Erin - part 12

"Well, what do you think?" Bill asked Jane, his arm around her shoulders as they watched the three of them drive away.

"I think everything is just fine," Jane said, turning to kiss him.

"Erin and Brian seem to be adjusting to each other," he mused.

"Oh, yes, that they are," Jane said, a big smile on her face.

Bill gave her a funny look, then shrugged.

"Guess I'll get started," he said. "I want to get caught up."

"Me too," Jane agreed.

Both Brian and Erin had to caution Tasha on the way down out of the hills about her driving. She was so excited that she could hardly contain herself. Brian had never been to Tasha's home and he commented on how comfortable it was as he looked around.

"Yes, I like it," Tasha said as she stripped and pulled her bathing suit on.

Erin hesitated for only a second before also taking her clothes off, aware of Brian's eyes on her as she put her suit on also. She couldn't hide her nipples getting hard from his eyes and she flushed when she saw the half-smile on his face as he looked at her.

They grabbed towels and the sun block and headed across the street and down to the water. Erin and Tasha ran into the water, yelling and laughing and splashing like little girls. Brian watched them for a minute before plunging in and joining them. They ganged up on him, trying to push him beneath the surface, and soon they all rose sputtering and laughing.

Erin's breasts had spilled from her top and Brian was surprised when she merely took it off as she left the water. They sat on their towels and caught their breath.

"God, I love this place," Tasha sighed as she removed her top and lay back on her towel.

"Me too," Erin agreed. "Hey, give me the sun block," she said to Tasha.

"Oh, no, you don't," Tasha laughed. "You know this is my favorite part," she said, sitting up, the lotion in her hand. "Unless you'd like Brian to do it," her voice trailed off suggestively.

"Hey, I am an expert at sun block application," Brian said. "Give me that," he said, holding his hand out. "Which side first?" he asked after Tasha handed him the lotion.

"M-my back," Erin said, suddenly shy.

"Okay, lay down," Brian said.

Erin turned and lay on her stomach, her head on her hands. Brian started with her calves and worked up her legs. When he got to her ass there was no hesitation as he took both cheeks in his hands, massaging and squeezing them, running his hand down the crack of her ass to tease her rosebud before sliding up her back and then her arms. When he finished Erin was breathless. There was something about the way his hands felt on her body, strong, deft, sure, knowing, that made her feel really good. She was sorry he had stopped.

Some time later Tasha was shaking her shoulder, telling her it was time to turn over. Erin turned onto her back, stretching, as Brian quickly grabbed the sun block. When Erin felt him touch her lower legs she tensed for a moment, then relaxed as his hands began to spread the lotion.

"Hi, Erin, Tasha," Brad said as he came up to them.

"Hi, Brad," Tasha said, smiling at him.

"Hi, Brad," Erin said as Brian's hands slid up her inner thighs and right under the material of her thong, rubbing her pussy. She felt her face flushing with embarrassment as Brian continued up her stomach and then to her breasts, taking extra care to thoroughly cover them with the sun block. Pulling and pinching her nipples, he continued on to her neck and arms before sitting back, a smile on his face.

"Thanks, Brian," Erin said, propping herself up on her elbows, her breasts glistening from the lotion, her nipples hard as rocks and sticking out. "Brian, this is Brad. He's the lifeguard here and a friend of Tasha's, and mine," she added. "Brad, this is my brother, Brian," she introduced, seeing Brad's eyes widen when she said this.

"Hi," Brad said, offering his hand.

"Hey," Brian said, shaking his hand. "You must be good people if both of them think you're okay," he observed.

"Thanks," Brad said. "They're both pretty high in my book too. Well, I gotta get back to work. I'll see you later."

"Bye, Brad," Tasha said.

"Bye, Brad," Erin added.

"Nice to meet you," Brian said.

"Yeah, same," Brad replied as he turned and walked away.

"Brad's so sweet," Tasha said.

"Mmm," Erin agreed, laying back down and closing her eyes.

A while later Erin woke up suddenly when she felt her nipples being played with. Opening her eyes she saw Tasha smiling at her. "Time to go, sleepy-head," she said, giving her nipples a quick squeeze before releasing them. "I've never seen anyone who can just lay down and fall asleep the way you do," she said with a laugh. "You've had enough sun," she added.

They put their tops on and gathered their things. Waving to Brad, they made their way to Tasha's house.

"Okay, it's 4:00," she said. "We've got to leave here by 6:30. We should take a shower," she said, stripping her suit off with a laugh. "Come on," she said, tugging at Erin's top.

With a laugh Erin pulled her suit off and ran laughing with Tasha to the shower. They had just gotten the water adjusted when Brian joined them. There was much laughing and touching as they washed each other in turn. When they finished they toweled each other off and then Tasha led them all to her bedroom.

Brian watched as Tasha pulled Erin onto the bed, kissing her. He saw his sister's legs fall open, exposing her juicy pussy as Tasha sucked on her nipples. Brian's cock was rock hard as he watched Tasha fasten her mouth over Erin's pussy and begin to lick and suck. He moved around the bed to watch as Erin pulled Tasha's leg across her body so that she was straddling her face. Smiling at her brother, Erin stuck her tongue into Tasha's pussy and tasted her. She then proceeded to lick and suck, turned on as much by Tasha's tongue in her own pussy as she was by her brother standing watching, his hard cock sticking out in front of him.

Brian climbed onto the bed, kneeling above his sister's head, his cock just above her face, touching Tasha's pussy. Erin was sucking on Tasha's clit when her brother's cock slid across her face. She stuck out her tongue and licked the shaft of his cock until it had entirely disappeared into Tasha's pussy.

Erin sucked Tasha's clit as her brother's cock slid in and out of her pussy, glistening with her juices. She eagerly sucked his cock when he would pull it from Tasha's pussy and drop it into her willing mouth. She loved the taste of his cock with Tasha's pussy juices all over it.

It seemed to go on forever. Erin had orgasm after orgasm, her whole body shuddering as Tasha continued to suck her pussy. She was sucking at the junction of Tasha's pussy and her brother's cock, drinking up Tasha's juices, when Brian groaned and slid his cock from Tasha's pussy into her waiting mouth. As Erin wrapped her lips around the shaft of her brother's cock and sucked, it exploded in her mouth, hot cum quickly filling her mouth. She gulped, swallowing, and continued to suck, not stopping until he finally pulled his cock from her mouth. When he leaned over to kiss her, Erin wrapped her arms around her brother's neck, kissing him wildly, her tongue dueling with his. Then Erin lay there, on her back, her legs spread.

"That was great," Brian said, kissing Tasha. "I do love fucking you. And I love the way you suck my cock," he said to his sister.

"She's a natural, isn't she?" Tasha commented.

"I'll say," Brian agreed. "You really like it, don't you?"

"I love it," Erin confessed, flushing. "There's just something about the way it feels in my mouth," she explained. "And nothing's better than the taste of a mouthful of hot cum."

"Damn, Erin, you are related to us, aren't you?" Brian laughed. "And you obviously like eating pussy too."

"Oh, Tasha's pussy is so sweet," Erin said, laughing. "I love eating her pussy."

"The only better tasting pussy I've ever had is yours and mom," Brian said. "I mean it."

"Mom's pussy is like mine?" Erin asked, curious.

"In the dark, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference," Brian told her. "And like Tasha, she had incredible control of her pussy muscles. She can milk a cock like crazy."

"How?" Erin asked.

"Well, that's something you'll never be able to learn as long as you're a virgin," Tasha laughed.

"I can't wait to fuck this pussy," Brian said, laying down between his sister's legs and licking her spread pussy.

Erin pressed her pussy against her brother's mouth as he began to eat her, tongue- fucking her tight hole. When he slid a finger into her as he sucked on her clit, Erin humped up against him. He slid a second finger in and was amazed at how tightly her pussy gripped him. Tasha sat back and watched as Brian ate and played with his sister's pussy. Finally Erin could take it no longer and she pushed him away, laughing and moaning at the same time.

"Stop, stop, I can't take it anymore," she gasped, clasping her hands over her pussy.

"Okay, we need to start getting ready," Tasha announced. "I've got the perfect outfit for you to wear, Erin," Tasha said, jumping up and going to her closet and returning with something. "Here, try this on," she said, handing it to her.

The top was a sheer white spandex-type of material that molded itself to Erin's body. It was little better than nothing. Her big breasts pressed out, her nipples hard and prominent. Every wrinkle was visible. The white material did nothing to hide the dark pink color or her nipples. The skirt was a pleated skirt that swirled easily if she moved her hips at all. And it was very short. It came down just an inch or two past the bottom of her ass. Any movement at all gave little glimpses of her naked body underneath.

"Oh, Tasha, this is beautiful," Erin said, twirling as watching as the skirt floated up, exposing her entire ass and pussy. "But how can I possibly wear this to a restaurant?"

"It will be perfect, I promise," Tasha assured her. "Am I right, Brian?" she asked.

"Definitely," Brian agreed. "Soixante-Neuf is a very bacchanalian type of place."

"What are you going to wear, Tasha?" Erin asked, her hands sliding up her body over the silky spandex top, her breasts and nipples electrically sensitive as she rubbed over them.

"You'll love this," Tasha promised, pulling something out of the closet and putting it on.

Erin gasped when she saw it. The top was merely a silk halter which held her breasts from underneath, leaving her nipples totally exposed. The skirt was matching silk, but it consisted of strips of silk that hung, overlaying each other. Like Erin's, it was very short. Any movement at all parted the strips to expose what was underneath.

"You can't wear that to a restaurant," Erin said, shaking her head. "You can't even wear that in public without getting arrested."

"Oh, yes, I can," Tasha laughed. "What do you think, Brian, are we going to turn a few heads tonight?" grabbing Erin and twirling her like a dance partner.

Both skirts swirled up showing the nakedness beneath. Erin's nipples kept getting harder and harder as they rubbed against the silky spandex material. They were so sensitive that she kept rubbing them, even at one point pinching them very hard to stop the oversensitivity.

"You two will top the menu," Brian predicted.

"What are you wearing?" Erin asked her brother.

"Men all wear the same type of thing to Soixante-Neuf," Brian explained. "Let me get it."

Erin and Tasha danced together while Brian went into the other room, laughing as they looked at each other. Brian returned wearing a beautiful embroidered silk robe, belted at the waist. It was mid-calf in length. He did a turn upon entering the room and the bottom of the robe floated nicely in a circle around his knees before falling back down.

"That's beautiful, Brian," Erin said, reaching out and feeling it. "And what's under it?" she asked.

"You're welcome to find out," he offered, holding his arms out to the sides, his feet spread.

Hesitatingly Erin reached out and loosened the belt of the robe. As she pushed the robe open, she was greeted by the sight of her brother's cock rising up to her. He was completely naked underneath.

"Oh, my god," Erin said, stepping back, her hand going to her face. "You're going out like that?"

"All men dress this way at Soixante-Neuf," he told her. "It's a private club restaurant. You have to be a member to go there. And it's got a dress code and other rules and customs that you agree to adhere to when you become a member. It's a pretty expensive place."

"Come on, let's go and stop for a drink on the way," Tasha suggested.

"A public place, dressed like this?" Erin asked, staring at her.

"Why not? I'll bet nobody complains. Come on, it'll be fun," she implored.

"If you want to go out in public dressed like that, that's fine with me," Erin said. "I almost feel like I'm wearing something," she said, looking down at her nearly naked breasts.

They went out and got into Tasha's car and drove off. The cool breeze only made Erin's nipples that much harder and more sensitive. She was constantly rubbing them. Tasha swung the car into a parking spot in front of a nice-looking bar and they all jumped out and went inside.

They stopped just inside the entrance to check it out and let their eyes adjust to the lower lighting. A few people turned around to see who had just entered and they froze as they stared. Tasha led the way over to the bar. The bartender couldn't lift his eyes from her breasts, her naked nipples hard and visible.

"Champagne," Tasha ordered, smiling at the bartender. "You can look at them again when you bring the champagne," she told the bartender softly when he didn't move, rubbing little circles on her nipples with her forefinger from each hand.

"I'm sorry," the bartender said, shaking his head. "It's just that you're so beautiful, both of you. What kind of champagne would you like?" he asked.

"Krystal, please," Tasha said.

Tasha turned to Erin and hugged her, then Brian.

"This is so much fun," she said, laughing. "We're so safe with the three of us. It's wonderful to be able to be so free and not worry about it."

"Everyone is staring at us," Erin said, again rubbing her breasts.

"They better be," Tasha said as the bartender returned with the champagne and three glasses.

He filled the glasses and they toasted one another, then drank from the glasses.

"Oh, that tastes nice!" Erin commented.

"Your first champagne?" Brian asked.

"Yes," she replied, taking another sip. "I like this."

"Drink it slowly," Tasha cautioned. "The bubbles make it get you drunk quicker."

They stood drinking their champagne and talking, laughing often. At one point Tasha reached into Brian's robe and Erin knew that she was playing with his cock, but nobody could see. When Tasha removed her hand she smiled at Erin.

"Your turn," she told her.

Erin gasped and quickly looked around the room. People were glancing over at them, but nobody was really watching them or staring. So sidling closer to her brother, Erin slid her hand into his robe and wrapped her hand around his hard cock, squeezing it.

"This is so much fun," she giggled, taking a sip of her champagne with the other hand. "I wish I could just kneel down and suck it right here," she said.

Tasha and Brian laughed at the wistful look on Erin's face when she said this.

"I'm sure you'll get your chance," Tasha said. "Okay, let's drink up. We need to go."

The bartender poured the remaining champagne into their glasses. They toasted each other once more, raising their glasses to clink them together.

"I'm glad we're all together," Tasha said after taking a sip from her glass. "I mean the three of us, now," she explained, throwing her arms around Brian's neck and kissing him, then turning to Erin and doing the same, though letting a hand slide down her back to cup her ass beneath her skirt.

There were a few appreciative wolf-whistles as Tasha exposed Erin's ass to the bar. They laughed, finishing their champagne before paying the bill and leaving, to a small scattering of applause. They stopped outside by the car, taking a deep breath of the fresh air, their heads light from the champagne. Erin started to get into the car when Tasha stopped her.

"It's across the street," she said, indicating a place with blackened one-way windows. Above it was a sign, Soixante-Neuf, with an artwork graphic beneath the name showing a couple in the classic 69 position.

They crossed the street and Tasha gave the receptionist her name. Her reservation was verified and they went through a door to the hostess stand, where Erin got her first big surprise. The hostess was wearing a type classic French maid's uniform, complete with tiny apron. The only difference was that her breasts were totally exposed and the apron was the only thing she had on below the waist. Her naked ass was completely exposed.

"Welcome," she said. "I have a table for 5 for you. There are only 3 other tables this evening," she informed them. "If you'll follow me, please."

They followed her into the main dining room, if it could be called that. There was a central sunken area, round in shape, about 15' across. In it were several low divan-type couches. Arranged around the sunken area were several tables. At two of the tables were couples and the other table was 4 people, two couples. All of the women were showing a lot if not all of their breasts. The men all had on robes similar in type to Brian. Bill and Jane were not yet arrived.

The hostess stopped at each table in turn and introduced everyone, though without any names ever being used. Erin was surprised when one of the women ran her hand up her leg and stroked her ass and then let her hand trail across her pussy before stopping. She noticed that Tasha and Brian were being treated in a similar fashion so she understood that it was a part of the customs that Brian had mentioned. At the table with the two couples Erin was surprised when one of the men reached up into Brian's robe also.

They finally reached their own table, which like the others was low to the ground and surrounded by divan-type settees where they could either sit or lounge in the Greek fashion. Brian took a seat between Erin and Tasha. Tasha asked the hostess to bring champagne as they sat down.

"If I drink any more champagne, I won't be responsible," Erin giggled. "That stuff really makes my head spin."

"We'll get you some water then, too," Tasha said. "You don't want to miss any of the evening."

As the champagne arrived, so did Bill and Jane. Erin gasped when she saw how her mother was dressed. Her top was nothing more than a bustier to display her breasts. Her skirt was vinyl, clear vinyl, and she was wearing nothing beneath it. She might just as well be naked.

They too were introduced to the other three parties. It seemed as though they knew one of the two couples at the big table. When they got to their table, they kissed everyone and Erin was very surprised at how friendly her mother's kiss was. She felt her tongue gliding along her lips. They all sat down, Erin between her father and brother.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the hostess suddenly said, appearing in the sunken area in the center. "Welcome to dinner this evening. For your dining pleasure, please allow me to introduce Aphrodite and Hercules," she said, holding out her arm.

Into the sunken area entered a couple. The woman was tall and blonde with large breasts. She was wearing a beautiful black cocktail dress that came down to just above her knees. The man was tall and muscular, much like Hercules must have been. He was wearing a tuxedo. His eyes were bright blue and his blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail that hung down between his shoulder blades.

As they watched the couple slowly embrace, their first course was served by a waitress dressed just like the hostess, who was also serving one of the other tables. Erin looked at the dish placed in front of her with a puzzled expression on her face.