The Journey Pt. 01 - part 11

Late that night, Janice went down to the clubroom. She gently shook Tim awake. Then she quickly opened his pants and sucked him to hardness. Without Tim moving, she straddled his waist and sat onto his penis. She bounced up and down several times, coating Tim's penis with the sperm inside her.

Tim was moaning again, his hips moving up and down with his wife's movements. Suddenly, Janice pulled up until Tim's penis slipped out. Tim looked at her in surprise.

Janice smiled back and reached between her legs to grasp his penis. She slid forward slightly until her anus was on top of his penis. A wide smile, then a slight grimace, crossed her face as she slowly sat down.

"Oh my God, Janice," Tim moaned as his penis slid easily into her rectum.

Both of Janice's holes were dripping cum as she practically crawled back up the stairs to Dan.

Tim didn't sleep much the rest of the night. Early in the morning, he heard the front door open and close. He peeked out of the basement window and saw Dan get into his rental car and drive away. Then he hurried up the stairs to their bedroom. He peeped in and saw that Janice was still sleeping. As he walked quietly over to the bed, he saw her open her eyes. A smile crossed her tired face and she lifted the sheet in invitation. Tim smiled back and crawled into the bed. He looked at his disheveled wife. Her hair and make-up were a mess and her body showed signs of the frantic activity of the night. Still, Tim thought he had never seen her look so beautiful. He tenderly kissed her lips and fell asleep in her arms.

Chapter 14

Tim smiled as Janice walked into the kitchen. She had on a white terry cloth robe and her hair was still wet from the shower. "Good afternoon sleepyhead," Tim said.

Janice smiled back and walked over to kiss him. "Good afternoon lover."

"Hungry?" Tim asked.


"Sit down and I'll have break... uh lunch finished in a second," Tim said.

Janice sat at the table as Tim served her eggs, bacon, toast and hot coffee. He took a seat across from her and watched her eat. He had already eaten earlier.

When Janice had eaten everything on the table, Tim got up and served her more. Again, Tim sat across from Janice and watched her.

"What?" she asked when she saw him looking at her.

"I was just thinking how much I love you."

Janice smiled then got up and sat on Tim's lap. "I love you too, sweetheart. More that anything in the world." Their lips met in a long and sensuous kiss.

"So... uh... did you... uh have fun last night?" Tim asked hesitantly.

Janice sighed and closed her eyes. "It was incredible. I would have never believed that I would have enjoyed something like that. It's amazing how things can change in just one week. Are... are you okay with what happened?"

"Yes and I agree with you that it was incredible. It was beyond my wildest dreams. It seems like a dream this morning - a nice dream." Tim kissed her again and slipped his hand into her robe and caressed her breasts. "However, it's not over yet." "What's going on tonight?" Janice asked, unable to keep the excitement out of her voice.

"You know I can't tell you that. However, I guarantee that you will be surprised."

Later that night, Janice stood in front of Tim in the bedroom. She was wearing a sky blue silk slip that was form fitting and short, with a sheer lace top. On her legs, she had a pair of silk thigh high nylons and spiked high heels.

"Come on Tim, what's going to happen tonight?" Janice asked nervously.

"Just remember the safe word," he said. Then the doorbell rang. "Wait here, I'll be back in a minute."

Janice sat on the bed, very nervous. She had no idea what Tim had planned for her tonight. It scared her some but she also knew that she was close to getting through the week without using the safe word. She figured she could get through one more day.

A few minutes later, Tim opened the bedroom door.

Janice stood up, her face showing her shock. Felicia walked into the bedroom behind Tim. She was wearing a pair of hot pink short shorts, high heels and a blouse tied under her breasts.

"Felicia, you remember my wife Janice."

"Yes I do. Hi, sweetie," Felicia said with a knowing smile.

Felicia had been surprised when Tim had called after their visit to her shop. He told her that he wanted her to help him with a little game he and Janice were playing. She was more than happy to help Tim. When he explained what he wanted her to do, she said yes in a second.

Janice stood paralyzed, unable to move even her mouth. Her face showed her total shock. She looked at Tim, almost pleading with her eyes. God, what does he have in mind? Janice thought. She wasn't a lesbian and wasn't about to start now. "Tim," Janice said, her lips pressed tightly together.

"You know the word," Tim said and waited for Janice to answer. When she didn't answer he said, "I take it that you don't want to use the word?"

"No," Janice said, trying unsuccessfully to make her voice firm.

"Good," Tim said and took a seat in a chair near the bed.

The room grew quiet.

Felicia walked over to Janice who was suddenly almost shy, looking at the floor. She reached her finger under Janice's chin and turned her face up to her. "Don't worry, sweetie, I don't bite... or at least not hard," Felicia laughed. Then she reached her hands out and touched Janice's shoulders softly.

Janice stood stiff, unmoving.

Felicia ran her fingertips up and down Janice's arms. Then she leaned forward and kissed the nape of her neck.

In spite of herself, Janice shivered just a little. Then she felt Felicia's tongue on her neck, flicking across her sensitive skin. She tried to steel herself. She wasn't going to let this woman get her excited.

When Felicia reached Janice's ear, she gently bit her earlobe. "Relax, sweetie. You're going to love this," she whispered.

Janice just grunted.

Felicia moved around behind Janice. She turned Janice toward Tim as she again ran her fingers up and down her arms. Then she started to kiss her neck from behind.

Tim watched, his excitement growing.

First Felicia kissed across one shoulder, and then she moved her lips slowly to the other. She looked across Janice's shoulder at Tim and winked. Then she reached her fingers up to the straps of Janice's slip. Slowly she pushed the straps down her shoulder and over her arms. Suddenly, the slip fell from Janice's breasts.

Janice gasped as she felt her breasts exposed and she crossed her arms over herself.

Felicia reached her arms around her and grasped her arms, pulling them to her side. Then her hands went back to her waist and began to move slowly upward.

Tim could see Janice's breasts begin to move up and down as the pace of her breathing increased. He watched as Felicia's hands moved closer and closer to his wife's breasts.

Janice felt the hands moving toward her bare breasts. Her eyes closed, in spite of her resolve, when Felicia's soft hands covered her breasts. Stop, her mind screamed just as when she felt her body begin to respond.

Felicia moaned as her hands covered Janice's full breasts. As she squeezed them and began to play with the nipples, she felt her own excitement increase. Felicia liked men but she loved women. Sometimes she thought that was the reason she went into modeling in the first place.

Tim could feel his erection straining in his pants. He wanted to take it out but decided to wait. There would be plenty of time for that.

Felicia played with Janice's wonderful breasts for a long time, caressing them and pinching the nipples. She could feel her beginning to respond. It was subtle, but there was a little movement of her hips and her breathing was definitely faster.

Janice watched Felicia's hands on her breasts. She couldn't believe that she was standing there half naked with another woman playing with her. A little moan escaped her lips when Felicia began to squeeze her nipples harder - not painfully, just firmly.

Felicia pulled her hands from Janice and turned her to the side. Then she stood in front of her and looked into her eyes. Slowly she reached up and untied her own blouse. She slipped it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor behind her, leaving her naked from the waist up. Her breasts were not as large as Janice's but they had held up very well for her age. Still looking in Janice's eyes, she pressed both tits to Janice's. Her nipples pressed directly against Janice's nipples. The she began to slowly grind against her, squishing their flesh together.

Again, Janice had to close her eyes in an attempt to control her excitement. She could feel her vagina begin to swell. She couldn't believe that she was getting excited from another woman rubbing her breasts against her own. She opened her eyes when Felicia pulled away. She felt her tug at her hand, leading her over to the bed. Without a word, Felicia stripped the slip from her. Then she pushed Janice until she was sitting on the side of the bed with just her hose and heels on. She sat next to her. Her hands came up and she began to play with her nipples again.

"Please don't," Janice whispered, squeezing her legs together as her excitement continued to grow.

Suddenly, Felicia's hands were on Janice's cheeks. She stared into her eyes as her lips moved slowly forward. Felicia felt Janice's soft but unwilling lips against hers. The lips were tightly closed tightly. She used her tongue to gently lick across hers, not attempting to enter her mouth.

Janice held her lips tightly together. She felt Felicia's tongue pushing on her mouth again. Suddenly, she moaned as Felicia twisted a nipple. That forced her mouth open and suddenly her mouth was filled with Felicia's tongue. Another unwanted moan escaped her throat as the tongue played with hers. Then she felt Felicia pushing her back, her mouth never leaving hers. Soon she was lying on the bed with Felicia working on her lips, her hands grasping her breasts again. When she felt Felicia's hand sliding down her body, she stiffened. "Oh no," she pleaded as the fingers reached the top of her pubic mount.

"Shhhh!" Felicia said as her finger slowly slid between the now swollen lips of her vagina. The fingertip moved between the lips, crossing the little clit.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Janice moaned as the finger slid gently across her now swelling nub. In spite of all of her resolve, Janice let her legs slip slightly apart. Her thighs began to quiver.

Felicia smiled. She knew that she had her now. Slowly, she insinuated a finger into the wet hole.

"Ohhhh!!!" Janice whimpered as she felt the finger move into her body. Her hips began to move up and down, out of her control now.

Felicia began to kiss down her body, crossing her breasts, stopping to suck each nipple. Across her stomach her lips moved, stopping to circle Janice's navel. When she reached her lower stomach, Felicia stopped and stood up.

Janice opened her eyes in surprise, wondering why she had stopped. She watched as the older woman moved between her knees. She could see Felicia's breasts moving up and down rapidly with excitement now. Then she saw her reach for a pillow from the bed. She threw it on the floor at her feet and knelt. "Oh God," she moaned when she realized what the woman was going to do.

Tim watched as Felicia positioned herself between his wife's legs. He couldn't control himself any longer and reached down and took his hard penis from his pants.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Janice moaned as Felicia began to kiss up her thighs.

When Felicia was close enough to touch Janice's swollen vagina she stopped. Gently, she lifted the younger woman's thighs, pushing them back to her breasts.

Janice looked down between her own legs, her eyes wide with anticipation. She saw Felicia's burning eyes looking up at her. Felicia smiled at her and then dropped her head. "Oh Jesus! Oh God! Ohhhhhh Tim!" Janice moaned as if she was looking for someone to help her.

Felicia buried her lips between the fat and swollen flesh of Janice's vagina. Instantly, she was lost in a world of sensation. Janice's sweet juice coated her tongue and ran from her chin. The swollen lips filled her mouth as she sucked and gently chewed on them. It had been a long time since she had tasted a woman this sweet.

Within minutes, Janice's excitement overcame her senses. The few times she had been eaten were wonderful, but never like this. She felt a tenderness and an understanding that seemed to be lacking from men. She realized that a man could never really do it like this. As much as she hated to admit it, she loved the feel of this woman's mouth on her sex.

Everything else in the world disappeared for Felicia as she sucked the beautiful woman. She barely realized that the body beneath her was moving rapidly toward a climax her until she heard a scream. She would have smiled if her mouth were not filled with her swollen clit.

"Ahhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhh God," Janice screamed as waves of pure pleasure rippled through her. Her hips bucked up into the sucking mouth. Her hands gripped the sheet beneath her. When one intense climax ended, another began. On and on it went. When Felicia would move her tongue down to the open hole, Janice's climax would lessen. However, as soon as she took her clit in her mouth, it would start all over again. Tim watched as he sat in his chair, stroking his penis. He was careful not to go too far. He wanted to wait until he could put it into her before he came.

It was probably forty-five minutes before Felicia came up for air. However, she didn't stop because Janice had finished climaxing, she stopped because her jaw was getting tired. Felicia had never seen a woman climax as intensely or for so long. And, she had seen a lot of women climax - many from her own tongue.

Janice opened her eyes in surprise as Felicia let her legs drop to the bed. She was confused. She wasn't sure what had just happened or how long it had lasted. Then she watched as Felicia took off her shorts and climbed onto the bed.

Felicia turned Janice's willing body around until she was lying on the bed. She lay beside her and pulled her close. "Did you like that?" Felicia asked.

Janice closed her eyes and sighed. "Yes," she whispered almost too quietly to be heard.

"Good, because we've just begun." Felicia kissed Janice's lips with her own dripping lips. She was pleased when Janice's mouth opened quickly for her tongue. She kissed her new lover for a long time before she moved away.

Janice was disappointed when she pulled away. Then she watched as she turned around with her head close to her groin. She could feel a renewed excitement when Felicia started to kiss her thighs again. Then Felicia threw her leg over Janice's head. Suddenly, Janice was staring directly at Felicia's dripping vagina. Janice was shocked. She hadn't even thought about this. Her eyes were wide as she looked at the sex lips just inches from her face.

Felicia continued to kiss Janice's thigh, occasionally blowing warm air on her still very swollen lips. She waited, deciding that she wasn't going to force Janice to do this. She wanted her to do it on her own.

Janice had never been this close to a vagina before. It fascinated and, strangely, excited her. Felicia had a little tuff of hair at the top of her slit but otherwise she was shaved smooth. The lips were definitely smaller than hers but the hood of skin covering her clit was fat and extended. She could smell Felicia's excitement and see her juice bubbling from the hole. Like a moth to a flame, Janice's mouth moved upward. Tentatively, her tongue touched the hanging lips. She heard a moan from Felicia. She flicked the lips, getting a little taste of another woman for the first time. She decided that it wasn't so bad and pushed her tongue into the hole.

Felicia lifted her head and moaned as she felt the inexperienced tongue go into her. She wanted to push her vagina onto Janice's mouth but waited. It wasn't time for her to be aggressive.

It almost tasted sweet, Janice thought as Felicia's juice ran down her probing tongue and into her mouth. Janice's tongue began to move in and out, bringing more moans from the older woman. Janice reached her hands up and grasped Felicia's buttocks, pulling them down.

"Oh God yes," Felicia moaned as she dropped her hips to Janice's now sucking mouth.

Now it was Janice's mouth that was filled with flesh. She sucked the mound of flesh at the top of Felicia's vagina into her mouth. It felt wet and squishy, yet firm. When Janice pulled her head back, she gasped. The hood of flesh covering Janice's clitoris had pulled back, leaving the clit bare. Janice had never really seen a clit other than her own. While hers was small, almost the size of a pea, this one was positively huge. It looked like a miniature penis. Janice opened her mouth and sucked the pulsing flesh into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Felicia screamed as a climax raced through her. Her body convulsed in pleasure as her clit was sucked in and out of Janice's mouth. Her juice was pouring into the sucking mouth like a river.

Janice had to swallow over and over to avoid drowning in Felicia's juice. She sucked on her clit until her hips stopped moving. Then she let it slip from her lips. Suddenly, she moaned again as she felt Felicia's mouth on her again, sucking hard.

The moans and screams continued for a very long time.

Tim sat and watched in amazement as the two insatiable women brought each other one climax after another. Suddenly, he felt jealous. Why couldn't men climax like that? A couple of climaxes a night was all he got.

Tim felt his penis throb and knew that he had better do something or he was going to cum all over his pants. He stood up on shaky legs and stripped his clothes off. As he walked over to the bed, he saw that Felicia and Janice had switched positions. They were still in a sixty-nine but now Janice was on top, her legs spread around Felicia's head.

Quietly, Tim crawled onto the bed, his heart pounding in his chest. He was excited and nervous about what he was going to do. He moved around until he was near Felicia's head and lifted his leg over her until his penis was just above her sucking mouth and inches from his wife's vagina. He slid forward until the head of his penis touched Janice's hole.

Felicia smiled as she saw Tim straddling her face. His balls were just above her mouth. She pulled her mouth from Janice's vagina, letting him move into the place where her tongue had just been.

"Oh God," Janice moaned as Tim slid his penis into her.

Tim moaned as well. However, it wasn't just from the warmth of his wife's vagina. As he slid into her, Felicia's tongue began to lick his balls. He tried to hold still and let her lick him but his hips wouldn't cooperate. Within second, his penis was sliding rapidly in and out. Tim wanted it to last longer but unfortunately, the excitement of watching his wife and Felicia was too much for him. His balls tightened and he gasped for breath. Suddenly, his penis was going off like a fire hose inside his wife.

"Oh yes! Oh God!" he moaned as he pumped his sperm deep into his wife's willing hole.

Felicia could see his balls churning and knew that he was climaxing. She moved her tongue to Janice's vagina and to the point where the penis went into her hole. First she licked the juicy connection between the two, and then moved up to the pulsing clit. She felt Janice tense and begin another climax. She licked until Janice stopped shaking. Then she pulled away and watched and waited. She could see Tim's thighs shaking. When his shuddering stopped, he moved back, his penis sliding wetly out of the wet hole, followed by a long and thick string of cum. Felicia lifted her head and closed her mouth over Janice's hole. She sucked and swallowed over and over.