Erin - part 13

"It's called escargot," her father whispered to her. "Snails in French."

"Snails!" Erin said, looking at him in horror.

"They're very good," he said, a smile on his face. "Just try it. If you don't like it, don't eat any more. But you really should give it a chance," he told her.

Erin looked over at the couple on the stage, for stage is what it certainly was. They were now kissing much more deeply. She could see their tongues as they became more passionate. Picking up her cocktail fork, she stabbed one of the escargot, watching as the hot butter dripped off of it. She touched it to her tongue, found it okay, and put it in her mouth. It had a slightly chewy texture, but the flavor of the garlic and the butter dominated and she found it tasty. She smiled at her father as she stabbed another one.

As they ate, the couple on the stage sank down onto one of the divans, their hands now roaming freely over each other's bodies. When the woman began to remove the man's jacket and unbutton his shirt, Erin looked over at Tasha who had a big smile on her face as she plopped an escargot into her mouth.

They both picked up their champagne glasses and raised a silent toast and drank. Erin loved the feel of the bubbles as it slid down her throat. She returned her attention to the stage and saw that the man was now naked down to his waist and the woman was sucking on his nipples. Erin could see her gripping a nipple between her teeth and pulling, stretching it.

The man suddenly stood up, pulling the woman with him. Grabbing the straps of her dress, he pulled them down over her shoulders, not stopping until the dress was on the floor at her feet. She was wearing only stockings beneath the dress. As Erin stared the woman dropped to her knees, undoing the man's pants and sliding them to the floor to join her dress. The man was not wearing any underwear and his cock hung in front of him.

Erin glanced around the room and saw that everyone was watching the stage. At the table closest to them she could see that the woman had her hand inside the man's robe. At the table with the two couples, one of the men was fondling one woman's breasts.

Their escargot dishes were cleared to be replaced by small frozen balls of honeydew sorbet to cleanse their pallets. As Erin put a spoonful in her mouth, the woman on the stage opened her own mouth, letting the man's cock slide in on her tongue. Erin could only stare as the woman proceeded to suck the man's cock. Everyone in the restaurant was watching as they ate their sorbet. Erin felt herself getting excited as she watched the woman swallow the man's cock.

As their sorbet dishes were cleared, the man placed the woman on her back, kneeling on the floor between her legs. Her hands went to her breasts as the man lowered his mouth to her pussy. Looking at the other tables, Erin was surprised to see one of the couples imitating art, the man on his knees in front of the woman, his face buried in her pussy. At the table with two couples the women were both sucking the cocks of the men.

As the main course was served, medallions of filet in a sherry marsala reduction with shiitake mushrooms, the couple were locked head to toe, sucking each other.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Soixante-Neuf," the hostess said.

Everyone applauded as the couple continued to orally pleasure each other. As they began to eat the main course, the woman mounted the man, sliding down onto his cock and riding him. Erin gulped down another glass of champagne as she ate, unable to tear her eyes from the spectacle taking place.

She jumped when she felt a hand slide onto her breast, squeezing it. She looked down to see her brother's hand move to her other breast, then slide down her stomach under the elastic waistband of her skirt into her wet pussy. She moaned as she felt his finger slip into her tight hole then drag out to rub her clit. When Brian put his finger into her open mouth, she sucked on it, tasting herself.

She looked over at her father and saw that her mother had his cock out and was slowly pumping it in her fist. She stared at her father's cock, her mother's hand looking tiny as it wrapped only part way around the shaft.

"Go on, do it," she heard Brian whisper in her ear. "You know you want to. Just do it. Everyone wants you to."

Erin looked at her mother, surprised to see that she was looking at her too. Jane smiled, then looked down at her hand slowly pumping Bill's cock. Erin looked at her father and he too smiled at her.

Her head spinning from the champagne, Erin smiled at her father, licking her lips. She got on her hands and knees on the divan, then dropped to her elbows, her father's cock right in front of her, her mother's hand still gently pumping it.

Jane inclined the head of Bill's cock towards her daughter's face. As Erin's mouth opened, her tongue gliding out to slide across the head of her father's cock, Jane's mouth opened too, sympathetically experiencing it through/with her daughter.

Erin began to lick and suck her father's cock, her own ass sticking up in the air. She entwined her hand with her mother's on her father's cock, the two of them stroking him together as Erin sucked his knob. Erin became aware of Brian laying beneath her when he pulled her hips down and stuck his tongue into her pussy. Looking back, she saw that Tasha was riding his cock while he ate her pussy.

Erin returned to sucking her father's cock, oblivious to the rest of the people in the restaurant or the show on the stage. Bill had a hand on the back of her head, encouraging her. Then Erin saw her mother's face moving close and she was licking Bill's shaft while Erin sucked his knob. Together the two of them licked and sucked him. When their mouths met at the top of his cock, their tongues dueled for access to the slit before they locked mouths, Bill's cock in the middle. They shared a long sensual kiss before Erin returned to sucking her father's cock.

Bill was in heaven as his daughter sucked his cock. He couldn't believe it. She looked like an angel, her long ringleted red hair down her back, draped over his lap right now as she sucked him like a pro. He felt his balls beginning to tighten up and knew that he was close to blowing his load. He tried to get Erin to stop, not wanting to cum in her mouth unawares, but Erin had already felt the change in her father's cock, felt it begin to swell even larger. She attacked him with even greater ferocity as she sensed her reward close by.

Bill groaned as his balls exploded, cum shooting into Erin's sucking mouth. She gulped and gulped, loving the feeling of hot cum splashing against the roof of her mouth. She sucked and swallowed until there was nothing left, then lifted her face from her father's lap, a big smile on her face. Bill lifted her face, a hand beneath her chin, and kissed her softly on the mouth, then pulled her close and let his tongue push between her lips and really kiss her.

Erin straddled her father's lap, feeling his cock pressing against her pussy.

"Oh, daddy, I want you inside of me," she told him, kissing him again.

"Me too, sweetheart," Bill told her. "But not here, not tonight."

"Okay, but you have to promise," Erin insisted.

"You tell me that tomorrow when you haven't been drinking champagne, then we'll talk," he told her, kissing her.

"Oh, oh, I'm going to cum," they heard Brian groan.

Erin slid off her father's lap, crawling over her brother's body until her face was right next to his cock as Tasha slid up and down on him. Tasha lifted off of his cock and Erin captured it in her mouth, letting it slide deep into her throat as she sucked Tasha's pussy juice from him. This was too much for Brian and he arched his back as cum shot from his cock into his sister's sucking mouth. Erin drank her brother's cum until his balls gave out.

Lifting her face from her brother's cock, Erin looked around and saw that her parents were no longer at the table. In fact, they were each at different tables. Erin watched her mother kneel down and suck a man's cock into her mouth as the woman with him rode his face. She then straddled him, sinking down onto his cock as she began to fuck him. Her father was at another table, fucking the woman who was on top of her man sucking his cock while he ate her pussy. She could see her father's cock sliding across the man's nose even from where she was.

One of the men and one of the women from the big table came to their table. He stood in front of Erin, his cock sticking in her face. She looked over to see the woman mount Brian's face. Tasha was smiling at her as she opened her mouth and let the strange man slide his cock in. As soon as she wrapped her lips around him she forgot anything else but the wonderful feeling and taste of a cock in her mouth.

She was aware of Tasha parting her legs, her tongue finding her wet pussy as she continued to suck the strange man's cock. Though not as fat as either Brian or her father, his cock was longer. Erin found that she was able to relax her throat enough for it to enter, something she had yet to accomplish.

The man groaned as he felt his cock slip into Erin's throat. She sucked a cock with her whole mouth, literally. She was now laying on her back as he fed her his cock, Tasha between her legs feasting on her sweet pussy. The man felt his balls churn and Erin felt his cock grow, then explode in her mouth, torrents of hot cum splashing her tongue and throat. She sucked with gusto, gulping his cum as fast as he could fill her mouth. She reveled in the taste of a mouthful of hot cum.

She sucked him until there was no more. She moaned when he pulled his now shrinking cock from her mouth. Looking up she saw her mother standing there, a smile on her face.

"You really love cum, don't you?" Jane asked her daughter, bending over and kissing her, her tongue searching out the cum still coating Erin's mouth.

"Mmm, yes," Erin agreed, sucking on her mother's tongue.

"Here's a little present then," she said, standing up and swinging a leg over Erin, her pussy spreading open right above her face.

Erin gasped when her mother's pussy appeared in front of her. It was red and glistening, cum leaking from her hole from the fucking she had just enjoyed at the other table. As Tasha continued to eat her pussy, Erin lifted her face, sliding her tongue up into her mother's hole as her mouth covered her pussy, drinking her up, tasting her for the first time, full of cum.

Bill returned to the table, watching as his daughter sucked her mother's cum-filled pussy while Tasha ate hers. After a minute, he nudged Tasha aside, taking her place, gluing his mouth to Erin's sweet pussy. Erin redoubled her efforts eating her mother's cum-filled pussy when she realized that her father was sucking her own pussy. Tasha watched in fascination as the three of them pleasured each other. She smiled when Erin arched her back as she orgasmed, pressing her pussy into her father's face. When she finally collapsed back onto the divan, spent, Jane dismounted her face and bent over to kiss her, tasting herself on her daughter's mouth.

"Oh, Erin, that was just wonderful," she told her daughter.

"Your pussy tastes so nice," Erin told her mother. "And I love pussy filled with cum," she added.

"You taste every bit as good as your mother," Bill told her, kissing her softly.

"Oh, daddy, I love the way you eat my pussy," she declared, throwing her arms around his neck and holding him tightly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us this evening," the hostess/waitress said from the stage area where she was slowly fucking herself up and down on the man's still erect cock. "Please join us again for an evening of fine dining and entertainment."

From all the tables everyone applauded. It had indeed been a Bacchanalian orgy and everyone had participated to their heart's desire. The people who needed to redressed themselves and everyone gathered in the reception for last-minute good-byes, which included not a few kisses and very personal fondlings.

Outside on the sidewalk Bill had his arm around Erin's shoulders as they stood in front of the restaurant.

"So, time to head home," he said, giving Erin a squeeze.

"I think I'll take Brian home with me tonight," Tasha said with a laugh, linking her arm in his. "What would you like to do, Erin?" she asked.

"I think I'll go home," Erin said. "You two have fun."

"Oh, we will," Tasha laughed. "And I won't have to share him either."

"Well, you'd better enjoy it while you can then," Erin replied.

She gave both Tasha and her brother big hugs and long deep kisses as they parted, joining her parents for the ride home.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" Jane asked as Bill drove.

"Oh, it was the most wonderful evening I've ever had," Erin sighed. "I never wanted it to end."

"And it won't," Bill said with a laugh. "Your whole life can be a non-stop version of tonight."

"I almost don't recognize you anymore," Jane observed. "You've changed quite a bit in a week."

"I know," Erin agreed. "I don't know myself either. But I do know that I like this side of me," she said. "It feels good."

They arrived at the house and entered. Jane noticed Erin hesitate for a moment.

"Erin, you should understand that you're always welcome to sleep wherever you like in this house. Just because you have your own personal space and bedroom doesn't mean that that's where you have to sleep," she explained. "You're always welcome to join me or your father or your brother or anyone who might be staying here. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do, and thank you," she said, hugging her mother. "I don't feel like sleeping by myself tonight," she confessed.

"Then join us," Jane said, putting an arm around her daughter's shoulders. "We'd love to have you."

"Yes," Erin said, putting one arm around her mother and the other around her father.

She went with them to their room, feeling a moment of awkwardness when they undressed and then turned their attention to her, removing her clothes and leaving her naked too. They pulled her onto the bed, putting her between them. Erin felt their arms wrap around her. She could feel her mother's breasts pressing against her own and she could feel her father's cock laying along the crack of her ass.

She felt so good, so safe wrapped in their arms. When Jane kissed her softly on the lips, Erin responded, gently kissing her back, their kiss evolving into a long passionate one. She could feel her father's hands gliding all over her body, touching her here, there, probing, exciting her as she continued to kiss her mother.

When Jane slid down to suckle on her breasts, Erin arched her back in delight, feeling her mother's teeth lightly clamp down on her hard distended nipples as she sucked them, teasing them with her tongue. Her father had opened her legs and was rubbing her pussy, slipping a finger into her, rubbing her clit. She felt herself clamp down on his finger as she came, her mother's teeth tightly biting down on her nipple, causing her to moan out loud as the complexity of the sensations overwhelmed her.

When her mother's tongue replaced her father's hand on her pussy, Erin forgot about anything but the pleasure her body was feeling, and she wanted more. She pulled her mother on top of her in a 69, frantically driving her tongue into her sopping pussy as her mother continued eating her pussy.

Bill knelt at Erin's head, letting his cock slide down the crack of Jane's ass to where Erin's mouth was busily lapping at the juices. He felt her tongue slide across his cock, then felt himself engulfed as she sucked his cock into her mouth. He looked down to watch as she alternated sucking his cock and eating Jane's pussy, often managing to do both at the same time.

He was mildly surprised when Erin took him in her hand, positioning the head of his cock at the entrance to Jane's hole. As he slowly slid into her hot pussy, Erin's tongue lathed the underside of his shaft. As he slowly slid his cock in and out, Erin's mouth and tongue never stopped licking and tasting him. He began to pull his cock from Jane's pussy to let Erin really suck on him, then he would fuck Jane some more.

Erin was writhing in non-stop orgasm as her mother sucked her pussy. She was almost delirious with ecstasy as she sucked her father's cock, tasting her mother's pussy all over it. She was sucking him like crazy now, not wanting to relinquish him to her mother's gaping and hungry pussy. She felt him grow and then felt him explode in her mouth, jets of hot cum splashing against the back of her throat. She sucked and gulped, loving the taste of his cum in her mouth, loving the feeling of his cock pulsating and spurting gouts of the hot viscous fluid.

She lay there enraptured when her father finally withdrew his cock from her mouth. Cum had dribbled from the corner of her mouth down to her chin. Her mother crawled up from between her legs, licking her face, eating Bill's cum before gluing her mouth to her daughter's in a deep passionate kiss.

Erin nodded off wrapped in her parents' arms. She awaked several times during the night, once to find her mother riding her father's cock next to her. The next time she awakened she crawled between her mother's legs, softly and gently licking and sucking her pussy, slowly awakening her as she ate her cum-filled quim. When she had sucked her clean and made her cum, she crawled back up to fall asleep in her mother's arms.

Opening her eyes at the light streaming in the window, Erin smiled to herself, nuzzling her face deeper into her mother's breasts. She could feel her father's hard cock pressing into her ass from behind. Turning from her mother to face her father, Erin kissed him, very softly at first, then developing into a deep kiss. She kissed her way down his body to his cock, first holding it in her hand as she licked the crown, probing the slit at the end before opening her mouth and letting him slide down to her throat.

The taste of her mother's pussy was all over her father's cock as she sucked him. She decided that she preferred the taste of a cock that was covered in pussy juice as she continued to suck her father. She could feel her pussy leaking and imagined that it was throbbing, so much did she want some satisfaction.

Grabbing her father's cock in her hand, she moved up, straddling him, holding his cock between her legs, rubbing it back and forth between her pussy lips.

"Erin, are you sure you want to..." Bill began to ask until she suddenly sank down, 3-4 inches of his cock pressing up into her.

"Oh!" Erin gasped as she felt his cock stretch her virgin hole.

Jane had wakened and propped herself on one elbow, watching as her daughter continued to lower herself onto her father's cock, using him to take her own virginity. Though beads of sweat appeared on her forehead, she didn't utter a sound as she finally sat on her father, his entire cock buried deep in her pussy.

She just sat there, letting her pussy adjust to the massive size of the cock that was invading, feeling it throb and pulsate deep inside of her. Bill propped himself up on his elbows so that he could better see, and Jane moved over to lay her head on his thigh, her face just inches from his cock as Erin slowly began to slide up and down on his cock, fucking him.

Jane was fascinated watching her only daughter's pussy as it slid up and down Bill's cock. Her fat clit, looking like the tip of a pinkie finger, jutted out above her splayed inner pussy lips as they gripped the shaft of his cock, which was glistening with her juices. She was so wet that it actually made it easier as she got into a rhythm, fucking her father.

"Bill, don't cum in her," Jane warned softly. "She's not on the pill yet."

"I want you to cum in my mouth," Erin panted as she rode her father's cock. "Oh, this feels so good," she moaned, grinding herself onto his cock, pressing to get it even deeper.