Cheerleader part 12

When she really felt herself getting into it, the door suddenly opened and their mother walked in. They froze for a second, but seeing the smile on her face, Jamie resumed her ride. June walked over to the bed and sat down next to them, watching as her daughter fucked her son. As she watched, she let one hand wander down to her pussy where she began to rub and stroke herself, getting excited as she watched them build to their climax. When she saw that James was getting ready to cum, she reached over and massaged Jamie's clit as she rode him. Jamie instantly started to cum, even as James was pumping his own cum into her. When they finished cumming, Jamie rolled over and lay next to James, her cunt oozing his cum with her own juices.

Cheerleader part 11

Everyone chimed in their agreement to the way the game would be played as they arrayed themselves in a circle on the floor. After about 15 minutes, everyone but Sheri and Bill were naked. It had been a laugh for everyone as Tom had had to strip his underwear off. He had blushed furiously as his cock stuck out in front of him and Sheri made comments about how nice and tasty it looked.

Bill then spun the bottle and it landed on Janice. Since she was already naked, she picked a card and turned it over. It said KISS. With a laugh, she crawled across the circle to Bill and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her tits into his chest as she kissed him, sucking his tongue as she swirled hers in his mouth. After a couple of minutes, she sat back down to the approving applause of everyone else. Bill's face was flushed and he had a big smile on his face.

Cheerleader part 10

James woke up several hours later to the sensation of Jamie sucking on his cock. As he came fully awake, so did his cock, which Jamie quickly mounted. Jamie smiled down at him as she began to fuck him, settling into a steady rhythm as she rode up and down on his cock. James just lay there with his hands behind his head, watching his sister move up and down on his cock. Then Jamie turned around until she was facing his feet without ever removing his cock from her pussy. With her ass pointed at him, she began to pump up and down on his cock. James could see his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, see her cunt lips grasping his cock as it slid in and out of her pussy.

Cheerleader part 9

With the next hand, John won and Heather and Janice tied for low card. Sheri explained that they would both have to pick a card. As Heather turned her card over, it too said KISS CROTCH. Janice's card said SIT ON FACE. Everyone laughed at the look on John's face as he saw the cards. Heather quickly crawled over to him, pushing him backwards. Then she glued her lips around his cock and loudly sucked the head of it, teasing with her tongue as she kissed him. Sitting back up with a grin, she told Janice it was her turn. Janice blushed as she straddled John's face, then lowered herself until her cunt was pressed on his face. Everyone could see John's tongue snake out of his mouth to probe her pussy as she rubbed her clit on his nose. After a minute, Sheri told them they had to stop now, that they had done enough. Everyone laughed as Janice slowly got off of his face, which was glistening with her pussy juice.

Cheerleader part 8

The next day when Art went to work, Dawn greeted him with a kiss and Larry came out of his office.

"Now, there's no problem, is there?" he asked. "June was all right when she got home?"

"No, no problem, and yes, she's fine."

"Good. Why don't you give her a call and ask her to come in around 2:00 today. Mary's coming in and she can sort of show her around."

Cheerleader part 7

"Go on, Art, give Dawn a test drive," he said.

Art just sat there mesmerized. He could see Dawn's pussy glistening with Larry's cock dangling in front of it. Larry moved around to Art and pulled him to his feet. Giving him a push, he pushed him in between Dawn's legs where he could see right into her pussy. Dawn reached out and pulled his zipper down, unbuckled his pants and pulled his cock out as they fell. Art couldn't help it as his cock jumped to its full length, throbbing with desire as he looked at Dawn's pussy in front of him. With a cry of rage, he plunged his cock into her, fucking her as hard as he could, pounding her pussy as he tried to vent his rage. He couldn't believe they had those videos. It just wasn't fair. Then just that quickly, he came, pouring his seed into her cunt, filling her. Dawn reached down and squeezed his cock as it pulled out of her, rubbing their juices all over. Art fell into the seat, physically and emotionally drained. Dawn quickly knelt down and licked his cock, sucking it clean before standing up and leaving the office.

Cheerleader part 6

As James pushed his cock into Sheri's pussy, he couldn't believe the feeling of her cunt walls. It was like liquid velvet. He could feel her cunt muscles gripping his cock, trying to suck it in as he pushed, pushed until there was nowhere else to push to. His cock was buried in her cunt. He couldn't believe the feeling as he began to pump his cock in and out of her pussy. This was even better than a blowjob, he thought. As he fucked her, Sheri was pulling on her nipples and rubbing her clit. She was like a person possessed.

Cheerleader part 5

"Good morning," James said. "I hope you slept well."

"I did, but I woke up even better," Jamie replied, pulling him to her and hugging him. "What are you doing up so early on a Sunday?"

"Oh, I like to get up early and watch mom and dad. They always do it in the morning."

"What were they doing today?" she asked, sitting up.

"You know, they fucked and they sucked, same as every day, just different variations."

"I'd like to watch more often," Jamie confessed. "It's so beautiful, and exciting too."

Cheerleader part 4

Jamie found herself rubbing her own pussy through her shorts. She was really getting hot and bothered. Looking at Heather next to her, she could see that Heather had pulled her panties aside and was plunging her fingers into her pussy, frigging herself like crazy. She stared in amazement at her red cunt, her puffy outer lips clasping her fingers as they plunged in and out of her pussy, making soft squishing noises. Janice just watched in fascination as Heather played with herself just inches from her face. She could smell Heather's pussy as her juices flowed.

Cheerleader part 3

God, he thought, I've just sucked my sister's pussy. What have I done? As he sat there in shock, Jamie reached down and stroked her own pussy, rubbing her clit fiercely as she sat up.

"God, that was wonderful, James," she said, her eyes glistening. "Thank you so much."

"Jamie, this isn't right," James protested, overcome with guilt at what they had done. "We shouldn't be doing this."

"I know, but we're not doing anything really wrong. I mean, nothing can happen from this, can it?"

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