Erin - part 14

"I'm going to cum soon," Bill warned. "I can't help it, your pussy is just so tight."

Erin dismounted her father. Her pussy actually made a sucking sound as it released his cock. She quickly bent over, taking his glistening cock into her mouth, tasting herself on a cock for the very first time. She sucked him with gusto, slurping and making noise as she tried to milk him. Very quickly Bill groaned and Erin's cheeks billowed as her mouth filled with cum. Swallowing quickly, she continued sucking, not stopping until Bill pushed her away, unable to take any more.

"God, stop, stop," he moaned, covering himself with his hands. "Too much," he gasped as Erin knelt next to him, a big smile on her face.

"Are you okay?" Jane asked her daughter, gently stroking her breast, her nipples rock hard.

"Oh, mom, I feel great!" Erin exclaimed. "What a wonderful feeling having a cock filling you like that."

"It is rather special, isn't it?" Jane agreed, smiling at her daughter's candor.

"I can't wait to fuck Brian," she giggled. "Won't he be surprised."

"I imagine he will," Jane agreed.

"If he survives, that is," Bill said, sitting up and hugging his daughter. "I don't know what's more magical, your pussy or your mouth," he told her.

"Well, my pussy and my mouth both love your cock, so I guess it doesn't matter, does it?" Erin responded with a laugh.

"Well, what shall we do now?" Jane asked.

"Hmm, I'd like some more cock, I think," Erin said, licking her lips.

"Hey, not me," Bill said with a laugh, springing up off the bed before Erin could grab him. "You've used me enough for the moment. Besides, I've got work to do."

"Let him go," Jane laughed as she reached for Erin, pulling her onto her back. "I want to be the first to taste your pussy now that you're no longer a virgin."

"Oh, mom," Erin sighed as she felt her mother's tongue slide into her pussy. "You do that so nicely."

Bill was chuckling to himself as he left the room, Jane's tongue busy in Erin's pussy. He rubbed his cock, still feeling his daughter's pussy gripping him as she fucked him. It had been quite a while since he had felt a pussy so tight.

Meanwhile, Jane had brought Erin to a quick orgasm sucking on her overly sensitive clit. She was finger-fucking her pussy now, first with one finger, then two, then three as Erin begged for more, thrusting her pussy onto her mother's hand in desperation.

"I've got an idea," Jane said, removing her hand from her daughter's pussy and rolling over to reach into a drawer of the bedside bureau.

Erin's eyes widened as she saw the handful of dildos that her mother had in her hands. They were of all sizes and shapes and colors. Jane dropped them on the bed as Erin sat up, sitting with her legs straight out but wide spread, the dildos between them. Jane caught herself staring at her daughter's pussy, her inner lips petaling out from between her outer lips, her clit large and swollen and prominent between them.

"Here's what we do when the boys can't help us," Jane laughed, indicating the collection on the bed between Erin's spread legs. "Would you like to try one of them?" "Oh, they're so different," Erin exclaimed, picking one up, surprised at how it felt in her hand, very much like a real cock, just not as warm. "And so big," she said, picking up a double-headed black one that was too large to get her hand around.

"That's my favorite," Jane laughed at the look on Erin's face.

"But it's so big," Erin said, shaking her head. "How can it fit? Doesn't it hurt?"

"No, not if you start slowly," Jane explained. "Just like with a real cock, a big one. You need to start slowly until you adjust, then..."

Erin's mouth was hanging open as she examined the huge double-headed black dildo. It was as big around as her wrist and had big ropey veins bulging along the sides.

"Why does it have two ends?" she asked.

"Well, that way two people can use it at once," Jane explained. "Or it can bend around and you can have it in your pussy and your ass at the same time. That's my favorite. It is the most incredible feeling to be so filled in both places."

"I just can't even imagine how it could fit," Erin said, looking at her mother.

"Well, why don't you try it and see," Jane suggested with a smile.

"Oh, no, I couldn't," Erin blanched. "It would tear me apart."

"I didn't mean on yourself," Jane laughed. "Right now your pussy is not ready for something that big. But you can try it on me if you'd like," she said, getting on her hands and knees and pressing her chest down into the bed, her knees wide apart spreading her pussy open. "Just lick it a bit to get it wet and go slowly," she explained.

Erin stuck the end of the dildo in her mouth, sucking on it, not particularly liking the taste of the rubbery material. She then placed it at the entrance to her mother's wide- spread pussy and gently yet firmly pressed. To her surprise her mother's pussy stretched easily around the dildo. Once the head had entered her pussy seemed to suck on the shaft, pulling it in deeper. Erin pushed it slowly in until she felt it bump against something and it wouldn't go in any deeper. At least 10-12 inches of the huge black dildo were ensconced in Jane's pussy.

Slowly Erin began to fuck her mother with the dildo, watching closely as her pussy lips gripped the shaft as it slid in and out. She could see the dildo taking on a sheen from Jane's pussy juices and Jane was moaning as Erin began to fuck her harder with it. Slowly letting the dildo slide from her mother's pussy, Erin softly sucked on the head, tasting her mother's juices. She observed that her mother's pussy remained wide open, gaping, her hole spread large from the dildo.

When she pressed the dildo back into her mother's pussy it easily slid in. Slowly Erin fucked her mother with the huge black dildo, amazed at the amount of juices that soaked the shaft of the dildo as it sloshed in and out of Jane's hungry pussy.

"Why don't you join me," Jane gasped as Erin plunged the dildo once more deep into her pussy.

"Me?" Erin asked, pausing, the dildo buried in Jane's pussy.

"Yes, you," Jane laughed, wriggling her ass and fucking herself on the dildo a bit.

She rolled over onto her back, the dildo staying in place, 12-14 inches of it still sticking out of her pussy. Sitting up, she reached over and picked up two of the toys from the pile, one a normal-sized cock and the other larger, almost 8 inches, with a second very small cock piggy-back on it.

"Come here," Jane said, pulling Erin onto her back and straddling her chest, facing towards the door.

She hooked Erin's legs under her arms, spreading her pussy wide and tilting it up so that it was easy to get to, which Jane did, plunging her tongue into her daughter's sweet hole. Erin groaned with delight as her mother ate her pussy. Unconsciously she wrapped her hand around the dildo sticking out of her mother's pussy and continued fucking her with it.

Jane took the normal dildo and sucked on it to get it nice and wet, then gently but firmly pressed it into Erin's pussy, using the fingers of one hand to hold her pussy lips spread wide. Her fat clit stuck out just begging to be sucked as Jane slowly but surely worked all six inches of the dildo into her daughter's pussy.

Erin sighed with delight when she felt the dildo penetrating her. It wasn't as nice as her father's cock, but it was wonderful to feel something deep inside of her like that, filling her pussy.

Jane began to slowly fuck Erin with the dildo, seeing how her pussy tightly gripped it as it slid in and out. She leaned over to suck on her clit while she continued to fuck her. Erin continued working the big black dildo in and out of her pussy at the same time.

Erin bucked her body in orgasm as her mother sucking on her clit drove her over the edge. She was so hypersensitive there. She felt her pussy clamping down on the dildo as she came. She gasped out loud when she felt the dildo suddenly pulled from her pussy, only to freeze her mouth wide open as she felt the larger dildo pressing against her now loosened hole.

She felt like she would split in two as the head of the dildo finally entered her pussy. She was holding her breath as she felt her mother push another inch or two into her, then slowly work it in and out, just that little bit, letting her pussy adjust and adapt to the size of the new dildo. As she felt more of the dildo press into her tight pussy, she also felt the second head of the double dildo rub against her asshole.

She gasped when she felt her mother lean over and run her tongue around her pussy and the dildo sticking out of it, down the crack of her ass to tongue her asshole, probing it with the tip of her tongue. Then she once more felt the second head of the dildo rub against her rosebud and gently but firmly press.

It wasn't terribly big, only about an inch in diameter, but this was the first thing other than a thermometer that Erin had ever had put in her ass and she found herself nervous, even as her pussy was pulsating on the shaft of the dildo sticking into her.

She felt her mother's tongue once again on her ass and then continued pressure. Suddenly she felt herself relax and the head of the dildo slipped past her sphincter into her ass. It hurt at first and she was arching her body as the two heads filled her two holes. She felt her mother sucking on her clit and she spasmed in orgasm once again. As she did, she felt both dildos slide even further into her. As her mother continued to suck her clit, causing a never-ending orgasm, she also continued to work both dildos in and out of her daughter's two holes. It seemed like no time at all had passed before both shafts were completely buried, all eight inches, in both Erin's pussy and ass.

Erin was writhing beneath her mother as she felt the shafts of the two dildos reaming her ass and pussy. Her clit was screaming as Jane sucked on it. She gasped when she felt the dildo slip from her ass and the other one almost from her pussy. Then she gasped again when she felt the original dildo pressing against her ass. Because she had already been opened and stretched from the smaller dildo, this normal-sized dildo more easily pressed into her ass, though not without discomfort. Erin was grateful for the time to adjust to the size of it as her mother continued pumping the other dildo in and out of her pussy.

Slowly Jane worked the dildo into Erin's ass until she had completely buried inside of her. In an alternating rhythm she worked them in and out of her daughter, fucking her pussy and ass, leaning over to suck on her clit and drive her into yet another orgasm. Somehow throughout this whole thing Erin had continued pumping the huge black dildo in and out of Jane's pussy.

As Jane worked on her daughter, she saw Brian and Tasha appear in the doorway, looks of surprise on their faces as they watched her fucking Erin with the two dildos. A big grin split Brian's face when Jane smiled at him and he silently entered the room, dropping his clothes in the process. By the time he was at the edge of the bed, he had his erect cock in his hand.

Erin gasped when the dildo was removed from her pussy. She wanted more. She sighed when she felt her pussy filled once again. Jane had also let the dildo slip from Erin's ass so that Brian had an unimpeded access to his sister's upturned pussy, which he eagerly plunged his cock into, stifling a groan as he felt how tight she was, even though Jane had been fucking her with the dildo.

Jane was sucking Erin's clit while Brian fucked her and Erin was gasping on the bed as she writhed in orgasm. Jane pulled Brian's cock from Erin's pussy and sucked on it, then plunged her tongue into Erin's gaping pussy as she positioned Brian's cock at the entrance to her open asshole. Erin groaned as Brian slowly worked his cock into her ass, which was even tighter than her impossibly tight pussy.

Tasha had undressed and was standing next to Brian as he fucked his sister's ass, really working his cock in and out now as Erin moaned and thrashed on the bed. Following Jane's silent direction, Tasha held one of Erin's ankles as Jane suddenly dismounted her daughter's body, holding her other ankle in her hand, keeping her legs spread wide apart and pulled up high to her chest.

Erin gasped when she saw that it was her brother fucking her ass. Tasha reached down with her free hand and picked up a dildo and slowly worked it into Erin's pussy as Brian continued to fuck her ass. Erin was actively trying to fuck herself onto the two cocks, one real, one fake, as they skewered her body. Suddenly Brian groaned and thrust himself deep into Erin's ass, his cock swelling then exploding, hot cum splashing deep inside of his sister.

Erin could feel his cock pulsating inside of her ass and imagined that she could feel his cum filling her. Slowly his cock finished spurting and slid from her ass, and at the same time Tasha removed the dildo from her pussy. She lay there, completely spent, no longer a virgin in any sense of the word. Her father had taken her pussy and her mother and brother had taken her ass.

As she lay there, her legs splayed wide, her pussy gaping red and swollen, Tasha crawled onto her body, burying her face between her legs, her velvety tongue sliding up and down her pussy lips licking and sucking on them, then sliding gently into her hole, slowly licking and drinking up her juices.

At the same time, Erin grabbed Tasha around the hips, pulling her pussy to her mouth. As she tasted her, she realized how much she had missed her. Tasha still had the sweetest pussy as far as she was concerned. They sucked each other for several minutes before Tasha rolled off to lay next to her.

"Oh, wow, that was just incredible," Erin breathed, her chest heaving, her nipples rock hard. "I can't believe how good that was."

"Damn, Erin, you have one fine pussy and your ass is just incredible," Brian said as he sat down on the bed, leaned over and kissed his sister deeply.

"Thank you for fucking me," she said, smiling at him. "Your cock felt wonderful, both places."

"Well, young lady," Jane began, "you've certainly made some decisions about yourself, haven't you?"

"I guess I have," Erin agreed, sitting up and looking at her mother.

"And what have you decided?" Jane asked curiously.

"Well, first of all, I love sex. I mean, I really like it," Erin said, blushing. "It's all I think about. Even right now, all I can think about is sucking a cock and tasting the hot cum as it fills my mouth, and feeling a nice hard cock in my pussy and then in my ass. My whole body is on fire."

"Uh-oh, what have we created?" Tasha laughed. "Another sex addict/sex maniac?"

"God, I sure hope so," Brian said with a laugh.

"Well, let's go to the beach now," Tasha said. "I'm sure we can find a way to get our pussies satisfied."

"Thank you," Erin said, hugging her brother and then kissing him, one hand dropping down to caress his cock. "I can't wait until the next time."

"Me too," Brian responded, a big smile on his face.

"You too, mom," Erin said, turning to Jane and hugging her. "I couldn't ask for a better mom than you."

"Oh, Erin," Jane sighed, holding her daughter tight. "I've only ever wanted the best for you."

"I know," Erin replied. "And that's what I've always had, only now more so."

"Come on, the beach is calling," Tasha laughed, tugging at Erin's arm.

Laughing the two girls went to Erin's room where Erin put on her thong suit, then a pair of short-short running shorts and a cut t-shirt which exposed her stomach up to her ribs. They said good-bye and jumped into Tasha's convertible, roaring off down the road. When they arrived at Tasha's place, they went in only long enough for her to change into her suit.

Wearing only their thongs, they ran across the street and then down onto the beach. They dropped their towels and ran into the water, still laughing and splashing each other. After 15-20 minutes of fun, they left the water, dropping onto their towels out of breath. When Tasha removed her top, freeing her breasts, Erin didn't hesitate in joining her. She cupped her breasts in her hands, looking at them her nipples screwed into hard knots on the ends.

"God, I am so horny!" she exclaimed, leaning back on her elbows. "I can't understand it. I can't seem to think of anything else."

"You'll get over it," Tasha laughed. "You just learned a new trick and you want to practice."

"That's right," Erin laughed. "I'd just love to suck a nice hard cock right now."

"Well, maybe you're going to get your wish," Tasha said, nodding her head to somewhere behind Erin.

"Hi, you two," Brad said, squatting at the foot of Erin's towel, a grin on his face.

"Hi, Brad," the two girls chorused.

"Anyone need some sun block applied?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, I was just getting ready to help Erin with this," Tasha said, holding up the lotion. "Maybe you'd like to do it instead?"

"Ah, my pleasure," Brad said, taking the lotion from her.

"If you'll allow me?" he inquired, lotion on the palm on one hand as he looked Erin in the eyes.

"Mmm, thank you," Erin said, laying back on the towel as Brad's hands began working up her lower legs.

When she felt his hands on her upper thighs, Erin felt her pussy suddenly flood and she knew it had to be obvious to him, so she was surprised when he finished her legs and moved up to her stomach without once touching her pussy. She smiled when she felt his hands on her breasts, even more when she realized that he was doing more than just spreading the lotion. When he squeezed her nipples between his fingers she moaned, arching her back. Then his hands were gone.

"There that should start you off," Brad said, getting to his feet.

"Oh, thank you," Erin said, feeling her cheeks flush with embarrassment.

"I'll come back by in about an hour and do the other side," Brad volunteered.

"That's nice of you," Erin said, smiling at him. "Thanks."

"That looked like fun," Tasha said when Brad had gone.

"Oh, I'm hornier than ever now," Erin complained, clutching her hands between her legs.

Tasha only chuckled as she lay back and closed her eyes. As frustrated as she was, the sound of the ocean and the warmth of the sun soon lulled Erin to sleep. She woke up when she felt her foot being nudged. Opening her eyes as she shielded them with her hand, she saw Brad standing there, a smile on his face and the lotion in his hand.

"Time to turn over," he informed her.

"Mmm, okay," Erin replied.

As she turned over, Erin managed to pull the material of her thong so that it bunched together against her inner leg, no longer covering her pussy at all. As she lay on her stomach, her head resting on her hands, she allowed her legs to spread apart to about shoulder width as Brad knelt down and began to apply the lotion.

He couldn't help seeing Erin's naked wet pussy as he spread the lotion on her legs, and this time when he got to the top of her legs he didn't ignore her pussy, he simply slid his fingers right into her, causing her to gasp as her pussy clamped down tightly on his fingers. He plunged them in and out a few times before moving up to her ass, cupping both cheeks in his hands as he continued to spread the lotion.

When he shifted position to kneel at her head to do her back, Erin didn't even hesitate. She reached into his suit and extracted his rock-hard cock, sucking it into her mouth as Brad groaned and spread the lotion on her back. Erin was so excited at having his cock in her mouth that she felt herself cum just from sucking on him. As determined as she was and as worked up as Brad was, it wasn't long before he was groaning and blasting a mouthful of cum into Erin's eagerly gulping mouth. She sucked like there was no tomorrow, ecstatically swallowing his hot cum, not letting his cock go until there just was no more. When she released him, he just stayed there, kneeling in front of her, totally wasted from the fury of her blowjob.