Erin - part 8

This time she sucked and sucked, not stopping until there was no more cum to be gotten from his cock. Releasing him, she smiled at Tasha, cum covering her teeth, before gulping and swallowing it all down. She searched out the remainder with her tongue and swallowed once more, licking her lips.

"Oh, I just love the taste of cum," she sighed.

"You are crazy!" Tasha laughed, tackling her on the bed and kissing her, tasting Brad's cum in and on her mouth.

Brad dove between Erin's legs, his mouth finding her pussy. The rest of the night was one long sexual experience. Erin would fall asleep only to be awaked by someone licking her pussy or sucking on her breasts. Or she would awaken to find Tasha rubbing her pussy on her mouth or Brad pressing his cock against her lips. She lost track of the number of times he came in her mouth.

When she finally awoke the next day, it was to Brad fucking Tasha from behind, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She lay there watching the two of them, one hand idly between her own legs rubbing small circles on her clit. When Brad finally groaned and said he was going to cum, Tasha told him to cum inside of her. When he finished and pulled his cock from Tasha's pussy, Erin could see her pussy gaping open, cum pooling and dripping from her slit. Instinctively Erin crawled over and licked Tasha's pussy from behind, slurping up the cum cocktail that filled her gooey pussy. Tasha sighed as she felt Erin tonguing her, sliding her tongue up into her hole as she sucked her, eating the cum that Brad had just put there. Finally Tasha fell over onto the bed on her back, her feet flat on the bed, her hands covering her well-used pussy.

"God, I'm fucked out," Tasha laughed. "That was a great night."

"That was the best night I've ever had," Erin said with a laugh. "I can't believe me."

"I know I died and wound up in heaven," Brad said, shaking his head. "I hate for this to end."

"Who says it's going to end?" Tasha laughed. "There's always next time. And I just know that Erin can't wait to have your cock in her mouth again; am I right?"

"Mmm, yes," Erin agreed.

"Well, I gotta get to the beach," Brad said reluctantly. "Work, you know."

"We'll come over later and get some sun," Tasha promised. "Thanks for being such a good fuck."

Erin laughed when Tasha said this and Brad kissed each of them before leaving.

"Oh, Tasha, that was incredible!" Erin said when Brad left, hugging her tightly. "I've never had so much fun."

"Just think, you're just starting, too," Tasha laughed. "It's only going to get better."

"Why didn't you let Brad fuck me too?" Erin asked.

"I didn't think you were ready to take that step yet," she replied. "There's plenty of time. Just think about it, you just sucked a strange boy's cock and swallowed his cum at least a half a dozen times. And you've never even touched one before. And in between and during that you were getting your pussy sucked by him or me or you were sucking my pussy. I mean, that's a pretty full day for day one, isn't it?"

"I guess so," Erin laughed. "And I was afraid of trying that, too. Thanks for looking out for me."

"That's what friends are for, to look out for each other," Tasha said with a shake of her blonde hair. "I'm going to take a shower and then sleep some more," she said. "Wanna join me?"

"Yes!" Erin said, jumping up from the bed and racing to the shower with Tasha. They washed and rubbed each other, laughing the whole time, then returned to the bed and crawled into each other's arms, quickly falling asleep.

They awakened a couple of hours later and shared a leisurely late breakfast, sitting naked at the table in the kitchen. They then pulled on their suits and grabbed towels and sun block and went across the street and down onto the beach. They waved at Brad when they saw him. Dropping their towels on the sand, they ran into the water, enjoying the coolness of it on their bodies before exiting and sitting on their towels.

This time Erin didn't hesitate removing her top when Tasha did. Tasha grabbed the sun block and began applying it to Erin, who lay back on the towel, enjoying the sensation of Tasha's hands sliding all over her body. When they slid into her pussy and rubbed her there, she just sighed. Then she felt her hands sliding across her breasts, her nipples hard. Tasha finished and they lay back, napping in the hot afternoon sun.

"Hey, hey, you need to turn over," Erin heard, bringing her to consciousness.

Sitting up and shading her eyes, she saw Brad standing at her feet, smiling at her.

"You've been there for over a half an hour," he explained. "With your skin, that's enough. Time to turn over."

"I'll need some sun block on my back," Erin said with a smile.

"I think I can manage," he grinned at her.

Brad started at her feet, working his way up her legs to her ass. He let his hands slide down the crack of her ass into her pussy, feeling her wetness before changing position to kneel at her head to do her back.

"Prop yourself up on your elbows," he instructed her as he released his cock from his baggies.

Doing as he instructed, Erin saw surprised when she bumped into his erect cock sticking in her face. Quickly looking from side to side and seeing nobody looking in their direction, she opened her mouth and began sucking on him while he slowly spread the lotion on her back. He quickly finished spreading the lotion and knelt in front of her, one hand on the back of her head as he pumped his cock in and out of her sucking mouth, face fucking her. Tasha had rolled onto her side, her head resting on her hand, watching.

"Oh, yeah, oh, yeah," Brad growled, thrusting harder into Erin's mouth. "I'm cumming now, here I go," he cried, stiffening as his balls spasmed, cum shooting into Erin's mouth.

Still not using her hands at all, Erin sucked Brad's cock, not stopping until she got every drop and he began to go flaccid. Only then did she let his cock fall from her mouth.

"I'd say you got your sun block," Tasha observed with a laugh.

"Thanks, Brad," Erin said, smiling up at him. "I really do like sucking your cock."

"I like it too," he said with a laugh. "Please do it whenever you get the urge."

"I think I've opened Pandora's Box," Tasha laughed as Brad walked away. "Now kiss me so I can taste some too," she said, rolling over on top of Erin and kissing her, their tongues swirling together. "Sucking him off in public on the beach, imagine that," Tasha said in mock rebuke. "Next thing you know..." she began to say, then got a far-away, glazed look in her eyes.

"What?" Erin asked, sitting up and looking at her.

"Just a wisp of an idea that floated through my head," Tasha said, shaking her head and smiling at Erin.

"Well, what was it?" Erin asked. "Unless it's none of my business, of course."

"Hey, I have no secrets from you," Tasha told her. "You know more about me than your parents. I've never shown anyone that first video before."

"I didn't know," Erin said. "Sorry."

"No, just so you understand," Tasha told her. "I feel like we're sisters or something. I feel like I can trust you."

"Oh, Tasha, you can," Erin said, reaching out and hugging her. "And you are my sister, the only one I've ever had."

"Thanks," Tasha said, wiping her eyes.

"So now you can tell me?" Erin asked.

"I was just thinking about you and Hot Productions," Tasha said carefully.

"Me! What do you mean?" Erin asked.

"Well, like you being in shoots with me," Tasha said.

"You're joking!" Erin exclaimed. "You're not serious!"

"I told you it was just a wisp of an idea," Tasha said. "Come on, let's go to the house. Watching you suck Brad's cock made me horny. Now all I can think of is eating your pussy."

"Tasha!" Erin exclaimed, grabbing her top and tying it on. "Shame on you! You'll have to catch me first," she said, jumping to her feet and running for the road, her big breasts swinging and bouncing, falling out of her top just as she got to the road. Two cars screeched to a stop as she ran across the road, her naked breasts swinging. She couldn't stop laughing as she ran into the house ahead of Tasha, running into the bedroom and falling onto the bed, panting from the exertion of running.

Tasha ripped the thong from Erin's body, diving into her pussy, her tongue slashing her clit as she began to devour her pussy. Erin pulled Tasha into a 69, pulling her thong aside to slide her tongue into her sweet honey well. They both came twice before they stopped, laying on their backs panting for breath.

"You really think I could do videos?" Erin finally asked softly.

"Oh, yes," Tasha replied. "I think you'd be a natural."

"But I'm still a virgin," Erin reminded her. "I don't even know if I'll be able to do it or if I'll like it."

"You'll love it," Tasha told her. "Trust me on that one. I've been with you. I've watched you suck cock. You'll love fucking."

"Maybe I could try it with Brad," Erin suggested.

"Do you want to fuck Brad?" Tasha asked.

"I don't know," Erin shrugged. "Why not? I mean, if I'm going to do it, he's nice. And I do like sucking his cock."

"I think if you're going to do it, you should make it your first video," Tasha said slowly.

"You mean like yours?" Erin asked.

"No, I don't mean getting raped against your will," Tasha said. "I mean making a video where you losing your virginity is part of the movie. It would be an incredible thing to have, not to mention how hot it would sell. And that's always the bottom line, making money."

"Do you make a lot of money?" Erin asked.

"This place is $5000 a month to rent," Tasha told her. "I get a minimum of $1000 a shoot. Some shoots I get $5000, especially if I have to do a lot of guys or something. Sometimes I do a shoot every day for a week. I usually manage to do 15-20 shoots each month."

"That's incredible!" Erin said, shaking her head in disbelief. "My parents pay you that much?"

"They're the ones really making the money," Tasha laughed. "I'll bet they make $50,000 profit on each video they produce. And they produce almost 200 a year. So you do the numbers."

"That's a lot of money," Erin said, her eyes wide.

"A video of you losing your virginity they'd probably make $250,000 on. It would be a huge seller," Tasha told her.

"Wow. They're rich then," she said.

"I'd say," Tasha agreed. "I'm hoping to ask them for a different deal soon, something with a percentage involved."

"Will they do that?" Erin asked.

"Maybe, if I agree to be exclusive with them," Tasha replied.

"You work for other people too?" Erin asked.

"Oh, yeah, a couple other production companies," Tasha answered. "In fact, I have a shoot tomorrow with one of them. A big shoot too. Good money. If you stay here tonight, you can come with me tomorrow and watch if you want."

"That would be okay?" Erin asked.

"Sure, why not? It's my shoot and I can have anyone I want there with me," Tasha told her. "You want to come?"

"Sure, yes," Erin agreed.

"Great! Let's take a shower and go out to dinner," Tasha suggested, jumping up off the bed.

Hours later they finally made it back to Tasha's, stuffed from a great dinner and exhausted from the day and night before it. Erin called home and told her mother of her plans and promised that she'd be home the next night for dinner. They crawled into bed and quickly fell asleep in each other's arms, not waking up until the next morning.

"What should I wear?" Erin asked when they got up.

"Anything you want," Tasha told her. "Take whatever you like."

Erin found a tube top that would fit her, though it totally accentuated her huge breasts. She found a mid-thigh skirt to go with it while Tasha gathered her things together.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Yup," Erin replied, nervously smoothing down the front of her skirt.

"Hey, no need to be nervous," Tasha laughed. "I'm the one doing the scene, not you."

"I know, it's just that...well, I don't know anyone," Erin said.

"That should make it easier," Tasha said. "I'd think it was a lot harder watching while your family was there."

They jumped into Tasha's car and dashed off into traffic, finally pulling into the parking lot of what looked like a warehouse. Following her inside, Erin was surprised to see a basketball court in one section of the warehouse and what looked like locker rooms in another. The room had about a dozen people in it and they were all black. She and Tasha were the only white people there.

Now, Erin had not had any contact with black people in her life, and even though she had no particular prejudice towards them, she felt a bit uncomfortable as they made their way over to the largest group of people.

"Hey, Tasha," a big, heavy-set looking man said, giving her a hug. "And who's this, your own personal fluffer?" he asked with a big laugh.

"Hi, Jamal," Tasha said, laughing with him. "This is my friend, Erin. And she's not in the business."

"That's a shame," Jamal said, looking Erin over from bottom to top. "But no matter, the clothes rack is over there. We'll start with a cheerleader's outfit, okay?"

"No problem," Tasha said, taking Erin by the hand as she went over to the clothes rack.

"What's a fluffer?" Erin asked as Tasha undressed and pulled on a cheerleader's outfit.

"It's a prep person," Tasha told her. "They suck the guys off camera to keep them hard for the shoot. Saves lots of time and film," she explained. "They should have one here today because I've got to take on the whole team, five guys, first individually, then as a group. So they'll have someone keeping them hard for their turn."

"Oh!" Erin said, her eyes wide. "And they thought I was here for that?"

"Some girls have their own personal fluffers," Tasha said, "so it's not that unusual. And you are walking sex," she said with a smile, kissing her.

They walked back over to the group where five of the men, big tall men, were dressed in basketball uniforms. Jamal gave them some last-minute instructions and then stepped behind the camera. Erin stood off to one side.

"Action!" Jamal called out and one of the men grabbed Tasha by the arm, pulling her close.

"We won the game and the bet," he said. "Now it's time for you to pay up."

"I keep my word," Tasha said, rubbing the large bulge between his legs.

Meanwhile, the other guys were pulling at Tasha's clothes, removing them and leaving her naked. She looked like a tiny little girl next to those black giants and Erin was fearful for her safety as they pawed her body.

"Okay, cut!" Jamal called out. "Now let's take it over to the locker room set."

Tasha gave a laugh, squeezing the big bulge in her hand as everyone moved over to the nearby set.

"Okay, guys, I want this to be one at a time for now," Jamal instructed. "And action!"

Erin watched as Tasha reached into the gym shorts of one of the men and pulled his cock out. Erin gasped out loud when she saw it. It was huge, almost the size of one of Tasha's arms. She saw Tasha struggle to open her mouth wide enough to suck on it, the contrast of her white skin against his black cock very striking and erotic to Erin's mind.

Then he was lifting Tasha up and sitting her on the trainer's table, holding her ankles in the air and spreading her legs wide apart, exposing her sweet pink pussy. Stabbing a tongue that was almost as long as a cock into her pussy, Erin could see Tasha writhing on the table as he licked her. Then standing up, he placed the head of his monster cock at the entrance to Tasha's pussy. Erin just couldn't imagine it being able to fit, but as she watched, inch after inch disappeared into Tasha's pussy until she was completely skewed. Then he slowly began pumping her pussy, fucking her with his huge tool.

Tasha was thrashing on the table as her tiny pussy was assaulted by the huge black cock. The other four men stood around them watching, their equally large cocks in their hands waiting their turns. When finally he pulled his cock from her pussy, already spurting cum which he directed all over her belly, shooting up onto her breasts, Erin could see right up into Tasha as her pussy gaped open.

Then he was finished and the next man took his place, sliding his cock into her already primed and stretched pussy. One by one they fucked her, covering her in cum. When Jamal finally called Cut, Tasha just lay there, her legs splayed, her pussy gaping open, cum dribbling, her body covered in the sticky fluid.

"That was great, Tasha," Jamal told her as she lay there exhausted from the ordeal. "Take 15 minutes to get cleaned up and rest and we'll do the group scene," he told her. "Where is that damned fluffer?" he demanded angrily. "Maybe you wouldn't mind helping her get cleaned up," Jamal suggested to Erin.

Erin hurried over to Tasha as she lay splayed on the table, her beautiful little pussy now stretched beyond recognition.

"Are you okay?" Erin asked in concern.

"Yeah," Tasha sighed. "They're just so damned big. It takes it out of me. One is okay, but five of them is tough," she said, sitting up, cum running down her body.

Hopping slowly down from the table, Tasha led Erin over to a door behind which was a full bathroom and shower, a trail of cum having dripped onto the floor behind her. Erin watched as she got into the shower and rinsed the cum from her body.

"Mmm, that's better," Tasha said as she stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. "They sure cum tons."

"I can't believe how big they are," Erin said with a shake of her head. "I thought they were going to tear you in half."

"I used to think that too," Tasha laughed. "But I've got a magic pussy that seems to fit any cock in the world. This next scene will be much harder," she said.

"Why?" Erin asked.

"You'll see," Tasha told her, kissing her. "Let's go get this over with so we can get out of here."

They went back over to the group. The men were still standing around naked, their cocks dangling in front of them, still huge even though they weren't hard.

"Okay, let's do the group scene now," Jamal said. "Is everyone ready?"

"Well, I'm ready," Tasha said, "but they're obviously not," indicating their non-hard states. "Where's your fluffer?"

"She didn't show," Jamal confessed. "You think you'll be able to help us out here?"

"No way," Tasha said with a laugh. "They're killing me as it is. I'm not going to fluff them all too, not for what you're paying me."

"What about you?" Jamal asked, looking at Erin. "I'll pay you a thousand cash if you'll fluff."

"Me!" Erin exclaimed, a hand going to her chest. "But I..."

"I told you, she's not in the business," Tasha interrupted. "She's my friend."

"What do you say?" Jamal persisted, looking at Erin. "You just need to fluff them so they're hard, you don't have to get them off. That's Tasha's job."

Erin just stared at Jamal, then the five men, their huge black cocks dangling in front of them. She could feel her nipples getting hard and knew that it was obvious to them, and her pussy was suddenly very wet as she thought of how much she loved the taste of Brad's cock in her mouth.

"You don't have to do it, Erin," Tasha told her sternly. "It's not your problem, it's theirs."

"Well, maybe I could try," Erin heard herself say, "if it would help."

"That's the spirit," Jamal said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "You'll see, it's not that bad at all."

"Are you sure about this?" Tasha asked Erin, looking her in the eyes.

"If I don't like it I can stop, right?" Erin asked.

"Of course," Jamal reassured her.

"What should I do?" Erin asked, now a bit nervous.

"Would you be more comfortable on your knees or sitting on this stool?" Jamal asked.

"I think sitting," Erin replied. "The floor looks too hard."

"Okay, everyone, here's how we're going to do this," Jamal instructed. "As soon as Erin gets you fluffed, and I imagine it won't take very long, get into the group scene. If you lose it during the scene, just melt out of camera and get fluffed again. Any questions? Okay, then. Tasha, I want you on the bench. Mount one of them, take two more, one in the mouth and one in the ass. They'll keep rotating until we're done. Okay."