Erin - part 15

"Oh, god, Erin, that was beyond belief," Brad finally said.

"I liked it too," Erin told him with a smile. "Your cock tastes so good."

"I-I-I have to go," Brad said reluctantly, obviously not wanting to.

"That's okay," Erin told him. "I understand. Thanks for the lotion and the snack," she said as he got to his feet.

"Yeah, see you," Brad said to them as he returned to his duties.

"Feel better?" Tasha asked.

"Yes," Erin said, smacking her lips, still able to taste Brad's cum. "But I want more."

"I think I know what you need," Tasha said, a grin splitting her face as the thought completed itself in her mind.

"I know what I need," Erin laughed. "But what do you mean?"

"No, I'm not going to tell you," Tasha told her. "It's going to be a surprise."

"Oh, Tasha," Erin groaned. "What is wrong with me?"

"Nothing we can't cure," Tasha told her.

So an hour later they had had enough sun and they gathered their things and made their way back to Tasha's, waving to Brad as they left. They showered, then fell into bed, burying their faces in each other's pussies, eating each other to orgasm after orgasm before falling asleep in each other's arms.

"Okay, time to wake up," Tasha said, kissing Erin.

"Mmm," Erin said, wrapping her arms around Tasha and kissing her back. "This is so nice. I've missed being here."

"And I missed you too," Tasha told her. "Though Brian was a nice diversion last night."

"He's really a sweet guy, isn't he?" Erin asked. "I realize now that he was just uncomfortable with how to behave around me when I got back."

"It's true," Tasha agreed. "I've never worked with anyone more considerate than Brian, except maybe your dad. They're just the best. And they're both great fucks too," she laughed.

"What are we going to do now?" Erin asked. "Is it time to eat?"

"We can eat if you want," Tasha nodded, "but I think my surprise might be a good appetizer first."

"Tell me!" Erin begged. "Please!"

"Nope!" Tasha laughed. "Let's get dressed."

"You have something I can borrow?" Erin asked.

Your shorts and shirt are fine," Tasha told her. "That's all I'm wearing."

"Oh!" Erin said, then quickly dressed.

When she looked into the mirror, she saw that her t-shirt was so see-thru that her breasts were totally visible. The way her shorts rubbed against her pussy only increased her horniness.

"Mmm, you look nice," Tasha said, taking her in her arms and letting one hand trail down between her legs where she easily slid a finger into Erin's readily accessible pussy.

"Tasha!" Erin exclaimed when she suddenly released her and spun away.

"Come on, let's go," Tasha said, picking up her keys.

They jumped into the car and Tasha roared off, her laughter pealing out after them. She drove into a nice neighborhood with big homes before pulling into the parking lot of a small shopping center. Tasha parked next to a free-standing building in one corner of the parking lot and Erin followed her as she entered.

Once they entered, Erin stopped as she realized they were in a porno shop. She looked around curiously as Tasha went up to the man behind the counter, maybe the largest man Erin had ever seen. He was as wide as he was tall. But Tasha seemed to know him and Erin saw that they were laughing as they talked.

"Erin, come here," Tasha beckoned. "I want you to meet Isaac," she said, introducing her to the large man.

"Hi Erin," he said as his huge hand engulfed hers. He had a very deep basso voice.

"Hi Isaac," Erin replied, smiling at him. In spite of his size, she got a feeling of extreme gentleness from the large man.

"Have fun," he said to Tasha as she grabbed Erin by the hand and led her down a hall in the back.

There were doors every few feet with numbers on them. When they got to the door marked number 7, Tasha opened it and pulled Erin in after her. Erin looked around. The walls were very strange. Wrapping around three sides of the small room was a window that started about 4 feet from the ground and was about 3 feet high. The room was narrow. Erin could easily touch both side walls at the same time. She was startled to realize that she was able to look into the adjoining rooms.

"It's a one-way mirror," Tasha answered her unspoken thought. "We can see out, they can't see in."

"But what..." Erin began to ask.

"You'll see," Tasha assured her with a big smile.

And just as she said this the outer door to one of the adjoining rooms opened and a man came in. He was older, maybe Bill's age, and he looked around for a minute before dropping some tokens in a machine. Erin could see that it was a pornographic movie that began showing. She was surprised when the man pulled his cock out and began stroking it as he watched the movie.

Erin looked at Tasha with a quizzical look on her face then continued watching the man. She noted that his cock got quite large as he stroked himself. She jumped back when the man suddenly turned and walked right over to the window where Erin had been watching him. Before she could ask, the man's cock appeared through a hole in the wall that Erin hadn't noticed before. She looked at Tasha who was laughing, holding her hand over her mouth.

"Well, go ahead, there's a cock for you," Tasha told her.

"What?" Erin asked.

"Do whatever you want," Tasha told her. "He can't see you."

Her mouth and eyes opening in understanding, Erin turned to the cock sticking through the wall in front of her. Reaching out she wrapped her hand around it, feeling it jump as she squeezed it in her hand. As she gently stroked the cock, she sank to her knees, opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around the head. Looking up she could see the man plastered against the one-way mirror, his face contorted as she sucked his cock. Loving the sudden feeling of anonymity and nastiness that coursed through her body, she began sucking him with feeling, in a hurry to get her mouthful of hot cum. It didn't take long either, as the man's cock suddenly exploded in her mouth, hot cum shooting from it.

Erin couldn't believe it, she had to swallow three times before the man stopped cumming. She hadn't known a man could cum so much. By the time he finished cumming and withdrew his rapidly shrinking cock from the hole, Erin needed a breath of air from her exertions.

"God, that was so nasty," she said with a laugh as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "I didn't even know him. I just sucked a cock that stuck through a wall. It could have been anyone."

"That's right," Tasha laughed. "Pretty cool, isn't it? You can get all the pleasure you want without any of the hassles. Look, here's another one," she said as a thick black cock stuck through another hole in one of the other walls.

This time Erin didn't even bother looking through the one-way mirror to see who was attached to the other end of the cock, she just sank to her knees, grabbing the cock, noticing that she couldn't even come close to getting her had all the way around it.

"It's so big," she exclaimed to Tasha as she stretched her mouth as wide open as possible and tried to suck on it.

She only succeeded in getting the head of it in her mouth, but when she probed the slit with the tip of her tongue, she tasted the wonderful flavor of precum leaking from the cock. She sucked on the head and tip of the cock, but just couldn't get any more of it in her mouth.

"It's too big," she said to Tasha, stroking it in her hands. "I can't suck it."

"They fuck it," Tasha suggested.


"Just bend over, back up to it, and fuck it," she explained.

"It's pretty big," Erin commented.

"Well, your pussy will stretch a lot more than your mouth will," Tasha told her. "But if you don't want it, I'm ready for a nice fuck."

Giggling, Erin turned her back to the wall, holding the fat black cock in her hand. Quickly realizing that her shorts were in the way, she pushed them down, kicking them off. She laughed as she saw the amused look on Tasha's face.

"You want some help?" Tasha offered.

"I think I need some," Erin replied with a laugh. "I don't know what to do."

"First of all, let me have that," Tasha said, grabbing the cock and dropping to her knees and licking it, her tongue teasing the slit. "Now spread your legs wide and reach over and grab your ankles," Tasha instructed, to which Erin obeyed, her ass and pussy right in Tasha's face. "Mmm, that's nice," Tasha said, leaning forward and dragging her tongue through Erin's wet pussy. "You taste so good," she said, plunging her tongue as deep into Erin as she could.

Then licking the head of the cock once more, Tasha rubbed it up and down between Erin's pussy lips, getting it even wetter, this time with Erin's pussy juices.

"Okay, now push back," she instructed, placing the head of the huge black cock at the entrance to Erin's pussy.

Erin leaned back onto the cock pressing at her pussy and felt it begin to stretch her tight little hole. It began to hurt so she stopped, letting herself get used to the feeling before pushing back against it some more, feeling herself stretch even more. Just as she thought her pussy would tear itself from stretching so much, she felt the head of the cock slip inside of her and her pussy clamped down on it, pulsating.

Erin was gasping as she tried to not move as she got used to the huge cock stretching her pussy. She felt Tasha gently rub her clit and she felt another inch or two of the cock slide into her. She couldn't believe how filled she felt. She could feel the cock throbbing inside of her as her pussy clamped and unclamped spasmodically on it.

She pulled away then pushed back, several times, feeling her pussy get even wetter and not feel so painfully stretched. Then she felt the cock pushing into her as she pushed against it and it took her breath away as it split her pussy. Suddenly Erin felt the wall on her ass cheeks and she realized that she had taken as much of the cock as was available into her pussy.

Bracing herself by putting her hands on the wall right in front of her, Erin began to pump herself on the huge black cock filling her pussy. She couldn't believe how good it felt once she adjusted to the size. When another cock suddenly appeared through the wall in front of her face, she opened her mouth and sucked on it. Glancing over at Tasha Erin saw that she had undressed and was herself sucking on a cock that had appeared through the third of the walls.

By now Erin was slamming herself onto the cock in her pussy, her body experiencing orgasm after orgasm as the big cock filled her. She almost choked as the cock in her mouth suddenly erupted, streams of cum shooting into her throat. She gulped and swallowed as fast as she could, sucking on the cock until she had milked it dry.

She felt the huge cock in her pussy expand and she knew that it would be spewing hot cum any second. Not wanting to get pregnant, Erin reluctantly pulled away from the huge black cock and turned around, grabbing it in her hand and licking and sucking on the head of it. She was bracing herself against the opposite wall by pressing her ass against it. The cock in her hand suddenly grew and hot cum spurt into her face. She covered the cum-spurting slit with her mouth, loving the feeling of the hot sticky cum shooting into her mouth.

As she sucked she felt something press into her pussy and she realized that she had pressed her ass against the opposite wall in such a way that someone had been able to stick their cock through the hole right into her waiting pussy. As she felt that cock begin to fuck her, she felt Tasha's hands on her back. Glancing over while still sucking the cum from the cock in her mouth, she saw that Tasha was pressing her ass against the wall and bracing herself on her back as she got fucked.

Erin couldn't believe how as soon as one cock disappeared from the hole in the wall, another would replace it. Skinny, fat, white, black, every kind of cock she could imagine poked through one of the holes into either her mouth or pussy. At one point Tasha asked to change places, saying she wanted two cocks for a while.

Erin looked at the hole in the third wall and saw a nice cock stick through. Her pussy was sopping and throbbing and she suddenly had an idea. Grabbing the cock she turned her back to the wall, guiding it into her wet and ready pussy. She let it pump her a few times then pulled off of it, grabbing it in her hand and guiding it to her asshole. Holding it steady against her asshole, Erin pushed back against it, grimacing as she felt her ass sphincter resist stretching. Then suddenly she felt the cock plunge past her sphincter into her ass. She gasped as she drove herself back onto it, feeling it plunge into the depth of her bowels.

She pressed herself into the wall, letting the man behind the cock fuck her ass. When she felt it expanding to explode, this time she didn't have to pull away. She gasped when she felt it spurting deep inside her ass, feeling the hot cum splashing inside of her. When she felt the cock slip from her ass, before she could even move another one pressed into her, and she could feel that this one was larger too.

Erin stayed pressed against the wall as cock after cock stuck through the hole into her ass. With one hand she rubbed her clit while bracing herself on Tasha's back, watching her take cocks in both ends. Then Erin felt something really big trying to push into her ass. Even though she had already taken at least a half a dozen cocks in her ass and cum was oozing from her asshole, this cock seemed almost too big to fit. She gasped out loud when she felt it slip in and her asshole throbbed around the head of it as she tried to adjust to the size of it. She slowly pressed herself back onto it, feeling it fill her to the point of feeling totally stuffed. She slowly pumped herself onto it a few times, then looked back at the hole and saw that it was the same big black cock that she had started with more than two hours ago.

Pressing herself against the wall, Erin impaled her ass on the huge black cock. Bracing herself, she allowed the cock to fuck her ass, slowly pounding in and out, in and out, stuffing her beyond belief. Erin moaned as her ass was fucked, her eyes glazed as she watched Tasha taking two cocks at once from the two walls. It seemed like forever before she felt the cock in her ass explode, cum spewing her insides yet again. When she felt the cock slide from her now gooey ass, she slumped to the floor, exhausted, her ass throbbing from the abuse it had endured.

And even as she slumped on the floor, gasping for breath, another cock appeared through the hole in the wall. Even though she had no strength, Erin enveloped the cock with her mouth, working it with her mouth and tongue while it fucked her face. She found that if she leaned her head against the wall, she could just leave her mouth open and let it be fucked.

Three more times Erin's mouth was filled with hot cum before no more cocks appeared. She sat on the floor, cum dripping from the corners of her mouth, down her chin and onto her heaving breasts, watching as Tasha swallowed another mouthful. When she had finished, she joined Erin on the filthy, cum-sticky floor, a tired yet satisfied look on her face.

"So, how are you doing?" she asked Erin.

"I'm so tired," Erin sighed. "My pussy hurts, my ass hurts, my mouth is tired."

"So you liked it then," Tasha managed to laugh.

"This is the best," Erin said. "As much cock as you want and no hassles. Just cocks and cum. I can't believe how many there were. I didn't see any people when we got here."

"Oh, I told Isaac to call some people so we'd have something to do," Tasha told her, laughing when she saw the surprised look on Erin's face. "And I saw you enjoyed Isaac's cock too."

"How do you know..." Erin began to ask before realizing the obvious answer. "Which one was it?"

"You must be kidding!" Tasha snorted. "That huge black cock is Isaac. He's got an incredible cock but sometimes it's just too much," she said, shaking her head. "I can't believe you were able to handle it without ruining yourself."

"I don't know that I didn't," Erin grunted. "I thought he was big in my pussy, but in my ass, I still feel it."

"Jesus, you took that in your ass!" Tasha asked, her eyes wide. "I can't do that and I've tried," she said. "I love being fucked in the ass, but Isaac is just too big. He really fucked you in the ass?"

"Yeah," Erin nodded. "After that I was done. I couldn't even stand up anymore. I just let them fuck my mouth."

"Damn!" Tasha exclaimed, shaking her head. "Well, let's get dressed and get out of here," she suggested. "Unless you want some more?"

"No thanks!" Erin laughed. "I've had enough."

They pulled on their clothes, but cum continued to leak from Erin's ass and down her thighs. Tasha was leaking cum from her pussy and it had leaked down past her knees. They laughed as they looked at each other.

"Don't we look like a couple of cum whores," Tasha laughed.

"Well, aren't we?" Erin asked. "God, I feel like gallons are running down my legs."

"Come on," Tasha said, opening the door and stepping out into the hall.

They walked to the front of the store and Erin was shocked to see at least 12-15 men of all ages, sizes and colors there. When she and Tasha appeared they all began to applaud and Erin realized that these were the men that had been supplying all of the cock she and Tasha had enjoyed. Blushing furiously, Erin nodded and smiled at them as they made their way through, her body tingling as she felt hands touching her as she made her way to the door. They got into Tasha's car and made their way back to her house. They took a long shower together and collapsed on the bed, falling asleep almost immediately.