked.

"The lady and man closest to us sucking on each other," Sarah said. "Wow, look at them."

"Okay, you two watch from here," John said. "Come on, Jenny."

Leaving the room, they went to the next door. After whispering together for just a moment, they both quickly dropped their clothes on the floor, then opened the door and just walked in, closing the door behind them.

"What do you think you're doing?" the woman who was Emily and Sarah's mother said, looking up from sucking her husband's cock.

"We heard there was a party here and we thought we'd come," John said, smiling.

"You just leave right now, young man," the woman said, "or we'll tell your parents about this."

"I think you should invite us to stay or we'll tell Emily and Sarah about this," John said with a laugh.

"What did you have in mind?" the other woman asked John, looking up from the cock she was sucking.

"That looks good," John said. "But I'd much rather suck your pussy," he said, moving over next to them.

"And I'll suck your cock for you," Jenny said, reaching out to stroke it.

"Now wait just a minute," the other two said. "This is not right."

"Okay, I'll suck your pussy for you then," John said, moving over to the other couple.

"Now, you. . ." she started, but John shoved his cock into her face.

Almost automatically her mouth opened and she sucked his cock into her mouth, while Jenny easily slid onto his face, rubbing her pussy all over him as he began to suck her with gusto. Then John rolled her over onto her back and fell on her body, his face finding its way into her pussy where he began to feast. Meanwhile, Jenny had fallen onto his cock and was sucking it while he sucked her pussy.

The other couple watched in amusement for several minutes, then he walked over and pushed his cock into Jenny's pussy from behind, impaling her. At the same time, his wife went and lay down so that her pussy was pointing right at the other one, and John began to eat both pussies at once, going from one to the other.

The man fucking Jenny from behind began to cum rather quickly, dumping his load into her pussy. When he pulled his cock from her pussy, the other man who had been laying under her and licking her clit the whole time glued his mouth to her pussy and began to suck, slurping the cum from her pussy as she continued to suck his cock. Then John groaned and began to cum into the mouth of Emily's mother while he continued to suck both their pussies. When everyone had finished cumming, John and Jenny said that they should get back to their own cabin before their parents missed them. They promised to come visit again and left as the others were quickly falling on each other again. Picking up their clothes, they dressed and made their way back to their own cabin, walking into their parents coming naked out of Fred and Sheila's room.

"What are you doing back so late?" Jean stammered, blushing as she stood there naked in front of her children.

"We were visiting some people," Jenny said, staring at her father's cock.

"Did you just come from their room?" John asked, indicating Fred and Sheila's room.

"We were saying goodnight," Jean said lamely, her nipples getting hard.

"Well, good-night," Jenny said, going to their room.

They were trying so hard not to laugh, knowing that they would be heard. John couldn't believe they had caught them in the act. Fred and Sheila were looking into John and Jenny's room, having heard the encounter outside their own room. As they watched, John pulled Jenny onto the bed on her hands and knees and stuck his face in her pussy and ass, sucking on her. Then he stood up and slid his cock into her pussy, burying it. Giving each other a quick look, they left their room and went next door, letting themselves in. Moving over to the bed, Fred sat in front of Jenny and let her suck his cock, while Sheila stood on the bed next to John and pushed her pussy into his face.

Back in Jack and Jean's room, Jean was worried about her encounter with her children. She worried about what Fred and Sheila might say if they were asked something about it. So getting to her feet, Jean quietly went next door and let herself in. She was surprised when nobody was there, then she noticed the mirror missing from the wall. Taking a deep breath in anticipation, Jean looked through the wall and saw Fred and Sheila on the bed with John and Jenny. Her shock became even more complete when she realized that it was John who was fucking Jenny and that Jenny was sucking Fred's cock at the same time while John was sucking Sheila's pussy.

Quickly running back to her room, Jean dragged Jack into Fred and Sheila's room, over to the wall, and urged him to look. When Jack looked into his children's room, his eyes almost popped out of his head. He couldn't believe his little girl was getting shagged by her own brother while she was sucking his best friend's cock. Turning from the wall, Jack left the room with Jean right on his heels. Barging into John and Jenny's room, he stormed up to the bed.

"What do you think you're doing?" he demanded.

John turned from sucking Sheila's pussy and looked at his parents in shock, his hips still on automatic as they pumped his cock in and out of his sister's pussy.

"Dad, Mom," he said, stunned.

At that moment Fred began to cum in Jenny's mouth, and Jenny struggled to swallow all of his cum, knowing that her parents were standing there watching her, knowing that John was still fucking her.

"Mom, Dad," Jenny said, still swallowing Fred's cum. "What are you doing here?"

"John, you stop that this minute," Jean demanded, watching his cock sliding in and out of Jenny's pussy.

John groaned as he pulled his cock from Jenny's pussy, cum spurting from it all over Jenny's pussy. Sheila quickly fell to her knees, capturing his spurting cock in her mouth and sucking the rest of his cum from it before turning and sucking the cum from Jenny's pussy.

"You have very tasty children, Jean," Sheila said.

"Sheila, how could you?" Jean asked.

"Hey, they invited us," she said.

"What?" Jean said, stunned.

So Sheila told her the story, not leaving out any of the details this time. Jack and Jean stood there stunned as Sheila told them about their encounter the night before. They were just as devastated to know that they had been watching them while they were with Sheila and Fred.

"How could you two do this?" Jean asked.

"Mom, we just wanted to be like you and Dad," Jenny protested. "We saw you with Sheila and Fred and we've seen other adults together. We just wanted to have fun and play too."

"But you shouldn't be doing this," Jean protested.

"Why not?" Jenny asked. "Cocks fit in my pussy just fine, and I like sucking them too."

"But it's not right," Jean said again.

"Really?" Jenny said, looking from her parents to Fred and Sheila. "It's only sex. I mean, it's just fun, isn't it?"

"She's got a good point, Jean," Sheila laughed. "It's not like we're emotionally involved with each other, we just like to fuck, don't we?"

"But these are our children," Jean complained.

"And they're wonderful children, Jean," Sheila said. "In fact, I highly recommend trying them out. I know I'll join them for more fun."

"I'm going to bed," Jean said. "We'll talk about this in the morning."

"Well, good-night, then," Sheila said, not moving.

"Aren't you going to bed?" Jean asked.

"I thought I'd stay a while longer yet," Sheila replied, reaching down and caressing John's cock.

"Sheila!" Jean protested. "Stop that right now."

"Jean, come here," Fred said, reaching out and grabbing her by the hand and drawing her closer to him. "You need to relax," he said, gently pushing her so that she was sitting on the bed, his cock in her face.

"But --" Jean began, but Fred shoved his cock into her mouth, pushing her over onto her back, pinning her to the bed.

"Now just be quiet and suck my cock," Fred said. "Sheila, how about a little help."

"Sure," Sheila said, letting go of John's cock and getting to her knees between Jean's legs.

John and Jenny watched very closely as Sheila pushed open their mother's legs, spreading her pussy wide. The watched as she began to sluice her tongue in and out of her pussy and they heard her moan as she began to get turned on by Sheila sucking her pussy and Fred's cock in her mouth. Jenny beckoned Jack to come and stand by them, and reluctantly he did. Jenny let her arm slide around her father's waist as she sat on the bed, and the three of them watched while Jean sucked Fred's cock and had her pussy sucked by Sheila.

Jenny was aware of Jack's cock beginning to grow as he watched his wife being ravaged, and turning her head to the side and opening her mouth, Jenny sucked his cock in, closing her mouth on it when it was completely buried in her throat. Jack groaned as he felt his daughter beginning to suck his cock. It felt unbelievable. Then Jenny was pulling him onto the bed by his cock, stopping only when she had her legs wrapped around his waist, his cock poised at the entrance to her pussy.

"Come on, Dad, fuck me," Jenny implored, pressing her pussy up against him.

Taking a deep breath, Jack fell forward, impaling Jenny on his cock. He could see Jean staring at him from around Fred's cock as she sucked it, her eyes a tale of misery. Then he was surprised by Sheila climbing on the bed, straddling Jenny's face and rubbing her pussy all over her. He could see Jenny's tongue go shooting up into Sheila's pussy as he fucked her, her tight pussy clasping his cock as he plunged it in and out. Then he saw that John had taken Sheila's place sucking Jean's pussy. He watched in amazement as John sucked the very hole from which he had entered this world, noticing that Jean was arching her back in response to his tongue in her pussy. Then he watched as John stood up and pushed his cock into his mother's pussy, burying it completely. This was just too much excitement for Jack, and he began to cum, splashing cum deep into Jenny's pussy. When he finished cumming, Jenny wriggled off his cock and dove onto it, swallowing it as she slurped the juices from it.

Then they heard Fred moan as he began to cum, filling Jean's mouth as he pumped his balls dry. When he had finished cumming and Jean had sucked the last of his cum from his cock, Jenny swung her leg over her mother's face and planted her cum-filled pussy on her mouth. At first nothing happened, then Jenny felt her mother grip her hips and begin to suck her pussy in earnest. She sighed as Jean's tongue slid up into her pussy, searching out the cum that her father had just left there. Then John groaned and began to cum in his mother's pussy, slamming his cock in as far as it would go as he filled her. When he finished cumming, Jenny jumped off Jean's face and onto John's cock, sucking the juices from it, then she dove into her mother's pussy, slurping and sucking at the cum there, drinking her dry.

"What great kids," Sheila said, marveling at their performance.

"This is just too much," Jean said, struggling to sit up.

"Didn't you like it, Mom?" Jenny asked.

"Of course I did," Jean answered. "It's just too much for me right now."

"It's wonderful to suck your pussy, Mom," Jenny said. "And Dad's cock feels just great. Did you like my pussy, Dad?"

"Of course he did, Jenny" Sheila said. "He fucked you like crazy. Doesn't her pussy taste great, Jean?"

"Tasted full of cum to me," Jean grumbled.

"I love pussy the most when it's full of cum," Jenny said.

"It's getting late," Jean said. "We should all go to bed."

"Oh, Jean, you can be such a spoil sport," Sheila sighed.

"You two go to bed now," Jean admonished. "I mean it."

"Oh, Mom," Jenny complained.

"Right now," Jean insisted. "Sheila, Fred, please."

"Okay, Jean," Sheila laughed. "Come on, Fred, let's go fuck by ourselves. Goodnight, you two," she said, leaning over and kissing each of them, giving John's cock a squeeze. "It's been fun."

Finally everyone left the room and only John and Jenny were left. John looked at Jenny and laughed.

"I can't believe it," he said. "After all that, they still left us alone in here."

"Isn't that convenient," Jenny said with a smile, reaching over and grasping his cock. "You think you have any more left in you?"

"I'm sure I do, if you'll just suck on it a bit," John said. "And I think I'll suck your pussy at the same time."

So they fell into a sixty-nine, sucking at each other as they writhed on the bed, unaware that Sheila and Fred were watching them from the mirror in the wall. When John's cock was full and ready, Jenny mounted him, his cock sliding easily up into her pussy. They fucked and fucked, finally cumming and then falling asleep in each other's arms.

John awoke the next morning to the sensation of his cock being sucked. Opening his eyes, he could see that Jenny was still in his arms, so looking downward John saw Sheila sucking him, a big smile on her face. Jenny then stirred, waking up, and she too noticed Sheila. Laughing, Jenny made room on the bed for Sheila, maneuvering so that Sheila was kneeling over her face while she continued to suck John's cock. Jenny gripped her hips and began to suck her pussy, slicing her tongue in and out of her as she sucked.

Then the door opened and Jack walked in, stopping when he saw the tangle of bodies on the bed. Moving over to the bed, he stood there, watching as his children sucked and were sucked by Sheila. He watched as Jenny slid her tongue around in Sheila's pussy, her knees up and apart, her pussy lips spread open. Dropping to his knees, Jack lowered his face into his daughter's pussy, gluing his mouth to her as his tongue slid up into her hole. Jenny sighed as she felt a tongue in her pussy and renewed her assault on Sheila's pussy as her own was sucked.

Then she felt a cock replace the tongue that had been in her pussy. Stopping her sucking of Sheila's pussy for a moment, she looked down and saw that it was her father who was pushing his cock into her. Smiling at him, she arched her back, trying to impale herself even further on his cock. Soon he was slamming his hips back and forth as he fucked her, feeling her velvet smooth pussy gripping his cock.

Then the door opened and Jean was standing there.

"I can't believe this," she said as she saw what was going on. "Have you no shame?"

"Hi, Mom," John said, looking over at her as Sheila continued to suck his cock. "Good morning."

"Jack, are you crazy?" she asked.

"Honey, what's the difference?" he asked. "They're doing it anyway, why not?"

"Yeah, Mom," John said. "It's great too. Why don't you come and sit on my face and I'll suck your pussy for you."

"John!" Jean said.

"Come on, Mom, I'm thirsty," he complained, flicking his tongue out at her. "Come on over here."

"For god's sake, Jean," Sheila said, looking up from John's cock. "Sit on his face and relax."

Shaking her head in resignation, Jean crawled onto the bed, straddling her son's face and drawing a deep breath as she felt his tongue slide up into her. He was gripping her thighs and sucking her like crazy, his teeth catching her clit and worrying it. Jean couldn't believe how good it felt, John's tongue sliding in and out of her pussy. She began to rub herself on his face as he sucked her, all the while watching as Jack slammed his cock in and out of Jenny's pussy. She felt herself get really excited as she watched Jenny sucking Sheila's pussy while her father fucked her. She could see the juices glistening on his cock each time he drew it back, covered with a sheen of pussy juices. Falling forward, Jean nudged Sheila off of John's cock and sucked it into her own mouth, feeling it fill her mouth as she let it slide down into her throat.

Jenny was groaning into Sheila's pussy as she sucked her, Jack's cock exciting her to heights of pleasure that she could barely handle. Then she felt her father's cock stiffen even more in her pussy as he began to cum, splashing his cum deep inside of her, filling her pussy. She clamped her teeth onto Sheila's clit and was rewarded by a flood of juices as she too came, her pussy pouring forth its offering. Turning her head to the side, she was rewarded by the sight of her mother and John locked in a sixty-nine. She was fascinated as she watched her mother sucking his cock. She really knew how to get the most out of it. Then she saw John's hips rise up off the bed and his hands gripped Jean's hips even more firmly. She watched as her mother's cheeks billowed as John's cock erupted in her mouth, his cum spurting as she sucked on him. She could tell her mother was cumming too, watching her hips grind into John's face as he sucked her. Then all too quickly it was over. Everyone had cum and they were all catching their breath when Fred came into the room, his cock sticking out in front of him.