One Night Stand

Words on Skin Part 6

For a morbid moment she figured, 'meh, what the hell.' It was a good way to die, getting fucked senseless by the man she'd loved longer than she could remember.

"...b..r..o..t..h..e..r..." she whispered softly with the last of her air.

The tidal wave orgasm crashed down on her and everything went black. She rolled and tumbled in the darkness, surrendering to the overwhelming pleasure, easily the most intense orgasm of her life. Le petit mort my ass, she thought as her body heaved with dark joy, this was full-sized mort.

Words on Skin Part 5

Richard might be the family brains but Lizzie, bless her, had always better under pressure. She smirked and snaked her arm out, then pushed the little button on the knob of the bathroom door to lock it.

"I'm in here, Mom," she said loudly. "Just having some trouble with breakfast. Too much pineapple, I think."

"You're not throwing up are you? Is it morning sickness? Are you pregnant?"

Words on Skin Part 4

All Richard could get out was a weak groan.

"Aw c'mon," she pressed herself against him, "parts of you want me. We can both feel how hard you are," she said softly. "I think we just need your brain to catch up. How about this? I'll beg you. I'll beg you to do it. I'll beg you until you have to say 'yes.' Would that make this easier for you?"

She ground her fabulous rump back against him eagerly and her voice took on a hungry, plaintive edge he'd never heard before.

Words on Skin Part 3

"Ready for another ocean fix, Lizzie?"

"You go ahead. I'll join you in a few minutes," she looked up at him sort of sheepishly.

"Let me guess, something you need to take care of first?" he snickered.

"Don't be a jerk."

Hindsight Part 9

"Oh Jesssssuusss!!!" Mary Ellen screamed when she felt her swollen lips being parted by the searching tongue.

"Mmmmm!!!" Dana moaned as her tongue found the sweet bubbling juice between her lips. Her head was spinning from the naughty excitement of what she was doing. The smell and taste of the excited woman consumed her senses. Suddenly she wondered why she hadn't done this before as her mouth was filled with the sweet taste of the younger woman.

Hindsight Part 8

Dana squeezed her hand as tears came to her own eyes. "I'm so relieved. I worried all night that we had gone too far. That... that... you would hate us."

"Actually, I feel closer to you than my own family," Mary Ellen said as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Dana got up and quickly came around the table to her friend. She pulled her up until they were standing face to face. Suddenly she pulled the younger woman to her and their lips met.

Hindsight Part 7

Mary Ellen shook her head no but her body was saying yes. She felt like some unknown force was pulling her toward them. Her eyes stared at Dana's bobbing head as she sucked loudly. She had always wanted to suck Richard but he had refused. He said it was dirty and perverted.

Dana pulled her mouth from Drew and looked at the still seated woman. "Come here!" Dana said. The words sounded so harsh, almost like a command.

Hindsight Part 6

"Hear... what?" Mary Ellen answered, knowing perfectly well what he was talking about.

"I thought I heard a buzzing sound."

Mary Ellen clinched her ass cheeks together and pressed down into the cushion of the lounge chair to hide the noise.

"Oh well, I thought I'd found Brett's toy. By the way, Dana wanted me to ask you and Richard over for some steaks on the grill tonight." He hadn't cleared it with Dana but he knew that it would be fine. He also figured that Richard wouldn't be home.

Hindsight Part 5

One of Dana's hands slid down until it reached the back of Mary Ellen's thighs. Mary Ellen moaned, almost in protest, but yet, she spread her legs slightly apart.

Dana's hand was trembling as it slipped between her legs and her fingertips found her rapidly swelling lips. A gasp escaped her lips when she felt how wet her friend's vagina was. Her fingers were immediately covered in her juice.

Hindsight Part 4

Mary Ellen moaned and began to tremble. Her chest heaved up and down with her rapid breathing. Suddenly, she was leaning backward.

Now Dana was shaking as her hands continued to caress the soft flesh of Mary Ellen's ass. Somehow Mary Ellen turned in Dana's arms and suddenly they were staring into each other's eyes, her bare breasts touching Dana's blouse. Their lips began to move together... "Rinnnnggggg!!!"

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