The Journey Pt. 01 - part 5

Tim turned the device off quickly. "I didn't hear anything," Tim said, suppressing a laugh.

"I thought for sure I heard a noise. Oh well, my hearing isn't what it used to be. Are you ready to order?"

"Just a moment more," Tim said.

"When the waitress had left Janice looked at Tim and said, "Tim, this thing is driving me crazy."

"You know the safe word," he said, confident that she wouldn't use it for this.

Janice grew quiet, squirming in her chair again.

Throughout the dinner, Tim would turn the vibrator on and off. By the time they were ready to leave, Janice's panties were soaked and she had been on the verge of climax too many times to count.

It was dark outside when they walked to the car. Tim held Janice around the waist because she was having trouble walking. When they reached the car, Tim turned Janice to him and pressed her to the door. He brought his lips to hers for a passionate kiss.

"God, Tim, I'm so hot," Janice whimpered as she pressed her hips into him.

"So am I, sweetie," Tim answered and brought his hands to the hem of her dress and began to slide it up her legs. By the time Janice realized what was happening, Tim had the hem almost to her waist.

"Tim, stop, not here," she protested. She felt incredibly exposed standing in a public parking lot with her dress around her waist, leaving her with just her panties holding the bulging penis inside her. Then she gasped as she felt Tim pulled her panties down her legs. In a panic she looked around and saw that the parking lot was deserted. "What are you doing?" she whispered tensely.

"I'm going to replace the fake cock with a real one," Tim said and pulled the fake penis from her very swollen vagina. It almost seemed that the hole didn't want to let go. There was a sucking sound as the rubber left her body. "My, my," Tim exclaimed when he saw the dripping rubber penis he held in his hand. Janice moaned as her stretched vagina closed. The rubber penis had been in her so long that she felt very empty now.

He put the slick penis in his pocket then reached for the tiny straps holding her dress top up.

"Tim," Janice whined again as his hands slid the straps off her shoulders. Janice gasped when she felt the cool night air on her now exposed breasts. The little dress was now bunched uselessly around her waist. She shivered at her total nakedness as a masochistic thrill went through her.

Janice felt and heard Tim pulling his zipper down. "God, Tim, not here!" she protested again. However, she knew that her protests were useless when she felt Tim pull his hard penis from his pants. Then she didn't care anymore as Tim lifted one of her legs and placed his swollen gland at the opening to her dripping hole. "Oh Godddddd!!!" she moaned when he slowly slid into her. His penis slid in deep on the first push.

Tim moaned as he felt his wife warm and wet vagina surround him. He knew that he was taking a big risk that someone would see them --- maybe someone they knew. However, that was part of the thrill. He had never been so excited in his life.

Any worries Tim had disappeared as he started to move slowly in and out. Soon, the movement of his hips increased until he was pounding into his wife. One of her legs was on his arm. The foot of the other leg barely touched the ground, almost lifting up with each upward push. He could feel her juice running down his penis and dripping to the ground between their feet.

The only sound in the parking lot was the sloppy sucking sound of their joined sex and their grunts of pleasure.

"Oh yes, fuck meeeee!!!" Janice almost screamed, no longer concerned where they were. She pushed her hips down onto Tim's plunging penis as her body began to race toward climax. Janice wrapped her arms tightly around Tim's neck as her legs began to shake.

Tim lifted the other leg, pressing her back against the car for support. Almost all of Janice's weight was held up by Tim's penis.

Janice's body tensed. "I'm... oh yes... I'm... oh God, I'm going to cummmmmmmm."

The excitement of the evening was too much for Tim as well. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't control the inevitable. "Oh God, baby," Tim moaned as he felt his sperm rush up his shaft then exploded into his wife.

Tim and Janice clung to each other as an intense climax rushed through both of them.

When their bodies stopped shaking, Tim pulled away and staggered backward, letting Janice's legs drop to the ground. A rush of sperm followed his penis out of his wife's stretched hole.

Tim suddenly remembered that they were in a public parking lot and looked around. Fortunately, the lot was still deserted. He sighed with relief then turned and kissed his wife tenderly. "I love you."

"I... love... you," Janice answered, barely able to speak. She was physically drained and had to lean against the car door for support. Her legs were so weak that they were barely able to hold her up. She let Tim help her into the car. When he was sitting in the driver's seat, Janice snuggled into him lovingly.

"Sorry that I got carried away," Tim said.

"I'm not," Janice answered.

Tim smiled.

Chapter 7

The following morning, Tim let Janice sleep in. He was anxious for her to get up to see how she felt about last night. When she hadn't stirred by 10 am, he couldn't wait any longer. He went apprehensively into their room and gently awoke her. "Good morning, sweetheart."

"Good morning," Janice said, rubbing her eyes then opening her arms to Tim.

"Are you recovered from last night?" Tim asked as casually as he could.

"I'm not sure," she moaned in answer.

Uh oh, Tim thought. Then he saw her smile.

"I think my little hole is still throbbing."

Tim sighed with relief then asked, "Did you enjoy our little escapade?"

"As much as I hate to admit it, I have to say it was incredible."

Tim's face broke into a wide smile. "Good! There is hope for you yet," Tim said with a self-conscious laugh.

They snuggled for a few more minutes then Tim said, "Come on and get up. , We have a lot to do."

"What wild and crazy things do you have for me to do today?" Janice asked with a smile.

Tim was heartened by her smile. "Well, I think it's time you learned how to please a man with your mouth," Tim said as he pulled his wife from the bed and toward the bathroom.

Janice followed reluctantly. She had known that this was going to happen. She was both looking forward to it and dreading it. The few times she had given Tim oral sex she had been drunk. In fact, she couldn't remember too much about it. It wasn't that she didn't want to do it; she knew that men loved it and had read that many women loved it as well. However, it violated all of the things she had been taught. Good girls didn't do that, they had said. In school "those" girls were always the sluts. What she didn't know was that most of her friends were "those" girls.

In the bathroom, Tim pulled Janice into the shower with him. They spent a half hour giggling and washing each other. When they were rinsed off, Tim got out and brought over the scissors and razor he had used to remove her pubic hair. She looked at him in surprise. She didn't need to be shaved again.

"It's not for you," he said to her unasked question. "It's for me."


"I want you to shave me so that we will both be clean shaven," Tim answered with a smile.

Tim had Janice trim his bush then shave him the way he had done her. As she worked on him, his penis began to lengthen. Janice tried to ignore it as she maneuvered around the now stiff rod. She giggled when she tried to push the stiff shaft out of her way, but it kept bouncing back. When she was done, she looked at him and giggled again. His entire pubic area was smooth, including his balls. He would have looked like a little boy if it hadn't been for the throbbing shaft jutting out. "You look like a little boy," Janice said turning her thoughts into words.

"A little boy with a big cock," Tim answered, thrusting his penis at his wife's surprised face. "Now come with me. You are going to make love to this little boy's hard cock with your mouth."

Janice's heart began to pound in her chest. All kinds of thoughts were running through her head. What if she wasn't any good? Would Tim be mad at her? What if he wanted her to drink his sperm? Could she do it?

"Come on," Tim said pulling a hesitant Janice by the hand.

Tim led Janice over to a comfortable chair in the corner of the bedroom. He sat down as she stood in front of him. Slowly he spread his legs almost obscenely. His still hard penis and smooth pubic area was now on display.

Janice stood frozen, looking at her husband. "Tim, I... I... don't know what to do."

"Don't worry, I'll show you," he whispered tenderly as he pulled her to her knees between his open legs. He took Janice's head in his hands and leaned forward, kissing her lips. "I want you to make love to my cock, like I did to your pussy," he whispered into her ear. "I've wanted this for so long." Then Tim sat back and looked down at his wife. "Take it in your hand and hold it as you lick my balls."

Janice reached up with her now- shaking hand and held her husband's hard penis. Slowly she bent her head and brought her lips to his smoothly shaven balls. Her tongue came out and she tentatively licked the wrinkly skin. She felt his balls move, squirming in their sack. She licked the skin again, up one large testicle and over to the other. She watched as the two flesh covered balls moved again. It was like they had a life of their own. She placed her tongue under one ball and lifted it with her tongue. When she heard Tim moan, she knew she was doing okay. Then she opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked one ball inside. She heard another groan from Tim as she gently sucked. She let the ball slip out of her mouth then sucked the other one in. Janice decided that she liked this. She felt great power when she had his tender balls in her mouth. He had to have great trust in her to let her do this.

"Oh God, that feels so good, baby," Tim said as he watched Janice's cheeks bulge with his testicle.

Janice just moaned in increased excitement.

When both testicles were dripping with her saliva, Janice sat back and watched his penis throb in excitement. She felt proud that she had made that happen. Without being told, she pulled his penis down until it was pointed straight at her mouth. She looked at the swollen head. She studied the mushroom crown and marveled at how the skin was stretched taut, almost shining. As a large drop of clear liquid bubbled out, Janice impulsive stuck out her tongue and licked it off, surprising even herself. The sweet flavor of his pre-cum juice filled her mouth. That's not bad, she thought and squeezed him again, forcing a larger drop out. She licked that up as well.

"Oh God, suck me," Tim said in excitement.

Janice smiled, now feeling heady with the power she had. She stuck out her tongue and licked around the head, teasing the sensitive skin below the crown, tasting his flesh but avoiding taking the head inside. Then she held his penis up and used little butterfly licks to move up and down his penis. She vaguely heard Tim moaning but she was so engrossed in what she was doing it didn't register. She moved her tongue all around his penis and balls until his entire groin was dripping with her saliva.

"God please, baby, suck me," Tim pleaded in frustration. When he tried to grab her head, she pulled away, smiling smugly at him. This iswas fun, she thought. It gave her such a feeling of power. "You want me to suck you?," Janice teased, holding Tim's throbbing penis close to her mouth.

Tim could feel her breath on his swollen head. "Yes, please," Tim said, almost wild with excitement now.

"You want me to take this big, swollen head into my little mouth and suck it?," Janice teased, then kissed the head quickly and noisily.

"Yes! Yes!"

"Well, I guess you have been a good enough boy," Janice said and opened her mouth. She looked up at her husband as she slowly brought her mouth over the dripping head. She gurgled deep in her throat as she felt his hot flesh fill her mouth.

"Ohhhhhh!!!" Tim moaned.

Janice held the penis head in her mouth without moving, letting it soak in her saliva. She liked the feel of him inside her mouth. She liked the way the large head stretched her lips. Slowly she began to suck the head, but just the head. Her cheeks pulled in as she sucked like it was a round lollipop. Her lips remained wrapped around the crown as her tongue teased the head.

"Oh suck me, sweetie!" Tim moaned and tried to pull her head down on his penis.

Janice pulled quickly away, letting the head slip from her mouth with a pop. "Calm down, honey. You wanted me to make love to your penis and that's what I'm going to do."

Tim moaned in frustration but his hands let go of her head. Yes he had told her that he wanted her to make love to his penis but he didn't mean he wanted her to drive him crazy.

Janice moved back to his throbbing shaft. Slowly her mouth covered the head again. She sucked the head for a long time, reveling in is the excitement of it. Each time she felt Tim getting too excited, she would pull away and let him calm down. Then she would start all over again, starting at his balls. She even lifted his legs and used her tongue on the tender under side of his balls. Then she would run her tongue up the backs of his thighs, making him quiver. Janice's own vagina was dripping now. She could feel the large swollen lips throbbing between her thighs. As she began to squeeze her thighs together, she grasped Tim's penis in her hand and took it in her mouth again. Slowly she moved her lips down until the large head was at the back of her throat. She started to suck as her hand began to move up and down the shaft slowly.

"Oh God, Janice, if you keep that up I'm going to cum," Tim warned.

Janice moaned deep in her throat and began to move her hand faster. She could feel Tim's legs begin to tense and his balls squirm. She knew that he was very close. As his penis began to throb, she had a decision to make. Should she let him cum in her mouth? She decided to take it in her mouth - she could always spit it out.

"Ohhhhh," Tim moaned as his penis began to throb. He wasn't sure what Janice was going to do. He was going to let her decide this time. He hoped she would keep it in he mouth.

Janice felt Tim's hips lift off the chair. Suddenly, she heard him moan and felt his penis quiver in her hand. The already large head expanded even more. The first shot hit the back of her throat. Seconds later, her mouth began to fill with his thick sperm. She slowly but firmly squeezed his penis with her hand as squirt after squirt poured into her mouth. Soon, her mouth was filled until there was no room for anymore. She had to do something. Janice closed her eyes, her head spinning with excitement. She swallowed.

Tim was so wrapped up in his pleasure that he didn't realize that Janice was swallowing his sperm. When he opened his eyes, he saw her looking up at him, his penis still in her mouth. He quickly realized that there was not a speck of his cum anywhere on him. He figured that she still had it in her mouth. Then he saw her sit back, letting his flaccid penis slip from her mouth. Her tongue came out and she licked around her lips. Tim knew that she had swallowed his sperm.

"Did I do a good job?" Janice asked rhetorically.

In answer, Tim pulled Janice up to him and brought her lips to his. If he needed proof, he could taste the remains of his cum in her mouth. He moaned when she pushed her tongue into his mouth. Then he picked her up and took her to the bed. Without a word, he spread her legs and brought his mouth to her very swollen vagina. Within minutes Janice was screaming in pleasure.

Chapter 8

"All right, what's going on now?" Janice asked as she stood in the bedroom with a thigh length bathrobe on. Tim had asked her to get naked and put the robe on but he wouldn't tell her why.

"I have a special treat for you. I thought you might enjoy a nice professional massage tonight."

"I can't go out like this!"

"Who said anything about going out? I have a licensed masseuse coming over in exactly fifteen minutes."


"Yep! Right in our own living room."

"All right. I guess that would be nice," Janice said hesitantly. "It's been ages since I had a good massage." However, Janice knew that it would be more than a simple massage.

"Good," Tim answered just as the front doorbell rang. "I'll get the door and take care of the money. Give us a few minutes. He'll need a minute to set up."


"Yes, I hired Steve Jackson from the exercise club. They tell me he's very good."

"Tim!" Janice said in shock.

Tim stepped over and hugged Janice. "What difference does it make if it is a him or her? He's a professional." Tim's hands slid down her back and under the hem of the robe. "What's this, panties? You know that panties are not allowed." He quickly slipped the panties down her legs, ignoring the protests.

"Tim, are you crazy?" Janice felt more than naked now without the panties under the robe. The short terry cloth robe barely covered her buttocks. "Are you going to use the safe word?"

"No!" Janice answered quickly.

"Okay, then come on down in ten minutes." Tim walked out of the room holding Janice's panties in his hand.

Tim greeted Steve at the door and helped him bring his massage table into the living room and set it up.

"Thanks for coming on short notice," Tim said.

"No problem. Mondays are generally very slow days anyway."

"Have you been doing this long?" Tim asked.

"No, I just got my licensee a few months ago. I've been trying to fit it in with my physical training appointments because there's good money in massages," Steve said. He saw a questioning look on Tim's face. "Don't worry. , I'm new at this but I'm pretty good."

"I've heard that. Steve, I want you to make sure Janice enjoys herself. She is a little shy but I'm sure you can get her 'loosened up' if you know what I mean," Tim said with a wink.

Steve gave Tim a strange look.

"Listen, just make sure she has fun," Tim said. He wasn't sure how to tell him that he could take some liberties with Janice. In fact, he wasn't even sure what liberties he wanted him to take. He handed Steve a $100 bill as a tip.

Steve's eyes opened wide in surprise as he looked at the $100 bill in his hand.

"That's because I know that you will do a good job. Now, I have some errands to run so I'll be gone for an hour or so. You have her all to yourself."

Steve still wasn't sure what Tim wanted him to do. He looked at the bill in his hand again then back at Tim. It almost sounded like he was asking him to get a personal with his wife. He was new at this work but he had heard a lot of wild stories. He shrugged his shoulders as Tim walked out the door, deciding he would see how things went. However, the last thing he wanted to do was jeopardize his license. A few minutes later, Steve saw Janice walk quietly into the room. He almost gasped. She looked gorgeous with her short robe barely covering her thighs. She also looked very uncomfortable. His first job would be to get her to relax.

"Nice to see you again, Mrs. Harwick," Steve said with a boyish smile. He knew that his twinkling blue eyes and smile could be very disarming.

"Yes," Janice answered in a noncommittal tone, glancing at the young man. He was wearing a skintight tee shirt that emphasized his strong chest and arms. Instead of shorts, he was wearing a pair of baggy exercise pants. The pants almost looked like harem pants, gathered in the front, tied at the waist, and held around his ankles with elastic. On his feet, he had a pair of white socks and running shoes. Janice had to admit that he did look very good: tan, young and fit like a beach boy or lifeguard.